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  1. Burnley are going to give The Last Guardian a run for it's money if we are making a list of the most delayed games.
  2. It’s incredible but they don’t show the angle where you can clearly see the swerve until about the 5th replay. It’s weird how sometimes the beauty of the goal is tied to the camera angle.
  3. So his last two deeds as Everton manager were selling one of their better players to a direct rival and losing to Norwich?
  4. Semi serious question; but if/when Rafa gets sacked, how many people will be insisting Rooney gets the Everton job? Would he leave Derby at this point because I can't see how Rooney looks like anything other than a total hero if he stays there until the end of the season. His stock will be through the roof if he keeps them up, but even if they finish bottom he's gonna look good. Also: I've always rated Coutinho.
  5. Yep. It’s ‘sort of’ a derby. I’ve got a mate who is a Derby County season ticket holder and he says even though Derby hate Forest and Forest hate Derby, one thing they do agree on is that it’s funnier to ignore Leicester than it is to allow them to be involved in the East Midlands thing. A similar situation exists in the West Midlands with Villa and Coventry. It’s funnier not to acknowledge the one way “local” rivalry despite the cities only being ten miles or so from each other at their closest points. That said, I do still think Forest vs Leicester is a really good tie to put on TV.
  6. Forest vs Leicester is a good tie too. Sort of a local derby, plus Forest are in great form and provided one of the biggest stories of the third round.
  7. Absolutely adored the TCGS GOTY show, it was totally worth the wait. As a few others have said, there wasn't as much "drama" in this year's episode and I think the eventual winner was probably always going to win if you'd heard how they spoke about that game earlier in the year, but the thing which sets TCGS apart from other gaming podcasts has always been the genuine love of video games that the guys have. It never feels jaded, it never feels like it's a chore (even you James!) or a job. It's a passion project and I don't think you can fake that easily. Superb episode from a wonderful podcast.
  8. Lovely finish for the first goal. I know Chris Maguire played for Sunderland as recently as last year (hence the 'non celebration' celebration) but did he fall out with the Sunderland coaching staff or something?
  9. Reminds me of the Ronaldo one against Spain. I love how Nani tried to snatch it, but the fact that it was incorrectly disallowed probably still pisses Ronaldo off to this day.
  10. Twitter seems to think Chris Wood has a release clause. I guess if that is the case then there's not much Burnley can do about it. Chris Wood turned 30 in December. You'd think he's got three or four seasons left in him at Premier League level, his current contract expires at the end of next season. If Newcastle want to offer him a 3.5 or 4.5 year contract now while they are absolutely desperate for better players and would benefit greatly from weakening a rival then he's going to get a better deal in the next week or two than he would renegotiating next summer when he's approaching his 32nd birthday and doesn't know for sure what division he's going to be in. Sucks for Burnley if he does go but they don't have much bargaining power.
  11. Where Villa will play… (checks fixtures) …Manchester United!
  12. No one likes a grass @dgm0466!
  13. @GamesGamesGames But VAR is the conduit for exposing all of these laws as being an ass. Football always relied on the spirit of the law, now it's the letter of the law and like any competitive environment it's full of people looking to see how far they can bend it. The thin end of the wedge arguments were right. @Fry Crayola Cavani totally knew what he was doing. He did the right thing from a Manchester United point of view, but the argument I'm making isn't about the individual here, it's about where the game is as a result of VAR. Players are going to do whatever it takes to win, but the interpretation of the rules is having a negative impact on the game, complaints about decisions have increased in volume since the introduction of technology.
  14. Cavani ran straight into a Villa player and fell over. Within the rules because the player who initiates contact can claim obstruction, but now every coach in the Premier League will have seen that and will be coaching their players to do the same as a little "insurance policy" every time they concede a free kick in an area where the ball is likely to be crossed in. This is what VAR has reduced the game to. It was only a couple of weeks ago when Milan got denied an equaliser because Girouds hair was offside while he was lying down on the deck after falling over. Chelsea fans couldn't even celebrate properly when Kovacic scored a volley from outside the area because VAR had to ruin the moment. It's shit. It's not being used for the reasons which were argued for during the debate over it's introduction, it's now a forensic tool used to demonstrate why the officials shouldn't rule out a goal. Fuck VAR.
  15. This game has totally run out of steam now. File under “glorious failure” again. I used to think supporting Villa was like supporting England. It’s actually more like supporting Scotland.
  16. Fucking hell, they really don’t want to allow this goal do they? Arseholes.
  17. Villa absolutely gash until the inevitable Manchester United goal, played pretty well since. Probably should be level, but as is often the case with Aston Villa, they aren’t.
  18. Villa have beat Man Utd twice this century. It's the most one sided fixture in the world. Seriously, you don't get to play the "we're so shit" card when you are Manchester fucking United.
  19. Listening to Football Weekly today and it was briefly touched upon, it seems a lot of broadcasters are doing the bare minimum to cover the group stages and the media presence will ramp up during the knockouts. I’m not sure that’s an amazing situation but it speaks volumes about how we take blanket football coverage for granted. I get AFCON is good for Europe timewise and there’s a large African diaspora in the UK but I’d imagine the cost of covering a tournament so far from home has got to be enormous.
  20. Its okay because El Ghazi has about one month of every season where he plays football like George Weah.
  21. Football Weekly has high potential for hilarity given they often have one Cambridge and two Sunderland supporters on the show.
  22. Mentioned in the Villa thread, but Coutinho has signed on loan for Aston Villa until the end of the season. Seems like a direct replacement for Jack Grealish on paper, I'm sceptical about the whole affair but if twitter/reddit/VillaTalk are anything to go by then I'm in a massive minority.
  23. Who loses from the current squad? Buendia or Super John McGinn seem like the most likely to make way for Coutinho. Thinking about how it works on the pitch then I've got this: Gerrard's fairly narrow 4-3-3. I think Ramsey has to play if we don't want to get overrun in midfield. A proper number 6 has got to be a high priority I guess, the injury to Nakamba seems even more of a big deal now as we don't get a couple of months to look at him as the season closes out before deciding what to do in the summer, now he's immune from judgement until the opening day of next season so we've got to hope that his good form in the first month under Gerrard was something more than a purple patch. We've seen that before from Villa players (El Ghazi and Trez turning into Pele for a month then reverting back to mediocrity being obvious examples) so I can see the base of midfield thing remaining unresolved for some time yet. (Either that or we sign someone who bosses AFCON on deadline day!)
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