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  1. So my daughter starts crying.  Then she pukes on the floor. I clean up the mess, scrub her in the bath and come back to find that my beloved Aston Villa are now 0-3 down at home to Leeds.   

    How’s your last half hour been?  

  2. 5 hours ago, The Fox said:


    Jesus Christ 

    If the “ban him for as long as the other guy is injured” rule comes in then what happens when someone tackles Adam Lallana or Andy Carroll? Do Jack Wilshere and Daniel Sturridge suddenly get offered big contacts by Real Madrid just so they can make their debut in El Clasico and get a couple of Barcelona players banned for an entire season? 

  3. I liked the look of the new centre half Fofana who was making his debut for Leicester today.  I know he’s young but he’s gonna be a regular starter given the transfer fee, surely? Jonny Evans is still an exceptional player so I think you’ll be alright at the back. 

    Villa have a really solid 14 or 15 now. We’ve had some really shitty luck with injures in recent years, seems we’ve lost key players for months on end in each of the last three seasons (last year was particularly grim) so I’m hoping for better fortune this time round, or at least for us to get plenty of points on the board before injuries do start to bite.  Wesley is still out after being Ben Mee’d on New Years Day and Tom Heaton is still injured from that game too. I’m not sure if either will get back in the team as first choice right now but they are still significant parts of our squad. 

    I think I said on here I’d like to see us post 50 points this season which is usually good enough for a top half finish.  I figure we’ll need 13 or 14 wins with a fairly even mixture of draws and losses to get there and we’ve already got four wins so all is well. We look really organised, we’ve definitely got a few bits of genuine quality in the team and some players who can change things from the bench. I don’t think I’ve been able to say that in about ten years such has been our decline.  

  4. 32 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    I think Leicester v Coventry is the M69 derby just to add weight to your argument :)


    Transport links are definitely a thing when it comes to rivalries, places have more cultural ties if it's easy to move between them. I've always felt that because the Brighton to London railway is such an incredibly busy line and that Croydon is a major stop on the line then Brighton & Hove and Crystal Palace are on each others radars just because of their increased visibility to each other when people are going about their day to day business.    


    Leicester - Coventry is an odd one though,  I live in the weird bit of no mans land of North Warwickshire which is between Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester.  I've got a CV postcode because all of Warwickshire has a CV postcode despite the fact that Coventry isn't actually in Warwickshire, and the local news around here is utterly dominated by Birmingham.  Leicester might as well be a million miles away according to the BBC because it's nominally in the East Midlands. 


    From a football point of view Leicester don't appear to care about Coventry, they hate on Derby and Forest and Coventry don't appear to care about Leicester because they really hate Villa.  I don't think Derby or Forest care too much about Leicester and I know for a fact that Villa fans don't care about Coventry at all, so there has been some weird attempt to turn Coventry vs Leicester into a thing.  It feels completely manufactured even though the places only about 25 miles from each other.   I think it's because they are in different geographical regions and they don't really have any shared satellite towns where both clubs would draw support from.  I'm not sure this is the case with other weird derby games like Palace - Brighton which is a much more densely populated region or Norwich - Ipswich which only seems to exist because there is fuck all else to do. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:

    ah, the magic of the 46miles 1h drive apart 'derby'



    Just like Norwich - Ipswich! 


    There’s clearly more to it than just distance between the two stadiums.  I’m not exactly sure what, but there has to be something.  

  6. 7 hours ago, skadupuk said:


    It's even worse if you support a "lesser" team like Palace, where your games are shown on Sky/BT less often, so you'd end up paying for more £15 matches than the fans of the 'big' clubs. 


    Based on  the below (from the last "normal" season), a Southampton fan with Sky/BT also has to pay for 30 games/£450 to watch every game vs 9 games/£135 for a Liverpool fan.



    That wont last though.   You can easily see from YouTube viewing figures of highlights or social media followers which clubs get the biggest audiences (clue: it's the ones who win every week) and they are the ones that broadcasters actually care about.  Once all this settles down and the idea of PPV isn't new or scary then it's going to be the bigger clubs who will be on PPV a lot more, and they'll demand a bigger cut of those revenues.  Why would Sky (or BT/Amazon/whoever holds the rights) try and sell, say, Fulham vs Burnley as a PPV game when they can do Liverpool vs Manchester United? 

  7. Don’t sweat it. I’m something like 45 runs in and haven’t got past the third area boss yet.  My main problem is I can’t really have any long sessions so I don’t get into that ‘flow’ state where things just click. If I get an hour unbroken then I’m doing well, I could try handheld I guess but I’ve got joycon drift.  Thing is I’m still enjoying the game.  I definitely spread my efforts too thinly early on, there were probably twenty runs where I was mostly interested in collecting keys just to unlock all of the weapons and I had more fun doing that than I would have done banging my head against a boss.  

  8. Are you saying the guys who made the prototype wouldn't have put their names in the software before submitting it?   If that's the case (and I'm not in the industry so I don't know the practices) then I find it very surprising but I'd say the original tweet has no grounds for complaint but I find it hard to believe that there wouldn't be some kind of list of names attached to the source of the footage.  

  9. What the bloody hell is going on with England?  Two years ago we had a likeable team and a likeable manager. Yes, the run to the World Cup semi finals was almost certainly helped by the way the draw for the tournament unfolded but now we've got players acting like utter arseholes constantly and really lacklustre performances, it's like 2010 all over again even though we've got this supposedly amazing strength in depth. 


    I will say I don't like how Jack Grealish is being used as a stick to beat Gareth Southgate with though.  Jack is now becoming one of those players whose reputation gets better every time England don't play the opposition off the park. A lot of it is driven by Villa fans butthurt that somebody else might be in the team over Grealish, but I don't think Southgate helped himself when he answered questions about Grealish by talking about Mason Mount a couple of weeks ago and now it seems he's just getting asked that from journalists because they know the answer will probably be good copy.  It's only a month until the next internationals but Southgate really does need to have a look at what he's trying to do with this squad because it really does feel like he's trying to put square pegs in round holes lately. 

  10. I mean on a personal level I'm at a job with a very low turnover in staff so it would probably be easier than something like game development where there is a lot more contract work being handed out but in this Golden Axed situation I'd probably at least spend an hour with Linkedin open in one window and the credits to the game in another before publishing the video. 

  11. I'm not against the concept of releasing abandoned games as historical curiosities, and someone who has mad nostalgia for Golden Axe this would interest me more than most attempts to reboot an old franchise.  Yes, the footage doesn't look great but fuck me, the absolute lack of class from Sega if they couldn't even be arsed to contact the team who worked on the game ahead of doing this. 

  12. Well Spoilerbot does seem to have retired from TCGS so apologies.  Why did they bin Spoilerbot anyway? Trying to cut him/her/them out of the Patreon millions? 

  13. So where were you when @elmo did the comedy mini chief “hello!” then?  I was just coming onto Spaghetti Junction on the M6 and it tickled me pink. I was laughing so hard I had to turn the car stereo off in case I crashed into a lorry or something.  So cheers for the near death experience boys.  :hat:

  14. 18 minutes ago, Waggo said:

    To my mind this is the biggest flaw in the entire grubby little power grab.  The PL is the biggest TV market in Europe precisely because it is the most competitive out of the major leagues.  A team equivalent to Leicester would never win the league in Spain, France, Italy or Germany.  If you take away that USP and end up with a league where nobody outside these self ordained big six can realistically compete, then people will quickly start to lose interest and that TV market will fall away.

    But not for ten years or so, by which time the people who made the deals will have cashed out.  

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