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  1. I presume that Bryan Stills is Janina but pitched down slightly? It’s a no from me.
  2. Saw it on Friday in the cinema with the lady. Run time flew by, but the seats were chewing our arses by the end. 3 teenage girls walked out no more than 15 minutes in. I just blurted out, “wow!” a little too loudly. Was pleasantly surprised to see Neil Bell appear briefly, all I could think was about Dead Man’s Shoes.
  3. Watched this last night on Netflix for the first time. I had to watch again today as I fell asleep right before the end. Not a critique of the film, more I was a little bit high and it was late. Wonderful film!
  4. I made it till 30 minutes from the end of the Bombcast. I can’t make it any further, the man is infuriating. In the unlikely event that he’s reading this - Ben, it’s not personal, you’re just rubbish.
  5. You’re right, I unlocked it but never tried it till now. It’s a timed score attack mode, pretty good but it’s definitely a side thing and the bulk of the game is the progression.
  6. I’m enjoying Zoo Keeper, great memories of the DS version. The downside is (at least so far) there doesn’t seem to be a quick play style endless mode, it’s all mission based so far with specific puzzles to clear. Also, very obvious that it was designed as a free to play game and had all the micro transactions yanked out.
  7. I’ve watched this 4 times through now. This should be the next thing you watch if you haven’t seen it already. Powerful stuff and all the context is superbly applied.
  8. I’ve got two downloads failing for demos. Both had just a black square, now one has the game icon on but neither will download no matter what I do.
  9. I’ve tried this, also tried changing the DNS settings. Tested the connection - fine. Two demos I’ve tried downloading to test it just won’t download at all. Unless there’s a firmware fix on the way, I think my Switch is borked.
  10. Listening to what they said on the Bombcast, it’s entirely possible that they could hire Vinny, Brad and Alex to do some stuff. I’m interested to see what they come back with, but I can’t see me giving them money again just yet. On the other hand, as soon as they announced NL, I had to stop myself from joining their Patreon.
  11. Apologies if already asked - any big differences between the old console versions and the new? I’m restricted by either base Xbox One (the launch one) or base PS4.
  12. I agree, a terrible decision and a waste of that actor’s talents.
  13. You’re forgetting possibly the most important reveal of all....
  14. This theory video popped up on my YouTube list, seems some fair ideas.
  15. Has anybody brought up the theory yet that.....
  16. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in ages. Maybe a little long by a track or two, but that’s the only criticism I can give it. On the strength of this, I hope she stays off tour and makes more albums at her own pace.
  17. MrHendo

    Perfect Albums

    If we’re going down that road, then one of my favourite perfect albums is ABBA Gold. I once went through it to make a playlist of my favourite pop songs and I couldn’t drop a single one. It’s the only thing by them I ever bought, I’m not a huge fan, but if you’re at all interested in songwriting or production, that compilation is essential listening. The production alone is flawless, still stands up. And the songwriting and arrangements are perfect.
  18. MrHendo

    Perfect Albums

    I should’ve been a bit clearer - what I think is going on in that live album is more backing tracks than is obvious. And I think there’s a fair bit of re-recording being done in post-production. I watched Rick’s video when it came out. I love recording to a click as I’ve been in so many bands where you listen back to a live or studio performance we did and the tempo was all over the shop! I don’t agree with his fundamental point that music can’t be funky with quantisation, but that’s for another thread I guess! On-topic, has anyone mentioned Disintegration by The Cure yet? Perfect from beginning to end, and the first album I experienced that fully put me into a cohesive other world without the aid of narcotics.
  19. MrHendo

    Perfect Albums

    Yes, it’s a live album but it’s pretty much perfect. So much so that the more I listen to it, the more I suspect that there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on, especially as it’s something like the second time they played live. They must’ve used click tracks and you can hear loops but I also suspect some serious post production being done as the sound is too perfect for a live album by a band that barely played live together before. Good for those who like a smoke. Also Mezzanine by Massive Attack.
  20. I got 395 if anyone still has any and wants to offload? Tag me if you send a friend request and I’ll keep gates open. Poo Island is the destination.
  21. Yeah to be fair, I completely forgot about the £1 deals. At some point, my cheap sub ran out and I’ve been paying 10 quid a month and I’m not sorry. If I had to cancel stuff to save money due to the current situation, Game Pass would probably be the last one to get rid of.
  22. Spending the ‘80’s with the 2600 and then the C64 and then a mate coming round with his Megadrive and this brand new game about a blue hedgehog, my poor little brain was fried. I kept looking at the screen and then the MD and expecting to start seeing smoke pour out of it. Also the reveal in Bioshock. I hadn’t figured it out but just before there’s an investigation wall with names and pictures on it and I stared at it for about 15 minutes trying to figure it out before the game told me.
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