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  1. It’s the local accent. Danny kept pronouncing it Warsaw. Like capital city of Poland, ends with a letter w Warsaw.
  2. Maybe Liverpool should sign him!
  3. We’re running a book at Villa on whether Wesley will never play a game behind closed doors.
  4. Someone said that 800 years ago and it ended badly for everybody.
  5. As a member of the West Midlands contingent I was borderline angry at his absolute mangling of it. I know Walsall isn't the biggest or most famous town in the country, most people consider it a suburb of Birmingham (and in a lot of ways it is) but it's not the fucking capital of Poland. It's been nice having Danny on though. I guess he's been doing the promo tour for NoClip or something but I've enjoyed having him around again, I stroppily unfollowed him on Twitter when he turned into a full on anyone-but-England merchant during the the 2018 World Cup and with him leaving Game
  6. Ian St John has died aged 82. I’m far too young to remember him as a player but I think a lot of this forum grew up on Saint and Greavsie in the 80s. Saint always seemed like a bloody good bloke. RIP.
  7. fucking hell. The poor bloke.
  8. I’d heard that story a few weeks ago after the COVID breakout at Villa, it was about Grealish then too. Thing is with this fantasy league stuff is that so many people who play it are so tuned into internet culture and social media that every little thing gets noticed. There seem to be more false positives than moments like this but I suspect it’s a story that will happen again to other clubs and other players.
  9. Liverpool played a game in front of 95k in Melbourne. They’ve got 30m followers on Instagram (Leeds have 640k as a point of comparison) The reach of the top few clubs is mind boggling and with social media metrics it’s increasingly easy to quantify. They want a lions share of the pie and they want guarantees of exposure which means they’ll continue to harvest fans.
  10. Finished off Aubrey-Maturin, loved the series and while I do think the formula becomes a little stale towards the end it was a total pleasure from start to finish. The first half dozen or so books were definitely funnier than the later ones but I did enjoy Maturin's development as a character as the books became more about him than Jack as time went by. After that I revisited The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet because it's set in the same time period as Jack Aubrey stuff and it was definitely worth a revisit after soaking up a bit more nautical knowledge from Patrick O'Brian.
  11. Anyway, football eh? I absolutely adore this photo.
  12. It's a hell of an achievement and he's a hell of a player, but comparing him with Cristiano Ronaldo of the same age is a little bit apples and oranges because Ronaldo was used as a traditional chalk-on-the-boots winger whose job it was job it was to get the ball into the box for other guys to get on the end of. It wasn't really until after United sold Ruud Van Nistelrooy ahead of the 2006/07 season when Ronaldo was 21 going on 22 that his role changed and he was being asked to score goals rather than provide assists. You can actually see it in his stats where things really started to change
  13. Kylian M'Bappe is absolutely tearing Barcelona to shreds.
  14. So you are saying Liverpool probably shouldn't sign him?
  15. They were incredibly lucky to win at Villa Park so I guess it's a bit of levelling out, though Brighton still come out with 4 points from us. Emi has been sensational since signing for us, I dunno whether being on the bench for so long at Arsenal has turned his motivation to succeed up to 11 but at this moment in time £17m seems like an absolute steal for his services. The Argentina goalkeeping position is still somewhat up for grabs, Franco Armani (River Plate) has been getting games since Romero retired but he's still not really established himself and he's getting on a bit in his own ri
  16. Josh Warrington got absolutely battered last night. He vacated his world title two weeks ago to avoid having to fight his mandatory (Kid Galahad) and takes on a young Mexican called Mauricio Lara as a tune up fight for a big money fight against Xu Can. Warrington was anywhere between 1-25 and 1-33 to win and he got knocked out. Dunno where he goes from here but it was a huge setback in his career.
  17. He’s got that in his locker. I’ll always love him for the 88th minute winner against Stoke:
  18. I'm starting to think that our kids should have beaten them in the cup now.
  19. That's also down to just how much more international football there is these days. I know players aren't fucked when they turn 30 any more due to advances in sports science but getting 100 international caps is relatively common these days, I think more than half of the England players who have ever managed to get 100 caps played in the game against Portugal in the 2006 World Cup.
  20. In news which will be a surprise to absolutely nobody: Callum Wilson is out injured for a couple of months. I always feel bad for players who have injury plagued careers, Wilson could have had a run in the England team with a bit more luck.
  21. Everton and Spurs serving up an absolute classic tonight.
  22. Suarez is absolutely smashing it at Atleti too. He's got 14 goals in 16 appearances and Atleti are currently 7 points clear at the top of La Liga with two games in hand. It would be hilarious if Barcelona fucking up his exit from the club resulted in Suarez winning the league with a direct rival.
  23. Shearer also had some of his career in the old Division 1, he's got 23 top flight goals for Southampton which don't count to his Premier League tally which puts him 5th on the all time list with 283. Shearer is behind Gordon Hodgson (287), Dixie Dean (310), Steve Bloomer (314) and Jimmy Greaves (357). Greavsie was just incredible when you look at his stats, he's got 124 league goals for Chelsea and they sold him when he was still only 21! His tally will probably only be beaten by someone who is scoring 25 league goals a season as a teenager and stays in the league for their entire career.
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