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  1. Any local (bluetooth, wifi or pass the phone) multiplayer recommendations? I've been playing Real Racing with a mate and it's good fun but there's some dodgy sync issues there where he starts after me, I finish behind him and the stats screen says I won. We've also tried out Flight Control in multi and are going through Words With Friends. Any particular gems out there?
  2. Yeah I just had a scoot at your stats, we're pretty evenly matched. I'm struggling with the same achievements, though I'm sure I'm not far off from getting the two minute one.
  3. I've started this for a second time. Just found a tape that I don't remember picking up first time through by a man called Christopher Di Remo. Scoops said on the Idle Thumbs forum that it is Andrew Ryan saying "Baboo". I'd really love it to be true, but I fear he may be telling fibs.
  4. I think after a while it does level out. The best advice really is to learn the speed difference between the different planes so you can concentrate on what else is going on. For example, a large fast red plane and a smaller slower red plane are heading for the runway - work out which one is gonna get there first and draw their paths accordingly then you can quickly move on to whatever else is going on. Using the original map as example - I usually have the same path for the yellow plane if it's coming from the left, it's pretty direct but also isn't too far from the bottom. I've actually got my highest score of around 600 on the map which adds the plane you can't control which is a bit weird, though my least favourite is the rotating carrier level. Some of those scores in the thousands are just
  5. I need some competition for Flight Control - please add me, username is MrHendo *EDIT* Think I've spammed everyone now, if I've missed anyone feel free to add me.
  6. They would probably do it the same way that Gervais did - if you pay you get access to what is essentially an audio book. Whiskey Media apparently said if they get 5000 subscribers straight away they will make the Bombcast free for all, don't know it they've hit that or not. I'm not massively pissed off but it does fly in the face of what Dave Snider said about not wanting to cut current free content from people. Delaying half the podcast is a pretty dodgy way of getting round that rule.
  7. I've gone back to the beginning with all the Idle Thumbs episodes yet again. I actually made a contribution to the archive by having an email read out - I was the guy who was advised to listen from the beginning to get all the in-jokes, told them I was playing Trials HD and then fed them a load of Idle Thumbs memes in one sentence which embarrassed Jake no end. I've considered making a best-of compliation but Jesus, it would take ages. If you don't go back to the beginning of the Idle Thumbs episodes, I'd go back and check out the Brodeo shows or 1up Yours classic period from about 2006. Basically, from when Luke Smith joined and the regular crew were Garnett, Luke, Shane and John. It's actually amazing to go back and hear and right or wrong they were about various things.
  8. More love for Weekend Confirmed here. Now it's pretty much just Bombcast and W.C. that I look forward to, until Elmo and Michael get the band back together. Speaking of Bombcast, very nearly ruined by Pachter on the PAX live episode.
  9. I've gone through Minerva's Den, finished it and if you're even vaguely interested in more of Rapture then you should snap it up because 800 points is a steal. Brilliant story and some cool new touches with the plasmids and splicers. I spent a lot of time on the lookout for the Idle Thumbs reference and I found nowt, bar one of the bots was called Sean, I'm guessing it was just that. I was hoping there'd be a character called Old Man Clancy.
  10. Not sure what Ed used on his PC, but on a Mac you can use ChapterToolMe. Drag the mp3 in, make your chapter times and pics and then export as a .m4a file. If you're editing the RSS feed manually, you just make sure it says .m4a rather than mp3 in the relevant places and then your iTunes listeners will then get the chapter version. It boggles the mind why most podcasters don't bother, especially when you've got GiantBombcast going for hours and just something to mark where the main sections are would help. And yeah, you could just say, "we're going to be going into spoiler territory now so if you're listening to the enhanced version, skip ahead".
  11. Need more people with We Rule on my Plus+ friends list, add me please! Username is MrHendo. Question about making and selling goods - is it more beneficial to make stuff for yourself or have people buy them off you? Every request for logs or whatever I accept and I always visit other people's places and put down an order but I'm just wondering what the benefits are to both parties.
  12. I'd like to third this - who do I have to kill to make this happen? Wiki says that a sequel was meant to appear last year but no news since. I think Atari would be the current owner of the IP so we just have to get them to up-res it for PSN and XBLA, charge 1200 MS points and I'd be all over it.
  13. MrHendo


    I find the comments that say that they should just give up after a couple of goes a bit disturbing. There's work that needs doing to improve but there's certainly potential there, and saying that someone should just throw in the towel that early just makes you look a bit sad, to be fair.
  14. Have you got any pictures that can back that up?
  15. I'm probably the only person who bought and enjoyed this, but Puzzle Arcade on XBLA is very relaxing. It's jigsaw puzzles, so you should know whether it's your bag or not, but you can use the Vision Cam to make your own jigsaws. Hmmmm. Just me then. Oh, and I'd second the calls for Puzzle Quest and A Kingdom For Keflings, I lost a good portion of my life to those two games.
  16. http://twitter.com/capone_adam/status/1872538929
  17. There's no functionality with Rock Band 1 or 2, except that your instruments will work on it. That's about it.
  18. What's the background footage? Is it a proper dream sequence or is it just them in the studio for the whole thing? I think I Want You (She's So Heavy) and Here Comes The Sun are so perfect for this kind of game. The end of the former sounds like the apocalypse. The game is everything I wanted it to be - I think I'll spend the weekend watching the Anthology DVD's again.
  19. I still haven't got round to finishing Rolando but it's only similar in that it steals the art style and that round things roll along a 2D plane. The way I look at it is that LocoRoco is more of an action game, that has little in the way of puzzling (much like the early Sonic games) whereas Rolando is more of slower paced puzzle game. I mean, obviously it's lifted a lot from LocoRoco but it's certainly not an out-and-out clone.
  20. Bought this in the week and finished it today - more detailed impressions are here but I thought I would let you guys know that I really enjoyed it. Aside from some small technical faults that I can look past, the game is lots of big, dumb fun which is exactly what I wanted. It reminded me of the early Driver games, especially the bits where you just had to survive as the AI was just insanely ruthless. Very sorry to hear that things are looking bleak for you.
  21. I've started playing a couple of PS2 games again, Shadow of the Colossus (which, no trolling intended, I just don't get the fuss to be honest) and Gregory Horror Show which I'm only early into, but seems really good.
  22. Just listened to Michael's rousing speech on Necessary Force on this week's Joypod and thought I'd post here to let you guys know it looks really good. I've been meaning to pick up Wheelman for ages, this only makes me pull my finger out and get myself down the shops. Loved the demo! Hope everything works out.
  23. You're not seeing the bigger picture, you're thinking in terms of what the average gamer wants. They're not going for you with this.
  24. Of course a new, re-branded Xbox will be on the way, at the very least a slim, better looking 360. The 360 is one ugly, loud, unreliable beast - they need to rebrand it, because the majority of people here, they're not after you with Natal - they're after the Wii idea of something that the casual gamer doesn't even see as being a games console. If you can play DVD's, stream HD films, subscribe to Sky, listen to music, use Facebook and occasionally play some of those crazy game-things when the family come round for Christmas, then they're done. A revised, rebranded 360 will arrive soon.
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