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  1. Agreed on Proton. From that DB website it looks like a pretty mixed bag. Which is fine for me and those who understand that going in (probably most preorders). And I'm sure it will get better. Wonder if Valve would try to flex their muscle and get more developers to make sure it does work, or build Linux versions. But that's not gone stunningly so far (better than before). Maybe too much of a risk to devs just moving from the platform (although leaving the biggest marketplace is risky too).
  2. Binged through a documentary series, Afflicted, over the last few days. Follows some chronically ill people suffering from sort of unexplained illnesses. Mould sickness. Electromagnetic sensitivity. It's interesting because of the journey it takes you through and how your perspective changes on the people. Hits the edges of some hot topics like misinformation and medical cover in the US.
  3. Only had Shake Shack once when in Singapore airport but that was great for something closer to the classic fast food burger (i.e. not a sloppy mess). Don't know if it was well priced because, well, money abroad on holiday doesn't matter.
  4. I don’t think Valve have a choice about lock in. They could never push for any complete lock in on something like the Deck because much of their more core customer base would simply rebel. A section of the PC gaming audience would be repelled by what is basically a PC that they could do basically what they wanted with. But, in the end they still pretty much own PC gaming so it probably doesn’t matter. Sell a PC based device with gaming in mind and Steam is going to hoover a up a large portion of all game sales on the platform. Yes you can use Epic, or Itch, or whatever but none of them really compare to Steam today. So it’s a balancing act for Valve. Continue to allow other stuff so the audience isn’t turned away from your platform whilst somehow ensuring you stay the dominant force. In some ways SteamOS is part of that I suspect. Yes it saves licensing to Microsoft but it also puts the MS store and Game Pass, as well as other stores with worse Linux support, one extra step (and OS cost*) away. * I mean I know you can get a Windows key for like £2
  5. And they already tried the NUC market with Steam Machines to little success. Slightly different approach. I think it’s failure was not being a simple “buy a Steam Box” but rather there’s a label for lots of devices. If the Deck does well and the hardware powerful enough in general I’d be down for a under TV version.
  6. Of course value is part of the proposition and matters. I won't disagree that it's probably over priced for what it is and is so based on brand. And it's a reasonable reason never to go for some I guess. But at the same time it doesn't make the food shit or good. It's just an unknown to you.
  7. I'm hoping maybe Hugo and Chloe could blossom. But after Sharron started to have feelings and he felt nothing I think he might just be a serial friend-zoner for the season. But so glad he saved her either way. And his 'all this testing is bullshit' comment was great. Don't understand Toby's reaction at all really. Makes him look like an idiot. Well I didn't pick her so she should be gone to save me the hassle of dealing with it. Toby needs to be stuck in the villa surrounded by all the girls he's briefly been with before having his head turned again.
  8. Really need a Steam Deck or a Switch release. Don't want to sit at a PC and play this in the summer but would love to give it a go.
  9. That is a great resource and going to be vital for anyone jumping in. Hopefully Valve will add some similar guidance on to the store pages directly, at least when accessed from the Deck.
  10. Oh I agree it’s a single platform so simplified significantly but what power are Valve willing to use to get games to have profiles or ensure they run well. I fully expect most games to pick good settings or support it well but there are going to be those that just don’t play nice, be they new ones or some of the thousands of older titles. I don’t really think it matters because I think this is a relatively niche enthusiasts device compare to any console. Most of those jumping in early will already be (or have been at some point) PC gamers, or at least aware of some or PC gaming a slightly rougher edges. Separate question… Does everything on Steam run on Steam OS these days? Do they have a compatibility layer to make everything run or will some stuff on the store just not be available/hidden?
  11. I think it’s more game settings and tweaks to make them run well that add to the “complexity” of the experience. Obviously more console games have some of that with performance and quality modes but it’s not like picking resolutions, 20 quality settings, anti-aliasing, etc. Maybe Valve will enforce some form of default for Deck settings to ensure it’s well defaulted but I doubt it. Not familiar with SteamOS myself and assume it’s a pretty well crafted experience but if it’s anything like most PC OSes it’s fine when it works, but a bitch when things get out of whack for some reason. (not that these things really bother me as a computer literate individual who likes to fiddle but it’s going to be tough for a more casual crowd).
  12. Danny is a horrible presence in the villa. I’ve not liked everyone so far but his attitude is just disgusting.
  13. I enjoyed this. Good stupid fun. Although, for a relatively short film I think it may have been about 10 minutes too long. Just a few too many steps in the middle for me.
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