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  1. There's now WordleBot which analyses your attempt at solving the day's puzzle. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/upshot/wordle-bot.html Seems harsh to mark your starting score based on the solution, given you've nothing to go on when you enter it. Unless I'm interpreting it wrong.
  2. Also Tetris Effect, in case anyone was thinking of buying it from the Oculus Store.
  3. 80+ hours in I've calmed the four Divine Beasts and found all but two memories yet every time I boot the game up to "finish it" I get distracted by something that looks interesting. I then spend an hour trying to find a Noble Pursuit, or something equally inconsequential. Does this game ever end? Do things ever stop looking interesting?
  4. How do you know how many shrines you've done? I don't fancy counting all the icons on the map!
  5. Oh, man. The Yiga Clan Hideout is pretty annoying!
  6. Played about 40 hours or so of this now and only done one Divine Beast (the Zora one)! I was a bit lost to start with but actually once you start exploring and talking to people there's always something else to do/see. BTW, where does that leaf dude with the maracas go? He was on some hillside but then he buggered off somewhere and I don't remember where he said he was going!
  7. Thanks for the tips, guys. Coming from Mario it is a bit overwhelming! My playtime is quite limited so I want to make sure I'm not wasting my time by missing something obvious! Discovered my first memory earlier, purely by chance. Was heading to a bridge on my horse when I decided to stop and check out something else that caught my eye. There's so much to look at/do in this game.
  8. I started this a few weeks ago and while I'm enjoying it for the most part I can't help but think that I'm not really playing it right. So far I've got off of the plateau; been to see the old lady in the village who told me about the Divine Beasts; and got my slate fixed. I've also done a few Shrines in between. I seem to be spending most of my time running away from things though. Even on my way to the village to get my slate fixed there seemed to be more enemies than I could handle. I don't really know where I'm supposed to get weapons from or if my running away from everything tactic is how you're supposed to play it at the start? I've collected a few swords, axes etc. but I just seem to burn through them when I encounter groups of enemies. I had a guardian sword for a while but that's since broken. I've been in to a few "Test of Strength" Shrines too but I just have warp out of those because there's no way I can defeat the enemies in there. Do I need to spend more time around Hyrule? I don't really know what to do now, I can either head over to some of the Divine Beasts (which I suspect I'm not ready for) or try to figure out where some of the memories are.
  9. This happened with me. You're right it shouldn't take that long. I called them in the end to get my repair sorted. The chap on the phone confessed they have issues with sending email to Gmail accounts(!) so he posted me my postage label.
  10. Got my fixed Switch back today and all of my saved data was still there. They haven't replaced the console though so I guess that is to be expected. Not tested whether they've fixed the issue yet (lag on the right JoyCon when being used wirelessly) but their cover letter suggests they've "replaced parts" so I suppose they've fixed something!
  11. Apparently they try to retain your save data. It is possible to transfer data from one Switch to the other so you'd hope they'd do that for you. My Switch is currently with them for repair so I can let you know what happens with my save games when I get it back.
  12. I'm in the process of sending mine back to Nintendo. The right joy-con has terrible lag when using wirelessly. So far the experience hasn't been great... I filled in the form on their site about a week ago and never received any form of acknowledgment or response so I called them yesterday. When I got through the customer service representative apologised in advance for the bad line (it was terrible!) and the fact he'd have to ask me to repeat myself (which he did on many occasions). I explained I'd filled in the online form and was yet to get any response to which the guy on the phone replied "yeah, that happens"... At the end of the call the chap explained there's a problem with gmail accounts so he was going to post my returns label in case I don't get it via email (which I haven't). Sounds like a one man operation!
  13. There's also Wargroove coming out early next year which looks very much like Advance Wars.
  14. I'll be embarking on a 24 hour flight soon so I was going to dig out my DS Lite to take with me so I can finally play through some of my gaming backlog! I was going to try and pick up a copy of Pheonix Wright to take with me but I seem to remember that at certain points in the game you have to shout "Objection!", which is obviously not going to go down well on the plane! Is this actually the case? Can you get away with just pressing a button instead? Also is it worth picking up a DSi XL? I notice they're quite cheap on eBay. Does it make the shoulder buttons more comfortable? I seem to remember Mario Kart being the cause of terrible hand cramps!
  15. Crusey

    Rival Schools

    For those that are interested the whole album can now be streamed here. I've not had a chance to listen yet, might give it a whirl at work tomorrow.
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