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  1. Chelsea can sing it to 87 of the other 91 clubs. Just not us. I consoled myself by walking down The Kings Road for an hour or so this morning. I’ll say the flowers were very nice.
  2. AJ vs Usyk this weekend then. I want AJ to win because I want to see AJ vs Fury and I think AJ will win just on physicality, but Usyk is one of my favourite fighters on the planet right now. He’s so entertaining and he just seems like a bloody good bloke too. Really excited for this one.
  3. Can’t see Wolves going down, even if it’s just the old “there are three worse teams” situation. It’s a transitional season. New manager, new ideas so lower mid table is probably the order of the day. If it’s still shit at Xmas then the club have enough money to do something in the January window.
  4. Well, a very young Villa side just gave Chelsea a bloody good run for their money at Stamford Bridge. Been there twice already this season, probably been the better side on both occasions and came away with fuck all.
  5. Bored dude at work. Jermyn Street, SW1 yesterday. Got a few of these but the one where his face is partially obscured works best for some reason.
  6. Aye. I think the average age of this forum means a lot of us grew up on Saint & Greavsie. Both of them gone within six months of each other. RIP.
  7. That's the first time Villa have had anywhere near a first XI on the pitch this season and well, it's looking promising!
  8. The BT Sport goals show lads are doing overtime. Atleti got super lucky with VAR too. They should be losing.
  9. And I think Seb Haller has scored almost as many goals in an hour for Ajax as he did in a couple of seasons for West Ham.
  10. Turns out Grealish is really good at cutting in from the left and skinning the defender. Lovely goal.
  11. It’s like the golden goal rule in football. Sounds awesome in theory but doesn’t work in practice.
  12. Fuck em. They took being smug bastards up to 11 when they were winning so maybe a few seasons of only finishing 3rd and getting to the quarter finals of the big cup will teach them to be humble before their inevitable rise back to winning the league every other year.
  13. Does that say more about how talented his family were or how important privilege and opportunity are?
  14. Yeah, he was financially responsible for more people than he should have been too. Big family, but lots of hangers on with it afaik. I certainly don't think his personal life enabled him to be as laser focussed on football as someone who grew up in middle class in Europe would have been able to.
  15. Steve Bruce did score 19 goals from central defence for Man Utd one season. I’m sure Ronaldo would approve of that.
  16. I saw a couple of the knockouts on /r/boxing. It turns out Ortiz has never seen Silva fight before and got done by the counter punch Silva made a career out of and it was just sad seeing the ghost of Holyfield get annihilated.
  17. Naysonymous


    You do know it was in America, right?
  18. Went to a museum today because I’m all rock and roll. Kinda liked this shot, though I feel I could so a bit more with the edit.
  19. I love the fact that Holyfield is fighting Belfort because Oscar wanted more cocaine.
  20. Naysonymous


    Had to check, but yes. Never been done at the US Open in the men’s game, but all other majors have been won by players without dropping a set. The list of players who have managed it is basically a who’s who of Women’s tennis though. (link)
  21. He’s given up on the public facing stuff then? I’ve long been waiting for the glorious return of My Week in Batters.
  22. @elmo what is Chet Roivas up to these days? He's got a way with words I really admire but he's all but disappeared from the internet as far as I can tell. You are still in touch, right?
  23. The World Cup generates about 90% of FIFA’s income. If they can sell sponsorship every two years instead of every four then more income!
  24. I’ve had a security guard refuse to let me onto the platforms at a London terminal. I wouldn’t have minded but I was in railway uniform and was booked to drive the next train to Birmingham.
  25. @Monkeyspill you don't need a photography license to take photographs at railway stations, and staff at Clapham Junction of all places should be used to seeing people with cameras. If you've got a big fuckoff 70-200 lens and a tripod then it's a courtesy to tell a member of staff that you are there but most people who will try to tell you off are bored security guards who watched a DVD about hostile reconnaissance during their brief training session and are looking for something to do to pass the time. Be polite obviously, they shouldn't be coming over to stop you unless you are creating an obstruction or acting foolishly then really all they can do is ask you what your intentions are.
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