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  1. At 60 hours in and I need just 7 more for my dex. Been a slog but lots of fun. Been sitting around with others playing too and it's lovely how the switch's portability enables that
  2. I found the whole thing easy up until the final champion fight. Managed that with my last Pokemon and used lots of max revives as I cycles through trying to get the right typings in place.
  3. Not sure. We could try a random trade to see if your pokemon shows up as JPN for me
  4. Are any of our Japanese residents playing this? I’m after a Japanese ditto for breeding.
  5. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Same in Woking Finished the Giovanni quest line. My shadow legendary reward has IVs of 0/1/4. For fuck sake.
  6. I'm avoiding using any old Pokémon. Fun finding out about the new ones
  7. About 5 hours in. Enjoying it immensely. Looks great to me. Less bullshit talking about systems than Sun/Moon. Like the new Pokemon I've encountered
  8. thesnwmn

    Apple TV +

    I guess they don’t really have enough content to drop whole series yet. Netflix can do it because there’s something new constantly (whether the content is good or bad or whether this approach is good or bad is variable). But dripping the episodes weekly p, so long as these shows are good enough (and I don’t mean they need to be amazing) keeps the service in people’s minds for longer.
  9. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    After 13 days in Canada I finally found the last regional (having got Panpour and Pachirisu pretty quickly). A level 1 Heatmor. I sprinted from my hotel room when it was on nearby when I opened the game.
  10. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Correct for legendary shinies. Use a pinap
  11. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Generation 5 starts tonight at 9pm (UK).
  12. I’m about 4 in. It’s f’ing terrible. Like spoof level bad. They must have been trying to make it this shit.
  13. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    I feel for the lack of shinies but I think Pokémon Go is a really interesting teaching tool for probabilities. Sentret has a 1/450 shiny rate. This means: * At 300 encounters your chance of seeing one is 48.7% * At 450 it's 63.25% * At 1000 it's 89.19% Gligar was 1/150 so much better odds there. But the takeway is that you need to encounter a lot more than the rate to get even close to near certain of seeing one. At 1000 encounters one in ten people won't have one. This tool is great for seeing how unlucky you really are (if you know the shiny rate) https://p337.info/pokemongo/pages/shiny-chance-calculator/
  14. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    No shinys. 6 farfetch'd, 2 tauros
  15. Oh, and probably go shadow. Never played a priest but my understanding is that you you can still heal effectively for dungeons as shadow and it'll be much better out when questing.
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