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  1. Exactly how I felt this morning. Only in bed handheld. Firing it up on the TV now!
  2. Maybe reference to the new sprite for it which is much sharper and therefore not a bit of a blurry mess
  3. I forgot just how much I love the structure of 64. So much variety out of the gate and so many stars to fetch that you can pick and choose the levels you like to an extent.
  4. thesnwmn

    art of rally

    Because it seems to be the trendy thing to do rather than read... is this coming out for any other platforms?
  5. All stars (sans 100 coin one) completed in Bomb-omb Field this morning before work in Mario 64. Lovely stuff. There are some real camera annoyances in this game (not new, just how it was) and controlling its button behaviour with a stick feels a little odd.
  6. My Octopus Teacher. Lovely nature doc about one man and an octopus. Great shots, well narrated, and doesn’t drag itself out.
  7. And then I have two accounts with games spread over them? Nope. Can I change my main account region and change back?
  8. So is there a reasonably simple way to buy this and play earlier? I quite fancy running around in 64 tonight.
  9. Yeah, I feel for the devs trapped making it for a paycheck but fuck giving anything to do with JKR money. Warner need to see the impact of the association and drop it or somehow divorce it from JKR entirely.
  10. Then why are you buying it again? It’s not like they’ve ever promised future compatibility and taken it away.
  11. Oh agreed. I think part of this is us understanding how to deal with older games becoming available on new hardware. I think some entitled individuals might consider them to have made their money from these games back on their original platforms and that ip this is essentially some simple gift to the world that should be really cheap. The opposite is the Microsoft and Sony world where they’re pushing proper BC to varying degrees. Here my licence carries forwards (so long as they decide it does). So what’s the value of that licence 10 years later if I want to buy it? Same as at launch? Anyway, as I said, I don’t really get it. Roll on Friday.
  12. Yes. If you buy a disk based PS4 game then you can only get the free PS5 version by putting the disk in the PS5. So it won’t be possible on the digital one.
  13. I can only think that the reaction to emulation is based on price. Not so much that one emulated game costs X but that the second does too. Once you have the emulator why are the games ‘full price’. I guess if Nintendo sold an N64 emulator and sold each game for £5-10 on top then it people might not feel they’re repeated paying for the emulator itself again. It doesn’t bother me personally. The price here seems good.
  14. That’s fair and it’s why we need both Sony and Microsoft competing. Because otherwise the deal at the top end of console gaming will get worse.
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