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  1. Although, this show stopper is easy! She can just dump a massive pile of unbaked crap on a tray. Perfect representation of her bake off.
  2. I hate TV. She lost the first two tasks by miles. What's the point in them doing three tasks if she still has a shot in the show stopper.
  3. Well that started exactly how you'd expect after every other episode.
  4. thesnwmn


    Great read Alan, good to see detailed impressions. I appreciate the fact you didn’t find it very engaging and and we’re glad to have given it a shot but did complete it, do all the side quests and caught all the Bugsnax. Dedication to a game you don’t sound like you particularly liked.
  5. Do they? They released their latest most powerful Chromcast just a month ago and it doesn’t support Stadia. That tells me some subset of them cares but not the organisation. As a huge organisation with masses of cash they don’t need to drip feed anything, if they wanted they’d have it done.
  6. Great tech. Will do great things for graphics (although maybe a little early to really be useful on consoles without too large a performance hit). Bur almost every example in this thread looks terrible really. Far too reflective. Garish horrors. Looks impressive but not really attractive after a few moments. Once the devs get over it a bit and tune it down it’ll look really great.
  7. I find it interesting on the NZ show how much they imported... down to the highlighting the capitalism of the ad breaks.
  8. Maybe. Maybe it's finally kicked in. Imean don't get me wrong, it's still fucking terrible. I continue to be perplexed how the show runners and IP owners don't understand why Trek works week in week out. It's not this big story stuff or a focus on a single character in every fucking episode. But then I guess even if I'm not actively watching or even following most weeks after the first 5 minutes I still count as a stream and thus it's 'successful'.
  9. For whatever reason episode 5 of this was probably one of the ones I've enjoyed most. I've hated most of the show and hardly managed to keep watching till the end of an episode. But this one felt a bit different for some reason.
  10. Logically this seems like what you’d expect given online activities need to reconnect to the servers and resync. Maybe over time they’ll find better ways to handle it but in the end you probably end up back at a lobby when resuming multiplayer.
  11. If it's like the one I read I think it's that they're keeping to within a calendar year when describing the period. So it's January to April and October to December. But yes, it's the first month it can snow and won't alway.s
  12. Ah sorry. I missed that it had been unlocked because the edited post didn't bump it.
  13. Which don't cover the breadth of general "new console" chat. A simple "post launch" thread would have worked fine without splitting conversation.
  14. It can snow in October in Montreal. It’s one thing to deal with some rain but snow would wreck a weekend.
  15. thesnwmn


    And only just over £15 on the Epic store for PC! 15% off until 3pm on release day (12th November) I think - a little hard to tell because the Epic store does dates wrong.
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