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  1. Emi Martinez will win the game for Argentina.
  2. If we are reporting sightings of footballers in the wild then I spotted Danny Ings outside the Tesco on Carrs Lane in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think to look at what he’d bought.
  3. Damn! edit: to early access or to wait for 1.0?
  4. Much as I love Barry Davies, there's only one way to watch the winning goal from that game and it ain't with him commentating: Too often these days you get commenters faking this kind of reaction because it’s they think it’s expected of them or they want to go viral, but to me this one sounds genuine. It’s a man struggling to comprehend the moment of utter genius he just witnessed. edit: It’s odd to think how different the game is a quarter of century on. What Bergkamp did was incomprehensible, taking that ball on the run while under pressure is something most professionals just can’t do, even the ones deemed good enough to play at the World Cup but would de Boer get that much time on the ball in 2022? He’d be pressed in seconds.
  5. Reminds me of the Cole & Yorke goal against Barcelona, which has to be one of the iconic Champions League goals: The centre half who is all at sea is a teenage Samuel Okunowo who played about a dozen games for Barcelona before being shipped out on loan at various clubs around Europe until his contract expired and ultimately ended up signing for the mighty Waltham Forest. I don’t think it makes the goal anything less of a ‘moment’ as it’s the Cole & Yorke partnership in a nutshell but the stories which give winners legendary status will often have a loser in there too. Not that I’m saying Thomas Gravesen was as out of his depth as Samuel Okunowo but, you know, he wasn’t a Real Madrid calibre player.
  6. Mills Lane has died at the age of 85.
  7. They just don’t have that sense of Samba that their colonial brethren ooze.
  8. Tchouameni, Camavinga & Rabiot aren’t bad players to bring in for Pogba and Kante. You’d think Tchouameni would be starting regardless of injuries to others based on the past couple of seasons. England will be underdogs but we do have a fighting chance. We’ve got a good squad, a strong bench and Southgate isn’t afraid to turn this into a snooze fest if it means shithousing his way to a victory. It’s a 60/40 game to France.
  9. You know those mask’s Patrick Swayze’s gang wore in Point Break? Is there going to be a sequel with former England managers?
  10. Jude Bellingham is just fucking brilliant.
  11. You leave Emi Martinez alone. He’s a beautiful human being and I love him.
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