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  1. I can't see there being a postponement. A couple of weeks ago Napoli couldn't play their game against Juventus, there was a local lockdown in Naples and they weren't allowed to travel to Turin, Juve were handed a 3-0 win and Napoli have been deducted points. Now I know we don't have a "lets fix it so Juve win again" policy in England, but I suspect that fixtures will run regardless of who is fit due to Covid because once postponements start piling up the entire season is screwed. Games will continue, players will just be expected to live in bubbles and if somebody has to field a team full
  2. Probably due to the lack of a crowd. Vegas casinos tend to want people on the floor for as long as possible before a fight and if that’s not happening then I guess TV might as well be a bit for friendly to other time zones.
  3. I’d be stunned if Chisora wins tonight. He’s a good gatekeeper and he’s 40lbs heavier than Usyk but I can’t see anything other than a boxing lesson tonight. Usyk is too elusive and he’ll probably stop Del once Del gasses.
  4. https://streamable.com/q31qwo video of the penalty if you’re interested.
  5. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back. He might change his mind. His mother might change her mind. They might just need to heal for a while.
  6. Ajax are currently 12-0 up away from home in the Eredivisie with ten minutes left to play.
  7. Ajax are currently 11-0 up away from home in the Eredivisie with a quarter of an hour left to play.
  8. So my daughter starts crying. Then she pukes on the floor. I clean up the mess, scrub her in the bath and come back to find that my beloved Aston Villa are now 0-3 down at home to Leeds. How’s your last half hour been?
  9. In before the “why don’t we just leave and give them precisely what they want?” posts.
  10. If the “ban him for as long as the other guy is injured” rule comes in then what happens when someone tackles Adam Lallana or Andy Carroll? Do Jack Wilshere and Daniel Sturridge suddenly get offered big contacts by Real Madrid just so they can make their debut in El Clasico and get a couple of Barcelona players banned for an entire season?
  11. I liked the look of the new centre half Fofana who was making his debut for Leicester today. I know he’s young but he’s gonna be a regular starter given the transfer fee, surely? Jonny Evans is still an exceptional player so I think you’ll be alright at the back. Villa have a really solid 14 or 15 now. We’ve had some really shitty luck with injures in recent years, seems we’ve lost key players for months on end in each of the last three seasons (last year was particularly grim) so I’m hoping for better fortune this time round, or at least for us to get plenty of points on the board b
  12. I'm pretty sure Villa are going to get 100 points this season.
  13. Transport links are definitely a thing when it comes to rivalries, places have more cultural ties if it's easy to move between them. I've always felt that because the Brighton to London railway is such an incredibly busy line and that Croydon is a major stop on the line then Brighton & Hove and Crystal Palace are on each others radars just because of their increased visibility to each other when people are going about their day to day business. Leicester - Coventry is an odd one though, I live in the weird bit of no mans land of North Warwickshire which is between Birmingh
  14. Just like Norwich - Ipswich! There’s clearly more to it than just distance between the two stadiums. I’m not exactly sure what, but there has to be something.
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