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    Perfect Albums

    If we’re going down that road, then one of my favourite perfect albums is ABBA Gold. I once went through it to make a playlist of my favourite pop songs and I couldn’t drop a single one. It’s the only thing by them I ever bought, I’m not a huge fan, but if you’re at all interested in songwriting or production, that compilation is essential listening. The production alone is flawless, still stands up. And the songwriting and arrangements are perfect.
  2. MrHendo

    Perfect Albums

    I should’ve been a bit clearer - what I think is going on in that live album is more backing tracks than is obvious. And I think there’s a fair bit of re-recording being done in post-production. I watched Rick’s video when it came out. I love recording to a click as I’ve been in so many bands where you listen back to a live or studio performance we did and the tempo was all over the shop! I don’t agree with his fundamental point that music can’t be funky with quantisation, but that’s for another thread I guess! On-topic, has anyone mentioned Disintegration by The Cure yet? Perfect from beginning to end, and the first album I experienced that fully put me into a cohesive other world without the aid of narcotics.
  3. MrHendo

    Perfect Albums

    Yes, it’s a live album but it’s pretty much perfect. So much so that the more I listen to it, the more I suspect that there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on, especially as it’s something like the second time they played live. They must’ve used click tracks and you can hear loops but I also suspect some serious post production being done as the sound is too perfect for a live album by a band that barely played live together before. Good for those who like a smoke. Also Mezzanine by Massive Attack.
  4. I got 395 if anyone still has any and wants to offload? Tag me if you send a friend request and I’ll keep gates open. Poo Island is the destination.
  5. Yeah to be fair, I completely forgot about the £1 deals. At some point, my cheap sub ran out and I’ve been paying 10 quid a month and I’m not sorry. If I had to cancel stuff to save money due to the current situation, Game Pass would probably be the last one to get rid of.
  6. Spending the ‘80’s with the 2600 and then the C64 and then a mate coming round with his Megadrive and this brand new game about a blue hedgehog, my poor little brain was fried. I kept looking at the screen and then the MD and expecting to start seeing smoke pour out of it. Also the reveal in Bioshock. I hadn’t figured it out but just before there’s an investigation wall with names and pictures on it and I stared at it for about 15 minutes trying to figure it out before the game told me.
  7. Prior to this we had a Pong clone machine, Atari 2600 and my brother had a C64 but then one Christmas I got my own C64 (the one that looked like an Amiga, kind of) with this compilation which was worth it for Wizball and Head Over Heels alone.
  8. Sent a request, @Number 28, if it's not too late.
  9. I just had ten quid go out of my bank for one month’s sub. How do I get the cheapo deal? Not interested in Discord or whatnot, just want GP Ultimate on the cheap.
  10. I’m sure he’s a nice enough dude. My problem with him purely comes down to competence. I had to stop watching the after show podcast because of how bad he was at controlling the cameras while talking, which I put down to it being a really difficult multi task to do. But then Jan arrived and made it look easy. He has no charisma and just isn’t suited to being on camera. And if he can’t take the criticism that being an online personality will bring (plus the idea of critics not being able to take criticism always boggles my brain) then he’s in the wrong job.
  11. I like Word Laces. It does very much feel like the kind of game that would be free with adverts in between levels or on the bottom of the screen, but it’s enjoyable enough.
  12. Cricket Through The Ages - very funny, but a bit stuck.
  13. Downloaded a load of games in work. Not had a chance to try them yet. Any further recommendations and which I should try first? If it helps, I’ll most likely be playing through the XR phone and unlikely to be using a controller.
  14. It says you can share with up to 5 family members. Any idea how this will work? Can I pay the sub and then gift it out to a few mates?
  15. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed an air of desperation over the last couple of months to push people more towards Premium and buying merchandise?
  16. And the episode with the Sons of the Harpy. She didn’t know who was responsible so rounded up all the leaders of the various families, picked one at random and got her dragons to burn him alive and eat the remains in front of al the other leaders.
  17. I thought the execution was well done, to be honest. Her last friends had died or betrayed her and the very last close friend had died in a brutal manner, which would make her angry enough, and their last words was, “burn them all”. So yeah, I think the way it all played out was fine.
  18. I’m rewatching the whole show right now and I can’t fathom how people aren’t buying Dany’s arc - it was absolutely there from the beginning! Mind you, I’m one of those weirdos that has been enjoying this series, despite the literal darkness of Winterfell and the rushed number of episodes.
  19. MrHendo

    Xbox One X

    I'm sure this question has come up before, but anyway.... I don't have Gold but I do have GamePass paid up till October. I'd be up for the new fancy all-in-one thing, but does anyone know how that would work with excess time already paid for? Would it be a better idea to just wait till October? Ah, wrong thread, sorry, didn’t notice this was an X thread specifically.
  20. The thing is, Abby quite often will stop someone from interrupting her, which is fair enough. But she very often does exactly the same back. It’s not mansplaining - some people are just gob shites.
  21. Re-hire Austin Walker and let’s be done with it.
  22. Yeah I mostly use it to see what chests are on the way, though. And @Gotters - those heady days when we had to have 2 full up clans!
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