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  1. Villa are currently 11th with two games in hand over pretty much everybody else in the table, and the only side in the league who are still to concede a goal. Even the boring teams are weird this year.
  2. We’ve not had much to cheer about since the mid 90s. Don’t shit on a goal away at Bristol City.
  3. I withdraw the above statement.
  4. Well, we'll see how good Villa's reserves are tonight because fuck me, the team we've put out against Bristol City in the cup will almost certainly be the only time these 11 players are on the pitch at the same time. Stick a fiver on an 'upset' if you are a gambling man.
  5. Villa third. Interesting concept here, a ‘digital camouflage’ pattern made up from the outlines of everywhere with a Birmingham postcode.
  6. I wanted to make a fan site just so I could use the Gotze.cx url for a crap joke.
  7. He was diagnosed with myopathy a few years ago and I think that’s the issue.
  8. It's one of the safest Labour seats in the country, both at parliamentary and council levels. Problem is it's two miles from Tower Bridge so someone somewhere is always going to want to "gentrify" the area and make a bloody fortune on selling luxury flats.
  9. Could Wolves field an entirely Portuguese starting XI yet?
  10. "You're homosexual?" "Well, I help them out at weekends."
  11. From a Villa point of view I'll take that result all day long. Already two points up on last season's equivalent fixtures. As for the game? Sheffield United defended like trojans, I'm not sure why anybody was expecting us to tear them apart after the red card because if they are known for one thing then it's for being extremely organised and had, what, the fourth best defence in the Premier League last season? Penalty aside (and it was at most a "seen em given" level award) we looked comfortable. Martiez projects composure and confidence, Konsa is looking like another pl
  12. Another summer of activity in the transfer market then, we’ve quietly spent £75m on new players so far. I really like Watkins, some people think £28m is too much but it seems half a dozen clubs were in for him which drove the price up. I don’t know too much about Cash and Martinez but the reaction of Forest and Arsenal fans to them moving on gives me hope. Traore announced today, I’ve got reservations on that one as he seems to promise more then he delivers. Grealish extending is something I’d half expected as we were going to have to offer him the money he’d get elsewhere. I’m confident w
  13. I know I’m not the first, but may the fleas of a thousand camels forever infest the pubic hair of whoever decided to not include an option to invert the camera.
  14. You can have ours if you want. Iberian and has lived in the West Midlands for several years now so he'll probably understand everybody's accent and know not to take the Hagley Road at rush hour if he needs to be at training on time. Obviously he won't play very much because he's too slow for the Premier League, but he'll save a load of replica shirts from being ruined.
  15. Usual question at the start of the season with regards to the leagues dominated by one club: Who will be the next team other than PSG to win Ligue 1? Who will be the next team other than Juventus to win Serie A? Who will be the next team other than Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga? I can't see anything other than PSG walking the French league even though they lost their opening two fixtures, and as Bayern have just beaten Schalke 8-0 in their opening fixture tonight I suspect it's gonna be business as usual in Germany too. Maybe Inter or someone will
  16. You'd hope that the club has tested everybody who will be on the pitch or the game should be off. Schools cannot guarantee everybody gets tested but a football club should have the means to do so.
  17. They’ll still walk the league.
  18. I don’t think they have updated it with his new salary but the bot at What Bale Earns seems to think Gareth has picked up about £124.4m since he signed for Madrid.
  19. Wanna feel old because it’s not half a decade. I remember watching Aguero’s debut for Manchester City with my week old son in my arms. He’s nine now. Oh, and Villa confirm Martinez in from Arsenal on a four year deal. Think that takes our spending up to about £70m plus a big fat pay rise for Grealish. I do wonder when Martinez is going to get a serious injury though. We’ve lost three keepers to season ending injuries since 2018.
  20. I know it's only the League Cup, but it's Villa's opening game of the 2020/21 season as our Premier League fixture was postponed at the weekend. Grealish signed a new contract today and then plays a pass with so much disguise on it that Neil Taylor doesn't even realise where the ball has gone for a couple of seconds before he squares it to Ollie Watkins for a debut goal. Jack does another one of those volley's from a corner that he seems to be almost as good at doing as Paul Scholes was. Decent day all round.
  21. The Man City win not long after seemed to cause a lot of pundits who don't really watch teams in the bottom half of the table to make their mind up after a month and not revise that opinion until they were most of the way through the ten game losing streak at the end of the season. My lot (Villa) had a similar narrative from opening weekend until Xmas. We were playing well and losing a lot and people within Villa fan circles and outside were also using the "if we play like this every week we will be alright" card despite the really worrying fact that not many points were actually
  22. Haven’t played in a week or so, fired it up today and went to find Godhome, get Unbreakable Greed then went to face Hollow Knight himself.
  23. Yet half the chat knew instantly?
  24. Yep. It’s not that they did it, is that they did it after spending an entire show in June saying they wouldn’t do it.
  25. So the whole “we’ll try harder when it comes to booking podcast guests” thing lasts about three months then.
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