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  1. thesnwmn

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    It also reminds me what I hate about Netflix's rating and recommendation system... I almost feel like I have to rate this positively to influence my recommendations. I want stuff of this ilk (the themes) to be shown to me but I want to be able to say it's crap. I appreciate the concept they have around individual rating (i.e how much they think you'll like it rather than specific scores) but I wish I could feed data to the system. I guess what I watch does that in a sense but I feel like I want to have something like theme keywords on shows/films and let me highlight the ones that interest me.
  2. thesnwmn

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I just binged this today. I thought it was utterly terrible for the most part but kept it on because I was doing a bit of Lego dusting so it just kept rolling through the episodes. There's just nothing to it. No story. No really interesting set pieces. No real surprise (I guess there's the "who will survive" aspect but you never get to know anyone in it really so it's a meh on that one for me). The vast majority of it makes no fucking sense. Half the time they arrive somewhere there just "happen" to be others arriving at the same time. The world swings from having no-one in it to being full of others (who go from being survivors to zombies with little reason). Actions have no consequences; get run off the road by someone and brush it aside with nary a mention. Of course there's a dose of Walking Dead style stupidity without which they'd probably be no events what-so-ever and it's just shit. I thought, from the first episode it might have an interesting angle... a series that can follow the start/progression of a zombie outbreak. It seemed to have the concept of the military around organising some form of response but it doesn't really. It's like the start of that Walking Dead spin off. Starts before the shit goes down, but by the end of the first episode it's shot that bullet and become The Walking Dead. Show us more than the constant running. There's also something quite funny in the episode lengths for the series (thank god it's only 8 episodes). 44min, 35min, 40min, 39min, 43min, 34min, 25min, 20min. Starts off pretty standard, 40-odd minutes (with the nice fact that streaming shows can vary their length to suit the story). But by the end we're at 25 and 20 minutes. And it's telling that it's at the end at it's worst. There's nothing of interesting in the last few. The finale should be a spectacle. Or a downer. Or... anything. But it's just 20 minutes of... what the fuck. A disjointed mess of a show. Don't bother.
  3. thesnwmn

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Well, obviously a managed client with built in emulators and game downloads is a better experience. But I think the bit where streaming is "better" (or easier) and the business model of streaming kicks in is access from a wider range of hardware. Apps on TVs, browser, iOS, Android, consoles. Porting the range of required emulators just won't be possible across that spectrum I suspect. Whether this (or any streaming solution) is actually good enough to be used accross a wide range of game types* is a different matter. I'm excited to find out one day (won't say it isn't till I've tried it). * Turn based and anything slow is much less likely to be problematic than fast paced action games.
  4. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Why so many Spinda?
  5. This is a bit unfair. Valve didn't (to my knowledge) pay for those exclusives. Many of them will be from before any other reasonable platform existed (Humble, Itch). Exclusivity is of course a Devs choice. But I don't think most people like paid exclusives at all. Particularly time based ones. Its obviously slightly different on console where there is a hardware (and therefore cost) barrier. Here, it's not as bad but I'd still needed them to be on all stores so we can make up our mind without that push. But then that's business I guess.
  6. The thing with the music and being small/indie is that it shouldn't matter to the customer. The two aren't related when it's a thing on a shelf (real or virtual). Who made it and how has little influence on most purchases. But in the end it's a developer decision and one that reviews and consumers will judge in isolation of why. On this forum the choice is interesting because people are passionate and read about game development to some extent. The trade offs are of interest.
  7. thesnwmn

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Physically shaking after just getting out of this at the cinema. Incredible. Great build up and the climb itself had my palms sweaty and many a sound escaping. The most incredible cinema experience by a mile?
  8. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Went to London to play for the quests and enjoy the weather before heading home and doing the second half round my local area. 200 quests completed. 7 shiny lotads. 15 shiny castform. I am pooped!
  9. thesnwmn

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I have zero interest in ever playing this or any Souls game but I love reading people’s impressions as they explore this. With a little stream watching I feel like I’m vicariously experiencing bit and pieces of it; the frustrations, the successes, the overconfidence. Keep it up all.
  10. thesnwmn

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    No, but they’ll have made a decision based on what they believe the minimum viable product is. Carts, search and other features don’t appear to have been considered necessary. Only time will tell if they’re right. Or whether they can develop fast enough to get/keep people using it in the way they want (which from what I’ve read as is a store, not so much a community).
  11. thesnwmn

    Edge #331

    Im not sure how I think journalists should handle this issue but I think they need to avoid buying into too much hype. I get that if they cannot play it for previews it can be very hard but they’re selling copies to players on screenshots, well cut videos or developer spouted visions. In an industry obsessed with preorders and publishers pushing more and more expensive and convoluted “early” access models and incentives (Anthem being one of the worst offenders) journalists need to (IMO) be cautious. They should balance getting the vision of developers across with the reality of what they’ve seen. If they get to play it and loading is slow or changing gear is a ballache they should be saying so. Promises that it’ll be better on release are worth nothing, It’s the same shit that let Moleyneux get away with making grandious undelivered promises. When writing any previews about his games they should be mentioning the unfulfilled promises of before. Yes we want to hear about the vision of the forthcoming game, but we need to remember that he’s spent most of his career underdelivering and most of what comes out of his mouth is hardly related to what his teams finally deliver. Too many games are at least not quite right on release, if not down right broken. If the players and journalists cannot or won’t say so then we’re perpetuating that behaviour. Of course doing any of the above gets you less access so unless everyone does it you’re probably killing your own publication. But I for one might take more time to read what you have to say.
  12. thesnwmn

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    At the moment it’s the exclusives that make up for the lack of features. If they stop that then maybe it is something else (cheaper, DRM free, exclusive DLC, a better and more feature rich experience, etc). Right now the store doesn’t attract users, just buyers. It’s basically bricks and mortar retailing with exclusivity. For someone like myself right now, where nothing I want to play is exclusive to it I have no interest. Do I think developers maybe deserve a bigger cut, yeah, probably. Do I care enough to install some more shit on my PC that is a store with a run button... not at all.
  13. Spot the Star Trek cameo in the most recent episode. (It’s not hard but made me grin)
  14. thesnwmn

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March

    Just fully cleared my second and third areas one after the other. Been annoying me as I’ve most of the map open I think but was stuck on two levels (one in each of the two just cleared) that were preventing me getting more lovely flowers on my map.
  15. thesnwmn

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Given that steam basically feels like a web page it amazes me how infrequently it seems to evolve, even in small ways. It always comes across as out dated and stale to me.

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