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  1. It is of course, but there's never any acknowledgement of any turnaround. It's not like I'm referring to a one-off statement one of them made, but it was a point that was hammered over and over, that the Wii just wasn't precise enough.
  2. I'd imagine the checkpoints are there to help you get around as it's an all new area to play around in. The Cops & Robbers pack was a real let-down, both in value and in terms of what it was (seriously, what was cops & robbers about it?) but the island is Criterion back on track. Great value and a brilliantly designed area.
  3. I especially liked John Davison's exasperated groan that said all that needs to be said about people moaning about the "spoiler". Quick question anyhow, how many people do you think actually skip forward when prompted to do so? While I'm here, do I have to go back and hunt out old 1up Yours episodes to get proof of the hypocrisy that's on show about MotionPlus? I could've sworn in the early days of the Wii that they were slagging it off for not being accurate enough and it should be more precise and now MotionPlus is here it's not needed or wanted.
  4. Yeah, I think they've fixed it since but people used to jump-glitch over the wall in one map (Ambush I think) and they'd be able to crawl under the map and lie prone halfway in and halfway out and you couldn't do a damn thing about it. I think some WaW maps had the same thing.
  5. I think there's still a chance that the game itself could be good, the skateboard could be a way of cutting the rest of the crap out and getting back to what made the games fun. But then on the flip side, a stripped down Tony Hawk would get people saying it had been dumbed down, so maybe they can't win? Personally, I loved the first, couldn't get into the second, but the third was my favourite and I think the series' highpoint. The DS games were really good, much more like the old style games, though I seem to be the only person who loved Downhill Jam on the DS. The Wii version, mind, was pure shit in a box.
  6. Snaking in MK DS is always a sore point for me as I can't do it or beat people that do, but I have to admire the fact that it is a skill that you must master. It's only a win button once you've learned how to press it. Or, er, something. Those CoD4 bastards who insist on finding glitches in the maps, hiding beneath the textures. Also, had one the other day who was blatantly using a modded pad as his pistol was firing at the rate of an Ak-47.
  7. MrHendo


    I'm Garnett Lee and so's my wife.
  8. Whether those pics are real or not, I think we'll see a slim PSThree appear this year in some form. Everyone's saying they need to drop the price and surely the best way is to squish it a bit?
  9. I don't get people's problems with campers, especially on CoD4 where the kill cam helps the guy who died tell his team mates where the camper is. Spawn camping is another thing, but what's wrong with staying in one place and picking people off?
  10. There was a point where what he was doing was fresh and funny, but now it's indicative of what the Consolevania guys were talking about - everything's about who can be the most cynical and negative, in businesses to drum up web hits and in forumites to appear the most intelligent ("I can see the things that you can't" etc). Either way, call me an ironically moaning old fart but it's all getting very dull.
  11. Survival mode on the first Driver. Good times.
  12. MrHendo

    Banjo Tooie

    I bought it without trying the demo and I wish I hadn't.
  13. Yeah I've pretty much given up on it. The devs were hinting that there was going to be something extra added on for end players to do, but now I'd guess they've got their hands full trying to fix it. It makes me sad that I've been "playing" this when I could be playing Drop7 or Flight Control instead. Actually, I've got a ruck of unfinished games to go back to.
  14. MrHendo

    Banjo Tooie

    This is me. I only played the first one on the N64, got it on XBLA and loved it all over again. This one is rubbish. In the slim chance that anyone who worked on it is reading this - what the hell were you thinking?! Give me a hub world and then levels within, not hub worlds within hub worlds within hub worlds. I'm finding it ultra tedious and it's cack compared to the original.
  15. One other thing I like about it (not saying it's restricted to just this game, but y'know....) is if I like then I can play a no-brain-required deathmatch or team deathmatch where I don't have to plug my headset in or communicate in any way, or I can go for the more tense, thoughtful approach with a game of Search & Destroy.
  16. Everything stated in the original post - the tightly designed maps, perks, XP, controls, etc. Case in point about the maps, I got World at War when it came out and it should be just the same with the XP and perks but I couldn't get into it at all and I'm putting it down to the maps which don't feel as well designed and are a bit too big.
  17. Gave Microsoft a bit too much money recently and piled through Fahrenheit (which was brilliant, till near the end. Wanted more investigation, not alien/Matrix silliness) and then the two Max Payne's. I never played the first one and I was well disappointed. Had played the second one before on the PC and the first one shat on my memories - where was Max Payne the bad ass? Who was this gurning gimp in place of him? Why was he so constipated? How awful is the sound design? So many things wrong with the game but I saw it through and went through the second one and everything was right with the world. I could be biased, but the second still holds up and plays really well on the console and with the "previously" thing in the menus I don't think there's any reason for someone to play the first if they haven't already done so. Right now I'm playing Broken Sword on the DS and I'd forgotten how funny the dialogue can be. I must admit I am missing the voice acting, but that's to be expected I suppose.
  18. Puzzle Quest - bought it on the DS, traded it in, then bought the XBLA version, then bought the expansion. Still playing it and the hours just disappear. Drop7 on the iPhone just sucks away all my time, as does Flight Control. Both of those games I can play for a minute or more likely for hours at a time. When a charger is handy, naturally. Oh, and Solitaire. I also lost a good portion of my life to orb collecting and flag hunting on Crackdown and Assassin's Creed.
  19. I'll go back and read the rest of the thread, but I hope no-one bought iFPS. I read about it on Eurogamer, thought I'd give it a try and 'tis rubbish. Not bothering with all the big franchise stuff, I'm more into the idie type games, like Drop7, Zen Bound, Snail Mail, Dizzy Bee, etc. I'm currently hammering Mafia Wars but every time the devs attempt to fix it, they break it a little more and at the moment I'm a high-level character but with nothing to spend the cash on because in their infinite wisdom they stopped your stats from going up by buying guns. So.....I'm amassing tons of cash for nothing. Brilliant.
  20. MrHendo


    By some amazing coincidence my rllmuk account gets validated now. Well done lads, one of the best shows so far, Mr Lee is doing a grand job.
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