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  1. 90+ mins trying to get a game, and I didnt even get past the "searching for games" screen. Tried joining on my own, tried joining as a party, no joy at all. Arse. Oh, and why the hell is the only way to cancel a search for games is pressing the guide button and returning to the Xbox Vista dashboard? Who's idea was it not to have a cancel command within the game?
  2. My memories of All Ghillied Up are always soured by the second "act" of that part of COD4, the One Shot, One Kill level. Or more specifically, the fairground shootout sequence at the very very end of that. Its absolutely horrible. One of the least fun, most unbalanced pieces of shit to make it into any FPS ever. Its a real shame, because every else about COD4 is so utterly fantastic that those six minutes or so of monster closet endlessly re spawning enemy hell really does stand out in a bad way. Take for what it is, All Ghillied Up is fantastic on the first playthrough. I just cannot separ
  3. Naysonymous


    Well, Nadal withdrawing from injury aside, his draw reflects his number three seeding, surely?
  4. Naysonymous


    Well spotted sir. I wouldnt describe it as casual racism though, more cheeky xenophobia.
  5. Naysonymous

    The Riff

    Futureheads - Decent Days & Nights.
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    Being Scottish. Lets hope he reverts to being British again in the second set.
  7. Probably should have posted this a while ago, but you can get the new away shirt with a name, a number premier league arm patches and the biggest cup you have ever seen for £37.20 if you want. Look for the Villa away shirt on Sportsdirect.com The advertised price for the shirt alone is £35. Add this to your basket, then add a second shirt to your basket with a name, number and Premier League patches. The second shirt should cost about £48. The cart will show2 shirts (one at £35 and one at £48 ). Remove the more expensive from the basket. The shirt with name, number and patches will remain in
  8. I have an uncontrollable urge to link a classic flash animation. Hey Hey 16k.
  9. Man, I totally forgot about those two. Shawn William Ryder (who was essentially playing himself) and Danny Dyer were fantastic as Maccer and Kent Paul. And Shawn Ryder got a Stone Roses hat into the game and Voodoo Ray onto the GTA soundtrack. B)
  10. Does he count though? He is basically from Pure Pwnage. If you count him, then you could probably count Frankie Boyle from The Lost and Damned.
  11. I was hoping somebody had said this guy. The rarest of rare things in gaming, a character who is consistently laugh out loud funny. HK47. He hates you, but luckily he hates everybody else a little bit more.
  12. I like the show. Havent heard this weeks episode yet, but I have enjoyed what I have heard so far. They never seem to have a full compliment of 'staff' though! I think the mic quality point is a valid one, as getting in the same room is almost impossible (I think they are in Boston, New York, San Francisco, San Francisco and Seattle, which is a hell of a distance. I think Boston is as far from San Francisco as it is from London) but I think one of the biggest problems is now that they dont have as much to talk about. The GFW shows were a mixture of them talking shop and telling crazy anecdo
  13. Not sure where this thing lies on the character/enemy line, but GRRRRR!
  14. I heard a ton of post E3 podcasts, and the reaction to Blur was universally negative. It wasnt just Garnett shitting on it. The Rebel FM comment too. I stuck with the show when it was trying to figure out what they were doing with it, Arthur was being an asshole and Phil and Nick were half assing appearances on it just to keep their names in the public domain, and now they have came out of the other side of that I think that it has really became an excellent show. I have really warmed to Arthur, I really hope he can make it in the journalism caper as he really does seem passionate about games
  15. Im fairly sure the design of the Wiimote is one of the reasons Nintendo struck gold. A games controller is offputting to lots of people. A TV remote is something they have used every day for years, if not decades. Solution to knock down a barrier that non gamers have? Make the controller look like a TV remote. If my mum comes around to visit, she will play on the Wii, she hasnt even picked up the 360 controller. It was only the cuteness of LBP that made her play the PS3 for oh, five minutes.
  16. This seems as good a thread as any, and I hope I am not repeating what has already been said, but I could really go for some kind of Wiimote style device on a console with the grunt of the 360 (or PS3). I really want to play a quality FPS that way. Using the motion controller as a light gun, but not on rails. The wiimote & nunchuck is the ideal setup if you ask me, it can put a crosshair on the screen, it has a decent number of triggers and buttons and an anologue stick to move your characters body. What I hope Natal (or the PS3 version) can do is use the camera pointing back at the use
  17. Yeah, same tag and avatar. Lurked on them for a good year before I made an account there though. Its ridiculous that I am still up at this hour, I blame late shifts at work and post work sessions on inFamous. But I see that someone on 1up has timestamped the latest show, so props to Makorafeth of 1up: I still dont think that the Mass Effect 2 "spoiler" is a spoiler though. If Bioware are going out of their way to tell journalists about it when they really dont have to, and its clear that the event might not even happen to the player, then what is the issue? Its not like finding out the t
  18. Probably just a loose cable or something. Dunno what to make of this weeks Listen Up. Its certainly not a patch on the glory days of Garnett, John, Luke & Shane, but I dont know why. I seem to be one of the few people who likes Ellis, Sam Kennedy doesnt really say much, but I think its how they seem to want to predict the future of the industry more than talk about games and John in particular likes to pass his opinion off as fact. The joke works sometimes, but it grates sometimes too. I can also understand the people who think the show is anti PS3, not sure I agree with it myself but
  19. Man, she updates her twitter a LOT. Trawling through posts led me back to this, though I am sure its not the thing I read at the time. Im too lazy to hunt further though.
  20. Its not even a hack as such. Its actually there in the console command. Press the tile key to open the console (the `¬ key to the left of #1 and below escape) then just type in the achievements you want. Its crazy, but you can get the achievements for the DLC even if you didnt buy the DLC.
  21. Isnt it fair to assume that in the last two and a half years of first hand experience with the Wii, they might have changed their minds?
  22. Something I meant to comment on at the time, but I was too lazy too. I checked her blog and her twitter feed a day or so after the podcast, she was mortified in how she came across and offered the defence that she had hardly slept in days and was jacked up on energy drinks. I'm inclined to agree.
  23. A new SKU? Maybe. Bundling in Natal, whether its just a USB camera or something more elegant incorporated into the Xbox hardware seems reasonable. A new system? Not a chance. The audience doesnt want a new console, Microsoft doesnt need a new console.
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