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  1. Yeah, 2019/20 is all about staying up. You'd presume we'd be looking to be competitive with sides like Brighton, Southampton, Newcastle, Palace, Bournemouth (etc) as well as the other promoted teams. I kinda fancy Sheffield United to have a good start for some reason. 40 points is the first priority and if we do have the money to spend then it takes three or four transfer windows to get a squad capable of competing with the top half.
  2. Promotion bump. Been meaning to do this for a little while, since the final in fact, but now that the summer business is starting to swing I think it's time to post some thoughts. Firstly, what a season! I can't remember anything being as eventful as 2018/19, so many great goals, epic games, cult heroes emerging and hope being built. It feels like forever ago that somebody decided to toss a cabbage at Steve Bruce. Summer stuff though. Seems to me that the management know there will be a lot of churn this summer and are trying their hardest to get stuff done early in order to give everybody a pre-season. Glad to see moves for the loan signings, Hause and El Ghazi confirmed so far for very reasonable fees. Can't see Tuanzebe coming back and I think the signing of Wesley Moraes has closed the door on Tammy being a Villa player next season. Weirdly I'm not as bothered by Tammy as others, he was great last season but of the key players he was the one who left me frustrated the most often as there were multiple games we didn't get anything out of because he'd had a stinker. Obviously his goals got us promoted but I just can't see him getting 25 goals in the Premier League. Whether Wesley is the man remains to be seen but again, we've moved early and he'll get a lot of time at Bodymoor before we kick off in August. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Mings, I think a deal can be done but I'd rather have it done asap. Goalkeeper rumours won't go away. I think Nyland will be on his way out, whether on loan or not remains to be seen but I think it depends on how his injury heals. Rumours that Kalinic is looking to move have surfaced, he's not managed to hold a spot in the team and perhaps he's struggling to settle in England. Talk of Butland coming in, presumably he wants out of Stoke for the sake of his England career. Steer did well last season at key moments but there are definitely weaknesses to his game. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
  3. Fury looked excellent last night. I don't think Schwarz ever stood a chance but Fury toyed with him before stopping him. He appears more than ready for a big fight. this streamable of Fury doing the Muhammad Ali head movement thing is great. the other angle of it uploaded to Reddit is even better.  The body shot at the end is just glorious.
  4. Dunno about a sub, broadcasting every match from a single round of fixtures seems like a "statement" from Amazon rather than trying to maximise their return on investment, I'd think they are doing it for the publicity before looking to move towards becoming a bigger player over the next couple of seasons. If that's the case then maybe they just let people buy the games they want à la carte.
  5. Naysonymous


    Rafa will believe he can get to 21 just by staying healthy and winning the French over and over, right? I see his win loss record at Roland Garros is 93-2 after this year's tournament. He's only just turned 33, it's highly likely he's got 3-5 years left, right?
  6. Yep, his path to oblivion has been well documented in certain circles for a while now. It seems he spurned any outreach from Villa during his stay to the point where Steve Bruce called him out in public about it, claiming it was the first (and only) time he's ever felt the need to go public with a player's personal issues in nearly twenty seasons as a manager. Villa bought out the final year of his contract a couple of weeks ago and his family went public saying the first they heard about this was through social media. The guy might end up dead in a ditch at some point, it's a terrible shame and I wish he had some better people surrounding him to deal with it, but I'm also glad he's not on the books at my football club any more either.
  7. 20 games. They are using 10 by broadcasting the entire Boxing Day fixture list.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/Trimbleee_/status/1139105241473912832?s=20 I see he’s spending his severance pay wisely.
  9. At least Luis Suarez won't be playing. Apparently something like 15% of his entire goal output for Liverpool was against Norwich, and he only played against them five times. . . Edit . . Villa getting work done early, looking like a club record deal for Wesley Moraes who is a Brazilian centre forward from Brugges. I don't know much about him other than it basically confirms Tammy Abraham is staying at Chelsea.
  10. I never got the fascination with the 'big teams' coming to visit. When I had a season ticket the amount of times I'd get asked if I had any spares would go up dramatically if we were playing Liverpool or Man Utd (etc) and I just didn't get why. It wasn't glory hunting Brummie reds trying to sneak in but Villa fans who seemed more interested in the opposition than the Villa. I wouldn't expect us to get much out of those games against the clubs who have ten times our budget but people will be queuing up to see us lose. Wolves is slightly different as it's a local derby, albeit a secondary one from their point of view and a tertiary one from ours but I'm sure the ticket office still get more enquiries than usual about that fixture. I'll be taking my son to a few games this season and will probably be choosing the ones I think we might actually win. Fuck seeing Man City turn up and beat us at a canter during his first season as a fan.
  11. I was hoping for Arsenal on the opening day for that big 1st vs 2nd clash. Spurs will have to do I guess.
  12. Dunno about Boro, but when Real Madrid sacked Rafa Benitez they appointed the reserve team coach as manager.
  13. He's been a miserable cunt for 25 years. Six more minutes isn't gonna cure him.
  14. The first one I noticed was just going to “city centre” which made me chuckle.
  15. Can’t decide whether I like that or if it’s the kit that the baddies would wear in Escape to Victory 2.
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