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  1. Restricting opponents in cross play does seem reasonable. I don’t want to be part of a crowd but just doing simpler physics seems like it would be a different game. Whilst you might be able to turn down the physics engine refresh rate (they often run the physics loop multiple times per frame for a better simulation) it’s basically tuning another game and we’d probably say a reasonable number of them don’t get it right on the one they try to do normally. And running them in cross play is probably unworkable - they’d likely produce different performance and lap times because if they didn’t why ever bother with the better model. Its doable of course. But no developer is going to bother I don’t think. So much cheaper to turn off some opponents or some intensive effect if possible.
  2. Thanks. Left a little tip outside the home of presumably your favourite villager
  3. With two exceptions: First visit during a new star sign always gives the star sign recipe. Pretty sure the last recipe is always the same one (maybe the first but don’t remember)
  4. I can see where you're coming from and it is nice to avoid direct spoilers but a few things swing me to loving the fact it's available: My general personality means I like to understand how and why things work. I don't feel anything is lessened by understanding the mechanics behind when Redd appears (or didn't for a very very long time on my island). Or finding out how to breed flowers like the blue rose where I'd likely never have got there (and in fact understanding the generics has massively enhanced my enjoyment and appreciation of the game). Whilst people might argue you can do no wrong in this game it does offer the opportunity to miss things that you'll have to wait months or a full year to see again (specifically bugs/fish). I'm not sure if I'll make it through a whole year but if I do then I want to have caught everything. So, each month I set out and catch bugs and fish without reading for a few days. Once I've exhausted new stuff appearing I seek out information on what I'm missing and when I can get it. In the end I've not found much spoil at all by reading everything I could beyond the first few days. It's an amazing game in that it supports sto many different play styles (maybe one for the play it your way thread ). From people who want to use guides to find critters quickly. Those who use VillagerDB to find what items they're missing. Those who get online and buy/sell cataloguing or access to rarer items. Those to time travel to see more and get items faster. But with having that people inherently judge the way others approach it. I (sadly) do it myself on here and with my friends. When someone offers lots of things that aren't likely attainable with normal play I think they should be clear about their providence (either bought online or time travelled). I thought slightly less of my friend for time travelling back to see Redd again... but at the same time I was jealous.
  5. Link to source? Want to tell a few friends
  6. I still believe it's just patience. Ignore them entirely (like blocking them behind a fence around their house). Only talk to them when they have the thought bubble and hope it's them asking to leave. Not read of anyone getting any better approach than this. Oh an escaping will happen. Sometimes they just warp off rather than leaving the house normally.
  7. Knowing the real piece of part and spotting the mistake (i.e. wearing a hat or not when then shouldn't). Made a little harder by the pieces not having their real names up front which I think is a bit of a shame for letting people do it themselves.
  8. Kicks is in a different set of visitors. Comes every week. Along with Saharah and Leif. Redd shares spawns with Gulliver, Flick, CJ and Label.
  9. @StumpyJohn @Mr Do 71 Re: Catching fast moving sea creatures...
  10. You don't need to leave to remove wand outfits. You can hold a wand indoors but you must do so via your bag, not the tool wheel (since that isn't available indoors).
  11. Whilst it’s a little annoying how the wetsuit works at least it doesn’t remove what you wear under it.
  12. thesnwmn

    Xbox Game Pass

    But would turning it on/off or even just down the volume count as synchronisation under Spotify’s licensing terms quoted above?
  13. I did all 300 points last time. I probably had about 100 bait but actually enjoyed it a lot more once I’d run out, just ran around and had some good and som bad runs. If I saw a balloon I took time out to pop it. No prizes for high scores in individual runs so if you want the gold it’s just about being able to play for a fair while and you’ll get there easy enough.
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