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  1. Oh and the solution is clearly being online for all money transactions and well use blockchain... AC Coin incoming!
  2. The problem is that it’s an inconvenience for the masses to prevent a few abusing the system in a non-competitive game. Why do Nintendo care if a few cheat if most people gain peace of mind from a cloud save system.
  3. It told me I was shit and maybe I should try non-beat mode or whatever it's called. Its actually quite nice for learning the enemy movements as you have complete control. Fun to just explore atm.
  4. Personally I see no issue with not being able to import. The bank serves as a statement of your ongoing lifetime global dex in its own right. Having a living dex there should the purpose. A monument to your commitment to the series. Adventuring in different regions and bring back its unique species to add to your personal Zoo. The problem is that they charge for the bank. Threfore the Pokemon you put in it has to be “worth” something, like importing it into the next games and using those Pokemon again. Caveat... I don’t and have never used Pokemon Bank.
  5. Quite the flurry of spin offs for this coming: * the original developer (Drodo Studios) is building new versions for PC (Epic store exclusive) and mobile (in beta now I think on iOS) * Valve are building Underlords (open beta in a week) https://kotaku.com/valves-auto-chess-game-is-called-dota-underlords-open-1835495579 * Riot are building a version for LoL (out this month) https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2019/06/10/it-looks-like-league-of-legends-is-getting-in-on-the-hype-around-the-dota-2-mod-dota-auto-chess
  6. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    108 onix encountered in this event. Mostly tasks but maybe 10 raids, 15 wild. No shiny
  7. The problem is hyperbole. Saying there's no noticeable lag for them. Fine. Saying the lag is minimal and great for certain experiences. Fine. Saying this is the lowest lag streaming solution. Maybe. To be proved. But fine. Saying there is no lag. A lie. Maybe acceptable from someone not affiliated with the product. But from someone working on it it seems like over compensation. We don't need to get to "no lag". Just not desernably worse than local (which already has lag) would be amazing. Enough for most people to give it a go and pay money. That's viable. A number won't be clear as viable until we try them. The 30/60 comparison is probably pretty apt.
  8. Those sure are some technical difficulties
  9. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    2050 during the event (10 times the normal 200 for a new stop). So 4100 per new stop with a lucky egg. I did a fair amount of catching a few raids, plus a one best and ultra friend increases.
  10. But everything apart from the sending it over the network to a server and back also has to happen in the existing technology. You just wrote a paragraph describing all games machines. My console must do everything in that last paragraph. The send from controller to “console” is longer and so is the return path from “console” to TV. The only extra piece is the chromecast or whatever doing the encoding to put it on screen. So, in an ideal model the extra latency is exactly equal to your ping to the server. The core issue I think on home connections will be consistency. Spikes of latency will be a killer when compared to things like Netflix where it can buffer to account for short outages. I think this (or another streaming solution with better content) has the opportunity to be very successful for large numbers of people for a wide range of game styles. They’ll be people and game types it’s not as suitable for I suspect.
  11. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    The weather system broke which seems to break community day spawns. Bit of a shame. Managed nine before it went down myself. And a surprise shiny buneary.
  12. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Hit new stops hard today... Earned 1.2milliom experience! And a beautiful round number
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