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  1. I mean we are talking about a bunch of people who tried to trademark a terrace chant which took the tune from an 80s disco record and who felt that the copyright to the name of a major English city should sit in the portfolio of a company based in fucking Delaware.
  2. I’ve just upgraded my shield to Aspect of Chaos and other than the shield turning into a huge eyeball I can’t see any changes. It’s supposed to generate bonus shields after a Bull Rush but it still just throws one out. Am I missing something?
  3. Congratulations to Scotland and Northern Ireland. I’m slightly miffed that the decisive penalty wasn’t Fani missing, but you can’t have everything.
  4. How many players do Andorra have who are even eligible for U21s? The entire country only has a population of about 75000.
  5. I’m actually annoyed we didn’t score more. My son is currently bouncing around the house like a flea. He’s gonna have fun at school tomorrow.
  6. I’m actually laughing out loud here. This almost makes up for the time Tony Xia bought the club.
  7. Villa currently 2-0 up at home to Liverpool. I’d still totally take a point as Liverpool look really dangerous. Villa are pretty good at defending when we go narrow and force teams wide, thing is Liverpool are pretty good out wide. oooh, and as I type it should have been 3-0 and within a minute Salah makes it 2-1.
  8. Were they playing against Man Utd?
  9. As a Villa fan I wish him well, but if he could pass it on to Salah, Firmino, Henderson, Alexander-Arnold, Roberton, Van Dijk, Alison and Klopp before kick off tomorrow then I think we might hold out for a draw.
  10. Nice to have rather than need to have here, but I’m not as heavily invested in one ecosystem as some. I’m leaning towards a Series X next year, I’ve been PS4 and Switch this gen and before that despite owning all the consoles in the PS3/360/Wii generation I ended up playing most of my games on PC. As a result I’ve not really got a huge library of console games so I’ll not be desperate to use the backwards compatibility but I do fully expect my Steam library to remain accessible even if I bought the game 5-10 years ago and I’m glad consoles are starting to follow PCs lead there.
  11. Dunno if there is a way for @elmo to stream this, but it seems like now is the time:
  12. Failed medical then? Ornstein seems to be the top tier guy at The Athletic so I guess it doesn't get much more reliable than that. Definitely better to find out before the guy sits on your bench for four years because he can't stay fit.
  13. So what's your definition of "world class" then? For me it's somebody who is reliably capable of succeeding at the highest level, ie someone who would be a key player in a team going for one of the major leagues, the Champions League/Copa Libertadores or a major international competition. Also: Rio Ave vs AC Milan in the Europa League offer up a penalty shootout for the ages. Better if you don't know the result, still fun if you do.
  14. I think Gerrard was a good example of England’s issues. A wonderfully talented footballer but someone who was often guilty of putting individualism over what was good for the team. He produced moments of magic more often than most of his peers but in an era where the system is king I wonder where he’d fit in. I’d love to know what Klopp would do with a 25 year old Steven Gerrard given that it’s unlikely the team would be built around him. If I had to guess he’d probably be playing up front but he never appeared to do the dirty work that Firmino is tasked with and he hasn’t got the pace of Sa
  15. There are still people out there who think Liverpool’s midfield is workmanlike despite them reaching two of the last three Champions League finals and posting 97 and 99 points in the Premier League. England don’t have a Gazza or a Gerrard right now, but they do have a ton of talent down the flanks and some really excellent strikers. If the midfield have to retain and recycle just to allow the talent elsewhere on the pitch to shine then that’s fine. We don’t need Hollywood passes from the centre circle or endless pot shots from 30 yards.
  16. Had about 10 runs so far, can get to the one winged lady (Meg?) and she keeps kicking my ass. Heartbreak at my last attempt when I got her down to about 5% of her life before copping it.
  17. They'll change the interpretation, not the rule. Same thing happened last year with VAR iirc. The whole thing is shite, VAR is so poisonous right now that broadcasters are struggling to sell advertising against it, which I presume is one of the reasons why they were pushing for it in the first place. In transfer news Villa get Ross Barkley in on loan from Chelsea. He's been linked for a couple of weeks, clearly Chelsea want to free up some space in their squad and there's value to be had for clubs like Villa. Our strongest midfield seems to be
  18. "Beating Derby's record" is like the early season "will they go invincible?" conversations people like to have if Liverpool/Man City/Chelsea* make it to November without losing. I watched Villa's 2015/16 season. We went from August to January without winning, finished the season with 1 point from a possible 36 (and that point probably condemned Newcastle to relegation) and had to cancel a goal of the month competition on the club website on the account we'd failed to score a goal during the calendar month. We still managed to beat Derby's point tally by 50%. It's actually really
  19. Villa are currently 11th with two games in hand over pretty much everybody else in the table, and the only side in the league who are still to concede a goal. Even the boring teams are weird this year.
  20. We’ve not had much to cheer about since the mid 90s. Don’t shit on a goal away at Bristol City.
  21. I withdraw the above statement.
  22. Well, we'll see how good Villa's reserves are tonight because fuck me, the team we've put out against Bristol City in the cup will almost certainly be the only time these 11 players are on the pitch at the same time. Stick a fiver on an 'upset' if you are a gambling man.
  23. Villa third. Interesting concept here, a ‘digital camouflage’ pattern made up from the outlines of everywhere with a Birmingham postcode.
  24. I wanted to make a fan site just so I could use the Gotze.cx url for a crap joke.
  25. He was diagnosed with myopathy a few years ago and I think that’s the issue.
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