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  1. So he's not essential for progress right now? I've got one extra health, the Moth Cloak and the Mantis Claw. I'd just kinda ended up in the City as it felt that the game was leading me there. Maybe I'll head off in a different direction then.
  2. I'm grub collecting at the moment. I think the openness of the game is what I like as you can go from the stress of combat to the zen of just mooching around and stumbling upon stuff. I've looked at guides here and there, mostly because I'm playing the game with my teenage daughter and it's been fun to talk about stuff with her but I don't want to go too deep because discovering stuff out of the blue is wonderful. I was trying a tricky jump puzzle just now and ended up falling through the floor and landing in an area I didn't even know existed. I died of course.
  3. I've got one. I think my timing is just off.
  4. I picked this up ages ago for Switch when it was on sale, my Gold Points meant it cost the princely sum of £0. I've just started playing it recently, am maybe a dozen hours in and am currently getting my arse handed to me by the Soul Master. I'm thoroughly enjoying the game though and just exploring the world has been a joy, which leads me to this question, using the nail to bounce on springs and spikes: is it always really tricky or am I just shit?
  5. He did go on to win the Champions League three times and the World Cup, the big bald fraud.
  6. Yep. I mean Albion aren't famous for much, but they were at the fore when it came to giving black players a chance in the English game, there's a huge statue of Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham and Brendan Baston in West Bromwich town centre and there's a tram running around in Brum with Cyrille Regis and West Brom colours on it. It's part of their culture. I'm not sure about that account though. It's only been on Twitter for a few weeks and every tweet is pro brexit/gammon bullshit. I wonder if it's just a bot or something.
  7. Or he's already got a verbal agreement with somebody and doesn't want to jeopardise it.
  8. But it's really hard to win. Bayern's recent record is favourable to pretty much any club in Europe who haven't had Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo on their books. Historically only Real Madrid (13) AC Milan (7) and Liverpool (6) have won more than Bayern (5). Only Madrid and Milan have played in more finals. There are plenty of sides in Europe who people say should have won it more given their resources and domestic standing, but there can only be one Champion and the level of competition at the top is insane. That's why it's such a coveted prize.
  9. Really? In the last ten years they've reached three finals (winning one), four semi finals and a quarter. The only times they've failed to reach at least the quarters were in 2011 when they lost to the defending champions Internazionale and last season when they were knocked out by eventual winners Liverpool. The German league is pretty strong throughout. Bayern can definitely win it on the reg just by taking key players from their title rivals but they still face a decent level of competition most weekends.
  10. Bayern absolutely crushing the Bundesliga right now, 5-0 up against Dusseldorf after an hour. If they are a month ahead of everybody else and carry this form at fitness into any restarted Champions League then they've got to be favourites, right?
  11. Part of a photography project I'm involved with in Birmingham (link) which is mapping the city in 2020. This was on a street I'd been allocated, they are looking for square crops but I like it a bit wider. I think the fact that the double yellow lines which only got repainted this week end by the door is aesthetically displeasing and I hate the stupid font they chose for their sign but there's something about the scene I really enjoy.
  12. I'd imagine the Merseyside derby would have to be played on a neutral ground if that were the case. Ideally somewhere like St Georges Park or some other venue which is genuinely behind closed doors as Liverpool have hordes of fans in every town or city with a decent stadium.
  13. It probably is. They touched on it on Football Weekly (or some other pod I listen to) when discussing the lack of home wins in the Bundesliga. Apparently you had to go back to January to find a week where home wins were the dominant result, but even then the sample size is still really small.
  14. It's just reminding people what Rwanda would have been like during the genocide.
  15. Been inactive in the thread because I've still been on a huge non fiction kick of late, mostly reading 20th century military history. I did just finish The Fight by Norman Mailer which is his story of being embedded in Kinshasa to cover The Rumble in the Jungle. My main interest in the book was just getting a contemporary take on what Muhammad Ali and George Foreman were like in their prime as so much revisionist stuff has been written and spoken about the men since. It feels like Mailer struggles to get to know the young George Foreman as he was a standoffish guy with a fearsome reputation, Ali on the other hand is pretty much the dictionary definition of charisma. There are other 'famous' people you get to spend time with too, Bundini Brown, Don King & Hunter S Thompson to name a few. I'm still not sure how I feel about Mailer's prose, he's seen as one of the great late 20th century writers in America, his description of the actual fight is as good as anything I've ever seen and some of his observations, metaphors and turns of phrase are genuinely beautiful but I struggle to keep up with the ideas he's constantly throwing out at times, he appears to struggle with race too. I get that the times then were more racially charged and he would have definitely felt it even more when being a white men not only surrounded by black men in what was seen at the time as Africa's coming out party, but successful black men with confidence and big personalities. I had thought we'd moved on from a lot of that stuff, but I guess it's always been bubbling under. Really interesting time capsule of 1974 though and you can probably get through it in a single sitting if you wanted to.
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