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  1. Apex looks shocking. I started watching Hard Kill last night on Netflix and it’s basically a more competent Neil Breen film.
  2. I had the same reaction, though I figured it was more of an ear piece trick. Nice idea but I’m too much of a cynic. Also, finished the TV remake of High Fidelity and it’s really good and a massive shame that it got dropped after one season. The cast is great and it’s a smart update of the same story.
  3. Watched this last night with the missus in the cinema with the good seats. Utterly amazing stuff. We laughed through most of it. The cynic in me saw the obvious Chinese money influence in a lot of it. Related to that, an astonishing amount of studio logos at the beginning.
  4. Didn’t see a thread on it, not sure how much point there is to making one, but watched a few episodes of the High Fidelity TV show. Had no idea it existed until earlier today. They only made one series and then got cancelled but it’s pretty good. They modernised it and made the main character a woman of colour (Zoe Kravitz), Jack Black’s character is now the main woman from Dolemite Is My Name. It’s actually way better than I expected and seems a shame that it got cancelled.
  5. As a heads up, anyone like me been playing off and on through Game Pass - it’s leaving GP soon. The edition that gets you the current gen upgrade is 70% off on Xbox. Something like a tenner. EDIT: But should be noted that the save doesn’t carry over.
  6. I’m sure it was hilarious in Slack.
  7. Day 1 of GOTY is up. If you start listening to the first category and wonder how long they’re going to keep going with the “letter of the year” bit, skip to an astonishing 18 minutes in before you get to the next one.
  8. Finished it. In the end, it’s a watchable mess but I enjoyed how the mystery wrapped up and the final plot twist was a proper terrifying reveal. Might watch The Stranger. Still amazed that they got actual professional actors to say those lines and do those actions.
  9. I’m part way through episode 3 of Stay Close and it certainly is something. I’d say it’s a mystery show but on the same subtlety and writing level of a soap opera. So many moments of, “really?! Why would you do/say that?!” It’s enjoyable trash at the moment but I wish I’d have watched it with the partner just to hear her shout, “oh fuck off!” like I know she would.
  10. They do seem to be turning things round, but the bad album show and Reel Layers are just dreadful. Hopefully the “throw everything at the wall” approach is ending. I used to listen to the Bombcast twice a week because it was so good, now I struggle to even watch a couple of Quick Looks a month.
  11. I also bought this for 7 quid on the Xbox. Played through all the base game and the first expansion on PS4. Currently deep in the Bloody Baron quest which is surprisingly early on in the game. Looking forward to the free upgrade when it comes but the loading time difference is already insane.
  12. The film is so bad that I can’t watch any of the press interviews they’ve done for it because I’m either embarrassed for them or angry that they have to sit there and lie about how proud they are of it.
  13. Watched it last night with the missus who is a huge Keanu and (original) Matrix fan. She despised it and said it was the worst of the 4. I thought the first act or so was interesting but also embarrassing with how on the nose it was. The rest was just tedious action. The best bits were Doogie Howser and noticing how much Keanu must be a Just For Men man.
  14. I did think Jess was fine, but this week’s podcast, she just talks over everyone and has to be the voice heard. I get that doing podcasts remotely is harder than in person, but, y’know. Also, am I the only person that thinks her voice sounds like when female voice over artists play the part of a boy in animation? Little bit Bart Simpson, little bit anime.
  15. I haven’t bought an Xbox game since the 360 days, so I’m only playing stuff that’s either on GamePass or has moved across from the 360. My TV does 4k, not sure what else as it was relatively cheap. I’ve moved some of the Series X enhanced stuff to the internal drive. The external isn’t SSD. Am I right I thinking that games on the external won’t get the zippy loading times but should be fine for all the other bells and whistles?
  16. I’ve got the Matrix downloaded, will give that a spin when the in-house Keanu super fan is around to dribble at it. I moved some of the newer games from the external drive (most surprised it knew what it was and the games all work) to the internal and tried out Control and the loading times are a joy!
  17. What’s the best game to show off what the X can do? I’ve had the base Xbox One for years, played some Horizon 5 on the old machine and I’m guessing that would be the best option?
  18. Thanks to whoever pointed out the stock in Argos, just picked up my Series X! Honestly thought I would end up skipping this gen due to the shortages.
  19. @MarkNthat’s great, but a little much for me at the moment. Can we go a little slower? I’ll tell you what I do on runs and you can tell me where I’m going right or wrong? I have two classes unlocked, the warrior and the rogue. I prefer the warrior at the moment so generally go that way. I put down meadows on the left only when I’ve put down a treasury first and rocks and mountains on the right. None of them are near the loop road. I’m picking up the gear and cards I think I find useful and let the others build up and turn into rescources, I think that’s the right thing to do? I’ve bought some buildings, including several farms as I kept thinking that the previous one I bought had disappeared. The game doesn’t explain very well that some buildings you can have several of. I’ve attempted the boss a couple of times now and failed badly, but I can see me lasting for longer and longer loops, so I can tell I’m getting stronger.
  20. Place rocks and mountains together and once you get a 3x3 of them, it will create a mountain peak and give a big bonus. You can only make one peak so I’m not sure what you can do with the rest of the mountains and rocks, but I still stack them up. Don’t put down meadows till you have a treasury, then place meadows surrounding it and they will turn into blooming meadows and give more resources. That’s about all I’ve learned about the non-road cards. Anyone who can correct me on what to do with them, gratefully received! I’ve unlocked the second class now and bought a few upgrade buildings. Still sticking with the warrior class though for now. I’ve gotten far enough that I can comfortably get to the boss but I still haven’t triggered it, I just back out. I still haven’t died yet, somehow.
  21. I got this yesterday and it really doesn’t tell you anything! I watched the GB Quick Look to see if that helped and sure enough there’s bonuses where you put certain cards down that the game doesn’t tell you, or tell you very well. Is there a good basic tips guide that people could recommend?
  22. Summer of Soul on Disney is excellent. Also, 1971, Beastie Boys Story, Watch The Sound and The Velvet Underground all on Apple+.
  23. Me and the other half both really enjoyed the two episodes we’ve seen so far. In the unlikely event that there’s anyone reading this that has a say in how the show is made, please stop talking to the audience. By far the worst bit in an otherwise great return to the old favourite. It was fine when it was mostly kids, but not now.
  24. If there’s not going to be a cut down version of this put out, I might rip the files myself and have a bash at cutting it down. More for my own amusement and a little project to do over Christmas, than anything else. I certainly wouldn’t be daft enough to do anything with it, the might of the Beatles and Disney’s lawyers mean it would never leave my house. But I can see a 2 hour version being possible. I want to see every version of Get Back they worked on, but I don’t think you need it to tell the story.
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