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  1. Absolutely beautiful knockout. Loved how deliberate the setup was as well.
  2. Not stripes though? Maybe it’s my age, but I always associate Cov City with sky blue and white stripes.
  3. Aston Villa away. Kappa with a cut that’s so tight it makes professional footballers look fat. I do like the design but I’m not confident i can get away with wearing it.
  4. I ended up doing Deepnest before I even knew Royal Waterways existed, it’s an area i really enjoyed too so i don’t think you’ll be out of your depth over there.
  5. Same for the Villa. Should have been Man City away, instead we start against Sheffield United at home after having an extra week of pre season. I'll take it.
  6. Yes, there’s an item which helps. It’s behind an optional boss. You can get to that part of the fog canyon without the item though. It’s just a case of looking for other ways in.
  7. @Talvalin Marmu is a different is a different Warrior Dream, it’s in The Queens Gardens pretty much next door to the Greenpath Stag station.
  8. Interesting to see how much traction this thread has got again. I'd say to @Broker to try and persist until you find the city, it's such a cool area and it's where I fell in love with the world. I've been trying to collect essence and have been fighting the Warrior Dreams. I found Marmu almost like a comedy fight, Gorb and Xero were relatively straightforward but Markoth reminded me that it's not always possible to nuke people down with big spells. Really enjoyed trying to get the better of him. Up to 900 essence now so I've got the fast travel gate which will allow me to have
  9. Bayern just relentless again. They were really under the cosh for 25 minutes, Lyon missed a sitter, hit the post and had several other opportunities which you'd feel that they'd regret not taking. Sixty seconds after Lyon hit the post Gnabry scores an absolute screamer (apparently he wasn't good enough for West Brom, you'd think they'd mention a fact as obscure as that in the media wouldn't you?) and it's basically been one way traffic ever since. Only 2-0 at half time, Gnabry with both of them but as Lyon have to come out and force the issue now I can see them getting picked apart.
  10. And suddenly i feel ancient because that’s fucking hideous to my eyes.
  11. Xavi would be a fool to take the job at this point. Barcelona are guilty of wasting the Neymar money on poor signings, but this ultimately means that most of their key players all got old together. Messi is 33, Suarez is 33, Pique is 33, Vidal is 33, Rakitic is 32, Busquets is 32, Alba is 31. Even the "new guy" up front Antoine Griezmann is 29. It's dads army whenever they take the pitch. It was poor management a few years ago when, from the outside looking in at least, they seemed reluctant to bring in younger players because those younger players weren't as good as the senior player
  12. Can’t see past Bayern to win it, they are head and shoulders above anybody else right now. Cup football is weird of course, but it’s Bayern’s to lose.
  13. And Lyon go down the other end and kill it. They’ve totally deserved this tonight.
  14. Manchester City going out. BT Sport commentary crew are having kittens about it.
  15. It’s only really in England where loan players can’t play against their parent clubs, and if memory serves that’s only because Lua Lua scored a last minute goal for Pompey against Newcastle (his parent club) and everybody had a bloody good laugh about it.
  16. Really impressed with Lyon in the first half. They've contained Manchester City relatively easily, KDB has shown a couple of flashes of brilliance but City's system is failing to cut through Lyon, and Lyon have the ability to break really well. Their goal was a hell of a finish. I can't see it being long before Guardiola makes some changes, dunno who he swaps out but to me it looks like the game is screaming for someone like Mahrez who can beat a man and shoot from distance because this trying to walk the ball into the net (well, to try and shoot from 12 yards) seems to be someth
  17. Quite possibly, but there’s no guarantee he’d have won the Champions League more than the one time he did manage it had he left Barcelona. It’s a notoriously difficult competition to win and plenty of incredibly expensively assembled squads have failed to win it. Messi still has four winners medals (06*, 09, 11, 15) which is a hell of a haul in this era. Some people will think he should have won it every year because he’s Leo Messi but football just doesn’t work like that. *out injured for the final but he played in the groups and knockouts.
  18. Absolutely. Only five league titles, four Spanish cups and a Champions League in the time since Pep left. It’s been a disaster if you think about it.
  19. I’d 8-2 be Barcelona.
  20. Barcelona’s record signing contributes with a goal and an assist in an absolute thumping.
  21. It’s been far too easy for Bayern. I’m pretty sure they could have had seven or eight by now but they appear to have declared. I kinda want Barca to pull another one back just so Bayern step it up again.
  22. 4-1 to Bayern after half an hour and the score line flatters Barcelona. This is an absolute annihilation.
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