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  1. Abby will be the next one to leave.
  2. The main goal you should have is working on your town. At the point I’m at, I can wipe out a whole team but I can replace them and rotate team members out who have a little bit of stress which will heal over time. I only put people in the tavern or church who are really stressed out. Work on getting your cart up a bit so you can hold more people and pull more people. Then your weapons and abilities which will also help you to be able to upgrade the cart for more levelled up heroes. Make sure you always have about 3000 gold on hand should you need to do a mission after a wipe.
  3. Apologies for the plug. I’ve been working on a podcast with a few others from another much smaller forum. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 We’re trying to do something a little different and each week there’s something wildly different from the week before. So far we have had specials like Christmas memories, Game of the Year (but done in a slightly different way than you might expect), fighting games, the history of Burnout, game music specials, 20 Questions where the host talks to a mystery guest and at the end of each month we do a Play/Want/Bin general discussion. We’re really only making it for the members of the forum but if any of that sounds worth a listen, give it a go. Non-ITunes podcast players can copy this link to subscribe - http://podcast.mfgamers.net/feed.xml
  4. If the werewolf guy is Abomination, certain classes won’t work with him. Religious ones, basically. When you’ve started getting quirks, have a look in your character sheets and see if each character is weak or strong to certain enemy types or areas. For example, I’ve got some who gain more stress against Eldritch enemies or do more damage against human enemies.
  5. It’s worth noting that Jan was hired primarily for behind the camera stuff and he’s a cool guy in front of the camera. Ben was hired as “personality” and he’s pretty terrible but also abysmal behind the camera. Can’t do production for the life of him.
  6. I was gonna say, is Metal Gear Survive considered to be a good game now?
  7. To dismiss a hero, go to their page in the hamlet by holding the right trigger and pressing square on PS4 or X on Xbox. Top left where you can rename them there should be the option to dismiss them.
  8. I still look at everything I come across, just bring a decent number of bandages and anti-blight potions with you. If you have the DLC, you also have a chance to get infected with the Crimson Curse which basically means your characters become vampires and will need blood vials from time to time. And there is a boss that stalks the Courtyard that goes after cursed characters. Best tip I can offer to any newcomers is make sure you have at least 3000 gold (I normally aim for 5000) to buy up any supplies to over-prepare. If I spend money on character upgrades, I’ll always try and leave a few grand left over. I’ve got 4 or 5 vestal (healer) classes in my team as I find them pretty essential.
  9. I like the stuff that’s in that DLC, but it all depends on if you’ll play much of it. I bought the everything version so I had to look up what’s in that. I haven’t used the flaggelant class much but the Courtyard is an interesting location as the torch is permanently set to low light (torches just buff your team or burn stuff you find).
  10. Dunno if this has been posted before, but all the preparations in the world sometimes won’t help when something like this happens:
  11. I’ve been playing this a lot recently. One big piece of advice is to consult a good wiki guide. https://darkestdungeon.gamepedia.com/Darkest_Dungeon_Wiki I use it all the time for tips on locations, enemies, etc. There’s lots the game doesn’t teach you outright. Here’s what I learned from the hours I’ve put in so far. If your team wiped, though it might be tempting to do so, don’t wipe your save and start from scratch. Embrace failure and figure out what went wrong. The hamlet is the centre of what you need to upgrade, so put your collectible currency into upgrading how many people you can grab and how big your roster can be, to begin with. Then work on improving the guild and weapon smithing so you can spend gold on improving characters’ weapons, armour and abilities. Then make a start on improving the stress/quirk/disease buildings a little. As far as classes go, the Vestal is the dedicated healer class and has some quality moves like individual heal, party heal, stuns and a health steal move. The Leper is regarded as being the worst class in the game. Very powerful when it hits but it misses its shots all too much. There’s a guy on YouTube that does good breakdowns of classes that is worth watching his stuff. When you bring in a new character, look at their character sheet and go through their abilities. If by default they don’t have abilities available that you want, go to the guild and buy them. Then go back to the character sheet and turn off abilities you don’t want and turn on the ones you do. Pay attention to what moves need to be in what position and place each character in order where they can best use those abilities. One big stumbling point is when your team gets reshuffled in a battle but some classes have moves that can move them if they say “forward 1” or whatever. Keep the torch burning, be sure to take a few bandages for bleeds and the blight potions.
  12. I’ve played a lot (and I mean, a lot) of the PS4 version and about 4 hours of the PC version. Graphically, the Switch version looks fine. PS2 is going a bit far, but yeah, it’s not exactly a technical showcase. It’s a lot of fun provided you have at least one other person you’re going to regularly play with. Playing alone and with the AI is not recommended at all. I put all my hours into the PS4 version with a mate online with him favouring the heavy perks and me going down the stealth route, quick lock picking, etc. We could two man the easier settings but after a while we had to add randoms for the more difficult missions. Sometimes it worked and people knew what we were doing, sometimes you’d try and stealthily scope a place out before you rob it and the nut job random would fuck it all up by running in like it was Call of Duty.
  13. Translation: La la la, I’m not listening to criticism. I would really hope that Jeff does the being the boss thing and takes on board what people are moaning about and tries to stop stuff like that from happening in the future. I’m talking specifically about people pushing stuff they haven’t played just to push stuff out they don’t like. I suppose they’ve always been right that it’s just about who can shout the loudest and the longest.
  14. I put 300 hours and counting into this game. It would be silly for anything else to be mine.
  15. I haven’t finished day 3 yet but I can already see where the top 10 is headed. I hope they get enough feedback to mix it up for next year. I’d happily take a split coast thing, there’s too many voices all shouting at once on these. So far The Mummy/Abby in Best Surprise has been the most infuriating so I guess I can’t wait for the top 10! Going back to what someone said about people taking these things too seriously - you have to remember they take these things very seriously. They might say they don’t, but they clearly are happy to become big babies and fight for and against ridiculous inclusions or exclusions. I feel like I could easily fill out their categories for them, not based on what I like but what they do.
  16. Nah, PUBG Cuphead Mario Also, Best World is a fucking mess.
  17. I completely agree with that, even Abby fought for a game she admitted she hadn’t played. It should’ve been
  18. Was looking at this last night. Does it hold up?
  19. Too late, already bought it! My iPad is pretty old at this point so not sure it would run it anyway. A moot point all the same as my mate finds it too obtuse and I’m struggling with it a bit about 3 chapters in.
  20. I’ve already got Sexy Brutale on PS4 and completed it, I can recommend it! I’ve bought Thimbleweed Park and am looking at Gorogoa.
  21. I have a Christmas tradition with my best mate where we play a puzzle/adventure type game, one controlling and both figuring shit out. The recent Sherlock Holmes games have filled this hole rather nicely. Anything on the Switch that would fit? I’ve tried searching the store but the search functions are terrible.
  22. Debatable how much you trust the system, but you can input bank cards and not have them saved. That’s what I do. No doubt I’ll find out down the line that they were saved all along and some Russian bastard in a wife beater is banging a hooker on my dime.
  23. I should save that picture, I won’t be top for very long. I don’t know why you can’t get back in, sorry.
  24. Oh I see, the beam weapon I got is not the standard laser, it just acts like that because of the other weapon I have equipped.
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