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  1. It should definitely avoid leaning into too much of the personal drama. It's fine I think when used to create difficult mental situations for the main players but I don't really need the sitcom-esq relationships.
  2. A single kiev for two is stupid. Where do you cut it. If you do it on a separate plate before putting onto the serving plate then half the content is now lost. If you do it on one of the serving plates then someone gets more than their fair share of the content. And at least one person doesn't get the pleasure of cutting into it and having the filling ooze out.
  3. I've been enjoying it a lot so far. It's Monkey Ball. Tilty rolly fun for me. It helps that I don't give a fuck about the mini-games, never did before. So Christ, the pages spent on talking about one of them doesn't bother me at all (other than that half the reviewers didn't really bother to cover the single players because they were too busy talking about ramp physics). My only issue so far would be that the menu for single player modes doesn't describe what they all really are or how they're different... * Story Mode * SMB1 Challenge * SMB2 Challenge * SMB1 Practice * SMB2 Practice Whats the difference between challenge and practice? And within the challenge I have to pick casual, expert whatever? Are these all different levels, or just more after doing the earlier ones? Now, I know some of that from my vague memories of playing these games but a little text to describe the mode would have gone a long way. Oh, and "Launchers" can fucking do one.
  4. Enjoyed the first couple of episodes. It’s a nice setup and interested to see where it goes (never heard of or read the comics). Anything post or semi post apocalyptic appeals to me. But after episode four I think it’s a shame they’ve sort of moved away from the bigger story. Maybe it’s just me but I think the infrastructure, organisation and politics stuff in this world might be more interesting than the travel adventure that basically feels like That Walking Dead minus zombies (which isn’t a bad thing to remove given they became the worst part of that show). Not sure how many episodes I can deal with if it’s basically just a retread of all the same old random groups we run into who throw new shit in the way. Maybe, maybe, it works if they can create a reason why that’s more interesting different in a world without men but as it stands it’s just a bit tired.
  5. Doesn't matter, it’s be fucking impossible to find stock anyway. And you have to compete with those scalpers snapping them up and putting them on BeeBay.
  6. As someone who only ever really played the single player I’m excited for this. The reviews make it sound like I’ll most likely get what I want from this. Reading a few reviews it’s amazing how high a percentage of their words they use on Monkey Target.
  7. And reached the final boss on run 15. Didn’t finish the first phase but nice to see progress. I really really appreciate the way god mode works. I’m not someone who is ever going to play the 40-50+ full runs it would take me to be good enough to get a clear. But being able to do so without being penalised in terms of achievements and whatever is lovely.
  8. Started playing this again on Xbox having done so on Switch. Never completed it last time although got to the final world a few times. Turned on God Mode just to take the edge off. Got through the first boss after about 4 runs and on my 11th or this morning just smashed through the second for the first time and then all the way through the third and into the forth. Only picked it up for a quick run but was nice and methodical and just destroying everything. Then panicked as usual with the new stuff and died quickly. It's just such great compulsive gaming
  9. He felt like a bit of a parody of the rest of the industry in the way he over sold what his games were doing. AI that really thinks and feels. Worlds that really live. Etc. But it’s just as annoying from everyone else. And games journalists too. Write reviews of games that imply the world around them feels great, consistent. How individual citizens in some city builder are all modelled and have a real life to get on with. Then you play and it’s the same old dumb ass NPCs milling about. I get the suspension of disbelief and that we want to be amazed but we’ve allowed not only Molyneux, but the whole industry, to spout bullshit about games systems for decades. For the most part I imagine it’s the creative claptrap from the original pitch that bares no resemblance to the in development or final product.
  10. Yeah, it’s become quite standard across tech to create a more reliable experience. The ultimate implementation of it at the OS level I think is on Pixel phones (assume they still do it) where they copy themselves and update the non-running copy in the background and when you actually choose to reboot to “install” the upgrade they basically switch to the new version at boot. Then finalise a little once up and running (again in the background). The resulting being an upgrade process that is basically just a very slightly longer reboot (measured in seconds rather than minutes most of the time).
  11. Really? Running at a steady frame rate with no hiccups!? I’ve not seen actual bugs myself but I’d love to think it can run consistently for at least some random magical people.
  12. Yes. No unlock or anything. Not sure it’s ever actually explained though. You…
  13. This would be my number one. I think it’s a really great basic idea for a game. Part unadulterated destruction with a range of vehicles and part puzzle game. The scale of this now could be amazing. And it feels like it could actually be comparatively simple give it doesn’t need AI or even much story as the basic setup does all the heavy lifting. A huge destructive environment would just be pure fun.
  14. The dialog between the levels didn't bother me as much as the random things to talk to or interact with whilst you were cruising along. I now know you can ignore them all but their presence in the middle of it just seems quite poorly thought out.
  15. I'm enjoying exploring and climbing stuff. Although sometimes there doesn't seem to be much (any) reward in a few places I've been. I couldn't recommend it to anyone though. The performance when really exploring is terrible. Pauses, shit frame rate. And the sky often jumps between night and day as you move the camera, feels almost like it forgot to update it until you look around
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