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  1. Call me immature, but I can kinda see a heavenly goatse in that shot.
  2. A couple I got today on my way home from EGX. Any thoughts appreciated as I'm still tinkering with the edits: Some crazy boat crew right outside the hotel. The cox was giving them dogs abuse. Snogging on Leake Street.
  3. How's this for a goalmouth scramble? https://streamable.com/qqkx7
  4. As a Villa fan with a Coventry postcode I find myself adoring that kit and being to petty to admit it in public.
  5. I wonder if Tyrone Mings will get a game on Tuesday. He's been superb in 2019 and he's naturally left footed. I know McGuire tends to play on the left but he's a right footer.
  6. Spence involved in a serious car crash overnight. Looks like it could be end of career.
  7. Holy shit Villa. 5-1 at Norwich and it could have been 8 or 9. Can we play teams in the midst of an injury crisis every week?
  8. Drew is on the Beastcast this week, so I'm in love again!
  9. Atonement by Ian McEwan. It's always towards the top of "must read" lists and the made a movie out of it so I picked it up just to see what all the fuss was about, and I bloody loved it. I think if I did pick holes it would be in where it gets kinda meta, but that didn't bother me as much as I suspect it bothers others. I loved the prose, never read McEwan before but he reminds me of Patrick O'Brian in the elegance and efficiency of the words he uses. I really liked the plot, the gentle humour sprinkled in the first act, the red herrings dropped in at the start of the mystery of the middle part and the pictures painted of wartime France and London. Now I find myself curious about the movie, but I can't see it topping the book.
  10. Naysonymous


    I’ve nothing but Tavern Brawl since I reinstalled. I’ve found it scratches the itch I had, and sometimes (like this weeks) it enables incredible stuff like this. The Druid could put on 16 armour per turn with the right cards iirc. He gives up all board control to do it and I can keep dropping Rag when the game goes long.
  11. Went for a walk in London tonight to recreate a picture I took a couple of days ago but with a fast prime instead of a slow zoom. I kinda like it but I'd like to fish for some feedback. JPEG straight out of camera RAW which I've cropped it a bit and tried to bring out the detail on the back of the coat a bit. Any thoughts/suggestions? More playing with the coat. left the shadow at the right hand edge of the frame. I've still got no real philosophy for editing do went for the "push sliders around until it looks cool" approach which has served me to this point in life.
  12. But isn't he playing himself out of a move in January? The Villa boards are filled with posts saying that we dodged a bullet by not signing.
  13. He's wonderful. I've been watching Villa for 30 years and McGinn is already knocking on the door of my best ever* XI. Also, how about this from Ribery? *since about 1990.
  14. I do that quite a lot. I'd say Gerrard Street/Wardour Street/Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding area through Soho are well trodden ground for street photography for very good reason, there's a lot going on and people don't mind photographers. Brick Lane/Shoreditch scratches a similar itch but with added graffiti and it's right by The City for architecture stuff. 120 Fenchurch Street has a good rooftop garden you can just walk up to. The walk along the south bank from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge is full of things to see. Lots of people about, landmarks, little side streets, river traffic, good sunsets. Brixton had a good vibe, especially if you catch the market on Electric Avenue when it's busy. You get some real characters in Brixton too, a lot of the older people dress to impress. Leake Street tunnel which sits beneath Waterloo Station is good for graffiti. If it's nice then the walk along the canal from Warwick Avenue (Little Venice) to the Paddington Basin is lovely, lots of art and architecture. Camden Town to Chalk Farm to Primrose Hill is good too, Camden Lock and the Market are the stars but Primrose Hill Road has got something about it and obviously the view of central London from Primrose Hill is incredible . The view of Canary Wharf from Greenwich Park. Greenwich is cool too. Thames Barrier from the south side is great, you'll need to take a bus from the O2 for that. Cable Car at sunset.
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