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  1. You! Strawberry! Hit a home run!
  2. Nigel Benn used to say it a lot in his heyday. Dunno where it originated from beyond it being a warrior mentality thing, but there's a huge point of pride in not quitting. Thing is Wilder didn't quit so he's not got to worry about it. His corner saved him from really getting hurt though, those right hands were breaking his guard and he wasn't moving. I dare say the ref would have stopped within a matter of seconds if the towel hadn't come in.
  3. Watched it again and still can't believe how good Fury looked. I'm not sold on the rematch, this was too one sided. I'd love to see Fury vs AJ next but politics is going to get in the way isn't it? Someone is gonna strip AJ of a title and make sure the undisputed thing doesn't happen.
  4. Team AJ will up their offer from 80/20 to 75/25 now.
  5. The boy can fight. Will there be a trilogy bout after that?
  6. Yeah, the weight gain must be intentional on both camps part. I think Fury might just lean on Wilder a lot early on and try to wear him down. 270lbs buys you a lot of pushing power.
  7. Is there a link for that? I'd be interested in checking it out. I've watched a ton of his goals this season and it's amazing how many are him standing on his own just tapping the ball into the net. He's a big bastard in a bright yellow shirt so he's hardly inconspicuous which means he must be doing something fantastic to get into so much space so often. Is it pace or deception? Also: Villa are getting relegated. The team is bloody awful right now. Injuries to key players have been crippling, but too many on the pitch just haven't been good enough.
  8. He doesn't look like a big fat blob either. Probably carrying a bit round the middle but facially he looks leaner than I can remember him ever looking. Wilder coming in heavy too at 231 and still looking absolutely shredded like a middleweight whose been cutting to make the limit.
  9. Villa were ever present from 1992-2016 so probably. Villa have spent 106 of their 121 seasons in the top flight. I think only Everton have played more.
  10. Loads of Espanyol fans in Birmingham right now, weirdly choosing to drink in The Peaky Blinder which is as rough as a badgers arse. Seems to be quite a bit of far right shit going on too.
  11. I like the bravado which comes with Fury. The suit he wore yesterday was amazing and you know his ring walk is going to be spectacular. The punch power thing? Wilder has got to be up there in the conversation, he's certainly got to be up there with the usual suspects like Joe Louis, Earnie Shavers and Mike Tyson. He's a lot like Shavers too, one punch knockout power as opposed to the combos which a lot of other high KO percentage fighters have.
  12. I've just got a feeling Deontay wins the rematch. Dunno why, just that Fury switching trainers ahead of camp seems like a red flag.
  13. The Villa one away at Palace probably doesn't make that list because the ref decided not to use VAR because he thought he'd book Jack Grealish for diving when Grealish actually successfully passed the ball and provided an assist. Cost us a legit equaliser.
  14. There's gonna be a bidding war, that's for sure. Chelsea are still sitting on the Hazard money and Sancho is a London boy and a Chelsea fan so he could go there but this summer is going to be really interesting. I wonder if any of Manchester City's superstars will be looking to move for Champions League football?
  15. Halaland has 9 in 6 for Dortmund, Jadon Sancho has 12 in 14 and 10 assists. Sancho is the old man of the pair and yet he's still a teenager. Dortmund aren't going to have them both in the team for long but it's gonna be a fun run in to the season.
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