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  1. I think that’s the point. It’s designed to be a shirt people will wear down the pub.
  2. You can overwhelm him with superior firepower if you stack your charms right.
  3. Just entered The White Palace. It’s kicking my ass.
  4. I found the key to the Watcher Knights is ground out the 7k I needed for Unbreakable Strength, the area around Kings Station offered enough to get it in about half an hour and as it’s well connected I think it’s one of the better places to do it. Headed off to The White Palace, was still in my gold farming gear (save for fragile greed) and promptly got crushed by the first guy I saw. Off to work now so I’ll have a proper look later.
  5. If you find yourself up against it then just head in a different direction. The armoured bugs on water bit was something I didn't do until I was 60+ hours into the game. On a personal note I hit the 1800 Essence threshold earlier. I still had two Warrior Dreams to fight, beat them both at the first attempt (/flex) and was pleasantly surprised to see they dropped 200 essence each rather than the 100 I had been expecting. It seems like getting to the 15k geo I need for Unbreakable Strength is probably a good idea before the White Palace when I'm sitting on about 8k anyway. I'll
  6. I think I got lucky as it was high tide and quite windy so the boats were moving around quite a lot, I was probably only there for five minutes before they arranged themselves in this pattern. It’s still a heavy crop of the original but which was taken on a 35mm equivalent lens.
  7. I posted this in the Hollow Knight thread but I figure if I have a question then here could be the best place. It’s fan art by my daughter who has not long turned 14. There’s clearly talent here, what can/should I do to nurture it? Mrs Naysonymous isn’t keen on her opening an Instagram account just yet.
  8. Been a little while since I posted anything in here. Still ticking along with stuff I don't love, but here and there I get a half decent one: I'm still just using Instagram to host everything and I've taken to editing most of it on an iPad. I figure most people will see them on a phone or tablet screen and that Apple are probably the single most popular manufacturer out there so if they look alright on that then it's good enough for my purposes. I do want to get a bit more into portraiture but I'm struggling to figure out how to do
  9. I lost 10k by dying once and I’ve just blown 12k on Fragile Heart and a lot of that was funded by low hanging fruit like journals and grubs, so I think I’ve just got to grind the rest out.
  10. I’ve certainly done a lot of them but I wasn’t really paying attention until more recently, I was happy to read a few things about boss strategies when I was struggling but I didn’t really dig much deeper into anything else as I was enjoying the sense of discovery. Maybe I should have another sweep around the map and see what’s left.
  11. Up to 70 hours now, been playing the entire time with my daughter (14) and it turns out she’s pretty good at drawing. I want to encourage the talent, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Mrs Naysonymous is against her getting social media accounts at the moment. Gameplay wise I’m looking for advice. I might be entering a bit where I have to grind.
  12. The black barriers? Are you referring to the beams of black energy between the top and bottom of the screen? They are shade gates and
  13. Went to take on the Watcher Knights: I can go start the fight which will allow me to see credits. I still want to explore bits of the map I haven’t seen yet.
  14. Oooh. Went back to the Mantis Lords and I guess having the fully upgraded nail makes that fight easier. I know some bosses level up when you upgrade the nail but these don’t. I think I’m just one or two charms away from the full set now.
  15. I've still not done that and I probably should have by now, I lost 10k once. Played for a bit just now, was close to the 12k geo I needed for
  16. And of course Coventry is famous for coming up with the chain driven bicycle design which made the Penny Farthing obsolete.
  17. Met Elder Hu.
  18. Southampton have also just binned off their sponsors with immediate effect. They’ve apologised to people who have bought the new kit with LD on the front.
  19. Villa Twitter has been taken over by the nutters. I mean Grealish should absolutely be in the squad, he's had a fantastic season and is more than good enough to play for England. Kalvin Phillips plays in a different position so him being in the squad isn't at the expense of Jack Grealish, but Villa fans are finding a year old quote from Southgate saying players need Premier League experience to get in the squad, and that somehow because Southgate is a former Aston Villa player (and he absolutely had the best years of his career at Villa Park) then he somehow owes us one. I don't get that a
  20. Has she found the shortcut?
  21. https://youtu.be/uC8uHgI-7gs Champions League final on YouTube, it’s been a really good game so far. Bayern on top but decent chances at both ends.
  22. Progress report: Hive Knight down. Took heed in the lessons learned from the fight against Markoth in that just staying in the game is often the smart way to go. I think I got lulled into a false sense of security with some crazy fast beatdowns of Hornet and Troupe Master Grimm and a more measured approach here was the way to go. I forgot that I'd not fully upgraded Desolate Dive so I went back to Probably gonna hit up that Traitor Lord when I get back on.
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