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  1. Troll 2 is my favourite bad/good film as it’s genuinely entertaining from beginning to end, whereas something like Birdemic is on a technical level barely watchable. Terrible sound, no ADR so you can barely hear what people are saying (no subtitles on DVD either) along with terrible acting, directing and camera work. I love watching Neil Breen’s work too. Fascinating to watch while trying to understand what that man was thinking while he was writing, editing and directing those amazing piles of trash.
  2. I had to watch the finale a second time as…..… One of the best TV shows ever made, that’s for sure.
  3. Odds on them re-using the same style shot of the end of BB? Zooming out of Walt’s face, could do the same with Jimmy.
  4. Just fixed this, I think. Went back to the Xbox dash and manually stopped the game from running and did a re-boot (just of the game). Seems to have fixed it so far.
  5. The rituals are completely bugged for me now, can’t do any of them without the game breaking after the ritual has ended.
  6. Is there a bug with farming? I have a bunch of crops on the go and have built all of the farming bits that cult members can use, in the place where they need to be, right by the farm. At no point will it let me give them farming jobs, it just says “no tasks available”, despite them clearly showing they need to be watered or fertilised.
  7. The thing is, go back and watch Breaking Bad. Some of the Walt flashback scenes are unintentionally hilarious as they try to make him look about 16 years younger (while Walt Jr is still waiting to be born) and it looks terrible! At least they didn’t digitally de-age them!
  8. The point of the guy in the restaurant…..…..…
  9. I’ve defeated the first boss, not sure how to make it through the second area. Do you need a character with a double jump to make it to the top? I’m specifically on about the very beginning of the second section - there’s a building to ascend with lots of vines growing through.
  10. I have absolutely zero information on what’s to come, but I always thought the best way to end the series would be White and Jesse walking into Saul’s office.
  11. Me and the good lady have been wetting ourselves to the first few seasons of Documental and just now discovered the Western version, which has been named Last One Laughing. There’s a Canadian version on Prime with names you will know and an Australian one which I recognised nobody apart from the host, Rebel Wilson. Zoomed through the Aussie one last night and we have new comedy heroes to find stuff by.
  12. Raiders Nazi and Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells. Also was in Porridge.
  13. I chose Jeff’s streams over NL and GB for that very reason. I think that there’s a lot of potential in the current GB crew if they play it right and Dan gets some good ideas out. The problem with Jeff, as much as I like him, is he’s incredibly stubborn. Perhaps working alone is best for him, I could easily see people come out at a later date and say he was a nightmare boss.
  14. I watched the “Better Call Saul” episode of BB this morning and Saul is still way more of a douche than the Saul we currently have (in the past, but y’know), they still have some more work to get him to be the complete waste of skin he becomes. Also so much of the BCS show hinges on some throwaway lines about him having bad knees, mentioning Nacho and Lalo. They did some great work fleshing his backstory out from that.
  15. What one of the pro-severance characters said in the last episode (trying not to spoil here), I hope that’s the end game, regarding Lumon’s plan for the severance procedure. Would make for an interesting but also terrifying finale to fight against.
  16. Have you seen these videos where a Scottish fella gets his non-gamer girlfriend to play the Souls games? They’ve just done Elden Ring as well. Apologies if this has been posted numerous times, the Elden Ring thread is too vast for me to wander in there now.
  17. I can’t see how we get anywhere near all the answers we want out of the last episode. There’s probably a ton more but I’d be surprised if they manage to fit even half of everyone’s questions into one episode. I just hope they stick the landing, set the next series up while still having a solid conclusion to the series.
  18. I was watching the latest episode with the other half who has only seen bits. I let out a “holy shit!” as the reveal happened. Best thing currently showing I think. Spoilers: Going back to an earlier episode with the “wellness session”, really shows just how fucked up this organisation really is!
  19. There’s a free e-book on the Apple Book store that fills in some context, including a copy of the Orientation Booklet. Most intriguing though is this passage that implies what happens when they refine the numbers. Spoilers if you’re sensitive about that kind of thing: I also predict….
  20. I’ve watched all episodes twice through so far, it continues to be excellent. Theories on where it’s going: It’s really very good but also terrifies the shit out of me. Once you start thinking about the reality of that situation…
  21. I don’t know if this has been there a while, but Prime has Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense” on there and it’s still a great concert film.
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