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  1. I love a good Twitter stat:
  2. The Premier League is a breakaway organisation from the FA. They aren't going to give one of their Champions League places to the FA just to beef up a competition that they don't administer and don't give a shit about. The FA Cup is what it is. People my age and older, basically those of us who clearly remember football before the year it was invented (1992) or the year it boomed (1996) get all misty eyed about the FA Cup. Cup final day was a big deal because it was one of the few times a year you'd get to see football on TV, the only way to recapture that magic is to scrap al
  3. Someone probably got paid more than ten grand to come up with that tag line.
  4. Progress here too, I beat the Trial of the Conqueror at the very next attempt as I wasn't caught out by the final enemy going into a frenzy this time so now I'm the proud owner of a fully upgraded nail. Throwing this out to @Talvalin I would say I guess I'm going to have to have a crack at a few more bosses now. Checking what I've done so far I think I've killed: edit:
  5. Probably worth mentioning they lost their best player Josip Ilicic for the game at short notice. It's reported he caught his wife fucking another man and was emotionally crushed by it. I'd imagine that seeing something like that happen would probably hit team spirit badly if his team mates were concerned for his mental health.
  6. The FA Cup won't have replays in 2020/21 because of the pressure on the calendar. I wonder if this will become one of those temporary changes which becomes permanent. The league cup semi finals will be one legged affairs too, I really wouldn't be surprised if that becomes permanent.
  7. Oh. I can actually be the wizened old sage here. 1] The map thing I kinda dig. If I had to guess I'd say the devs wanted people to get to know their way round though recognising locations and landmarks and not be a slave to the minimap, it's a curse and blessing, yes I do know which screen leads where more than I might without the mechanic but even now I still sometimes take a while to get my bearings on the minimap without the compass equipped but I can figure it out. You can quite easily have the compass on the entire time save for boss fights though, you don't really need to
  8. Killed by the final enemy in the Trial of the Conqueror.
  9. Cologne we’re going to sign Mo Salah and N’Golo Kante until that guy said he can’t identify with Muslims.
  10. Probably gonna go get the final nail upgrade. I've got 400 odd essence (just found out that 900 gives you the ability to set fast travel points?) so I can get pale ore there. I'd imagine I've got 25 grubs or so, so getting to 31 is probably a sensible thing to do, it's just trying to remember which one's I've got and which one's I need and then it's to the Colosseum for the second trial.
  11. I've been pulling 60 hour weeks at work for the past month so I've not really played much. Dunno if I'm out of practice or out of talent (and having a 3 year old in the room certainly doesn't help when I'm trying to concentrate on boss fights) but I'm having my ass handed to me on the reg at the moment. Mantis Lords are kicking my ass, the walk from the bench back to their room sucks a lot of my desire to keep trying the fight, apparently I've fucked it on getting the bench near them because one of them has locked a door and it won't be reopened until I beat them so I'm trying the Traitor Lo
  12. So they can sell him to West Ham when he turns 30.
  13. Did they lose a bet or something?
  14. Bob Paisley was Bill Shankly’s assistant. I think he did alright when he got the job. More recently Tito Villanova was Pep’s assistant at Barca. Sadly he died of cancer a year after taking the job, but he did very well there. Appointing from within can work, you don’t see many people get the opportunity but it’s not instant disaster.
  15. You're quite right. They've just appointed Andrea Pirlo. Two year contract.
  16. Sarri sacked by the evil empire. Presumably they’ll go for Poch. That’s two clubs in a row where they’ve employed Sarri to bring the sort of football he played at Napoli and binned him off after one season where he won a trophy. Surely if you want a change in style you’ve got to give your man two or three seasons?
  17. Craig Shakespeare in as assistant manager at Villa. Not hugely surprising, he’s a Brummie, he’s a Villa fan, he goes back donkeys years with Dean Smith and he brings much needed Premier League experience. Dunno what this means for John Terry, but put the last time Shakespeare was assistant at a midlands club who’d just avoided relegation they won the league the next season. So put your house on us for the title.
  18. I can’t unsee that now you’ve pointed it out. Looks like something Team GB would wear at the cycling.
  19. Did West Brom ever play Tranmere when they were both sponsored by their local council?
  20. Still optimistic about Villa right now. In three weeks we’ll have sold Jack Grealish to Southampton and we’ll be 19th on Xmas day, but I’m happy at the moment.
  21. The Fairs Cup isn’t even a real competition, you didn’t qualify on merit (it was invite only like a lot of pre season tournaments are) and it wasn’t sanctioned by UEFA who to this day don’t recognise it. It seems to have an elevated status on these shores because they recycled the trophy for the UEFA Cup/Europa League and Newcastle United list it as their most recently won honour.
  22. The team who finished 2018/19 definitely did. There were a lot of comings and going’s over the summer (a team full of loanees and thirty sometimes in the final year of their contract will ensure that happens) but we did make three of the loan signings permanent and it probably would have been four if Manchester Utd hadn’t decided to recall Axel Tuanzebe so he could play 180 minutes of football this season. There still seemed to be a good vibe at the place, the jury is still out on Dean Smith but he got us promoted when we were left needing snookers before his appointment and then kept a hugel
  23. I felt the same about Villa about a year ago, then I found out that everybody in the Premier League had much better players than we did.
  24. He’s slowly transitioning into the Heavy from TF2. When he shaves his head and signs for Leeds don’t be surprised if he starts speaking with a Russian accent.
  25. I think he'll take a break and wait for a decent mid table Premier League job to come up when someone inevitably gets sacked in October or November.
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