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  1. Have they vaccinated everybody then?
  2. So did he not take whatever severance was on offer at the acquisition then quit a couple of weeks later?
  3. I’ll spare @Calashnikov the effort by asking if the bookies are paying out on Rangers yet.
  4. I'm sure it will come soon, Supergiant put their games out on everything don't they? That said, it runs really well on PC, I've barely played my Switch version since I got it on Steam and I'm getting 1080/60 out of a 2018 Ultrabook. Just plugged the Switch Pro controller in via USB and that's it really. Maybe that's an option if you want. I'm still playing, hadn't turned it on in nearly a week because of work but I've just had a run through now with
  5. Floodgates might open now, the lads look knackered, but I don’t give a shit. They gave Liverpool a run for their money on 24 hours notice. No matter what the final score is this has been a huge positive for everybody in claret and blue.
  6. There’s a joke about Pele, viagra, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and struggling with semis to be had after tonight’s result, but I can’t be arsed to think of a pithy way of phrasing it.
  7. Said earlier that I’ve double dipped on PC and Switch, I’ve spent most of my time on Switch but have been using the Switch Pro controller on the PC version recently. The thing is that the confirm/cancel buttons are swapped on the two different versions and I’ve just come a cropper. I can mentally handle it with the Switch and PlayStation as the controllers are different but the same controller throws the muscle memory off. Anyway, long story short I got to Styx and was looking in the shop and accidentally purged the boon my entire build had been based around as I’d pressed the confi
  8. I mean he said "ten minutes" rather than fifteen, but...
  9. West Brom’s hope form over the past month.
  10. It’s 3-5 transfer windows to get a Premier League squad together. Leeds will back the manager in the summer won’t they?
  11. Nah. Liverpool will still win the league. United still have it in them to shit the bed.
  12. If we are still doing hopes for 2021: Can I add an end to COVID 19, Brexit actually turning out to be good for the economy and Manchester United not getting another fucking bullshit penalty against us? If we have to only have realistic options then I’ll just take the first two.
  13. That Jack Grealish and Douglas Luiz are both still Villa players in September. It’s unlikely, but I’ve got to hope.
  14. Double dipped and bought the PC version now cloud saves are in. Nice seeing shitloads of Steam achievements pop up instantly. Even though my PC is a 2018 edition Ultrabook it runs better on there than on Switch, no slowdown in the Witches Circle or huge resolution dips for example. You have to quit out of the Switch version to force the cloud save, just putting the console to sleep won’t do anything. Unlocked Meg’s companion yesterday but totally wasted it in consecutive boss encounters (six head phase of Lernie and the start of the the third boss fight) as I’d put that pact of punis
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