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  1. That's such fucking terrible reporting. The report literally says the reports/rumours are a reason to think OLED use is expanding. No confirmation. No contract. No nothing
  2. It's one thing to say and not follow team orders (or at least not promptly) when it's about less obvious situations (i.e. both following an RB and Hamilton want's to have a go). This case was stupid. He had no speed comparatively. It makes him look stupid not competetive.
  3. I think that's basically a non-starter. How would it be lower powered? What makes it possible for Google to release a machine capable of playing the range of games on Stadia without needing the equivalent of a next gen console. Or of course that was sort of the point
  4. Agreed. I felt like they were caught napping a little there. Either already very committed to their strategy concept that they didn't really react to the long stop from RB or privy to something else. But... I wonder what happens if they had got the lead there. Do they still pull the pin on a second stop? Very hard to tell I guess. RB would have struggled with doing the same strategy because Bottas was going to get in the way (although he did for Hamilton too, he was just so much faster it didn't really matter). All in all I don't think it was flawless from Merc but exce
  5. I found the controls a bit crap by default. If the issue is mostly the twin sticks then... In the game settings switch the sticks so the main camera is on the left rather than the pointer and boost sensitivity a lot (I put it at max). Then you never need to use the pointer. This also makes it easier to press all the other buttons without needing to stop moving the camera.
  6. thesnwmn


    I'm just about enjoying it so far. Not great though. Somehow I find that its episodes simultaneously move too quickly and too slowly. Characters bounce around locations with seemingly little regard for how disparate they are. One minute at the event site. Next in the medical holding facility then somewhere else entirely. But, with all that moving around they don't really 'do' anything. There's not much mystery or investigation. In the X-Files or Fringe I felt there was a combination of the mystery of the week investigation and time for it to breath with the characters. I think it p
  7. I wonder if there’s a danger that Skyward Sword could dent BOTW2’s hype. People want more BOTW but get a something very different, Probably not so long as they do call the next one BOTW 2 rather than Zelda Something New.
  8. Profit margins at this point are insane on that. It makes me a little disappointed we don't see lots of free DLC for something like Mario Kart. Couple of new tracks a year. They sell enough new copies to cover that for their whole player base. But then obviously they have other uses for this cash. New games, new hardware (revisions), swimming and printing GIFs.
  9. And they sold them all at or close to full price!
  10. At a guess it's relatively new compared to many on the list.
  11. Interesting insight into what it costs for Epic to give away a game each week. $11.7 million for the first 9 months. Some big costs like Subnautica, Mutant Year Zero and Batman Arkham. Interesting to see it broken down as number of new EPIC accounts per game and therefore the unit cost of each new account.
  12. It's definitely a bit heavy with 'cut scenes' early on and later if you progress the story quite quickly. They're also very repetitive. Same phrases etc every time you unlock something. And yep, the tutorials not showing updated controls is frustrating. For Illumina balls... They're not a score boosting mechanism directly. Much like fruit or scanning they have an effect on certain species. Sometimes the species will react with a certain pose. Sometimes I feel like it's also in combination with other things but not quite worked it out entirely. You can also use them to light up the
  13. They look great. And what a dinner!
  14. It's a much bigger and better game than I expected. I expected it to be cute and fun but it's utterly engrossing for me. At 12.5 hours I've just finished the story, opened up and played the final course. I've still got about 30 odd Pokémon missing from my Photodex from the number I think are in the game. I could probably have progressed a little faster but I spent some time focusing on challenges on early courses before later on moving to new locales sooner. The former is fun because you get to know courses really intimately whilst the later sees content thrown at you s
  15. Complete anticlimax for Q3. Shame but that’s the way the chips fall sometimes.
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