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  1. Then it doesn't exist. Why not state the game to help people tell you you're wrong faster. Or of course that Wikipedia is wrong.
  2. 6 for GoWR 4 for ER 2 Stray 2 Final Fantasy "A number" 11 others + 6 esports things no one cares about (I mean even less than everything else) I think Game Awards as a concept seems completely pointless. Other than an excuse for people to run big trailers.
  3. Clearly it would be best if the regulators were more proactive in general. But yes. Unless competitors kick up a fuss, or some people who the government/.officials are backed by then a lot of this just sails along. A few investigations here and there. The odd request to split a bit of a company off. But in the US (and elsewhere) there has been little action to stop competitors from merging and almost no help to stop the big players reducing choice for consumers (see cable TV and internet provision). How often have they broken up a monopoly in the last 30 years?
  4. So I guess we'd best all just be quiet and not bother discussing this on a discussion forum until some lawyers tell us what is best. I mean their takes on a range of other cases, both getting involved and not, doesn't give me great hope that the FTC are actually a reasonable or consistent voice on this at all. Personally, I've got no idea if this is actually good or bad for competition. I mean I'd happily see Activision-Blizzard and all their franchises in the bin because either I'm not interested or their management and culture over decades repulses me (and their inability to own it and correct it seems insensitive). I'm not convinced that even if CoD did go single platform it would matter. I think it simply kills CoD over time rather than gifting console gaming to MS for all time. So whichever way this plays out meh. No one is deciding shit here, we're just debating stuff.
  5. Good point. Of course then there's all of Bethesda's output.
  6. It's simply an matter of scale. At some point your competitors can kick up enough fuss and regulators get interested. As for this opening up CoD to more people we need to be clear that MS are only doing/saying this because of regulation. Of course they might keep CoD on other platforms for a while after acquisition but they won't prefer that long term. Slowly content would become exclusive to MS' world. Slowly they'll want to be attracting people into their ecosystem and locking them in. There are (I believe) anti-collusion and anti-competition rules in at least some countries which maybe need looking at more closely. But it's tricky though where the line might be drawn. Is paying for an exclusive okay? That's also keeping it off someone else's platform in some way. So why is it different to say you can put i on their system but not GP.
  7. Absolutely. I never said MS and other platform holders across many markets aren't as bad. Of course they are. They're all shits. As usual the free thing hides a lot from the consumer. But we all know if it's free then you are the product.
  8. A 3D environmental puzzler in which you use polaroids, pairings, pictures and perspective to manipulate the world around you. 2023. Steam and Playstation for platforms at the moment. Looks great. Very chilled. Probably going to bend minds. Lots of The Witness inspiration on show. Aesthetically it's similarly bright and and clean. Mechanically that games environmental puzzles and those that were solved by framing the world a certain way seem reflected here. But that's not a bad thing. I wonder how fiddly it'll be in terms of placement or alignment of perspective. Or how restrictive. In one scene it shows a photo of a path to a house being held up to creat it in the real world. Can I do that anywhere or must it be in a certain spot? And if the later am I guided well without it feeling too prescriptive. Anyway, colour me very excited.
  9. Sony's other recent Steam releases (SackBoy, GoW, Spiderman Remastered, etc.) have all been Verified on Deck. So I guess it will come down to performance.
  10. I couldn't believe I couldn't watch a trailer of the trailers (or a playlist) this morning. Having to scroll to videos between snarky comments in an article was just annoying. I'm sure they had ads between the real videos but I didn't notice. But to be fair to news outlets on the awards themselves. The shoe seemed just as uninterested in most of the awards. I didn't watch most of it so only mostly saw minor awards but those were so rushed it feels like there may be far far too many awards. Almost participation levels of shit.
  11. Interesting. I thought this was by far one of the best trailers in the show. Lovely pan through a level/world (whether it's one of many, a stitch of many or whatever) showing glimpses of gameplay. Even without being a single uncut gameplay sequence this showed souch more what the actual game is than most trailers. I was left with an impression of something I was excited about and might actually want to play (even if I probably won't because of the combat element and the difficulty of Celeste). But it was just all meat. No filler. Even the shortest trailers for most games get skimmed through for me. I've no patience in more than a few seconds of cinematics. I'm completely over "gameplay" trailers or sequences framed in such strange ways you struggle to tell it apart from in engine cinematics. So I'm skipping through the filler to see your game. And if it's not there all you've done is wasted my time. I don't think I've ever seen a trailer of this ilk that has actually got me excited. Best it gets is a note of whether it's thematically interesting. But even that's just a nod and move on. At the end of a trailer I want to know what your game is. Why I should play it. What it will feel like (by which I do not mean "I know it's vibe from watching a cut scene").
  12. Rubbish (imo). Whilst I suspect they'll be quite hands off creatively I think culturally they'd cull the upper management (as per most take overs) and probably want to calm the tensions around their long term cultural issues, and the way the current management dealt with it. I also think they want to smooth the way the they monetise. Maybe at Blizzard most of all. The real money auction house in Diablo 3, Overwatch loot boxes, Overwatch 2 generally, Diablo Immortal. Whilst CoD is obviously racking in cash that's fine. There is no reputation to restore there. They've always been this. But Blizzard were a beloved developer. They still are to an extent. But how many more times can they keep launching products with monetisation models designed to piss off your audience. MS would do none of this out of the goodness of their heart of course but there's a big win if you can bring them in and make these studios appear more pro-consumer and less like the bunch of obvious cunts they've been for a while. That's why I'd at least consider it possible buying them would be a good thing.
  13. Yes it's free. But it also comes with heavy restrictions about use. So, if an OEM wants Android on their phone (by which I mean the Google owned one, not the forks), then then Google place many restrictions. The exact set has been reduced by regulators, or at least their sniffing, but it's still really just a new version of the way MS used their Windows dominance to position IE and other apps/services.
  14. I'd like to see this go through if only to hopefully see someone reign in a little of the very excessive profiteering from most titles under the Activision-Blizzard banner. Of course MS are in it for the money and to squeeze what they can from the consumer but I think they see that as different from the way Activision, Blizzard and most of the big publishers seem to. Just slightly less hard on the in game item factories so far.
  15. As expected then for the last month or so. Going to be interested what the FTC end up wanting done. Guarantees, splits, etc. It could reveal a fair bit about MS' short to medium term goals with the acquisition to see what they're prepared to stomach.
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