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  1. Me and the good lady have been wetting ourselves to the first few seasons of Documental and just now discovered the Western version, which has been named Last One Laughing. There’s a Canadian version on Prime with names you will know and an Australian one which I recognised nobody apart from the host, Rebel Wilson. Zoomed through the Aussie one last night and we have new comedy heroes to find stuff by.
  2. Raiders Nazi and Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells. Also was in Porridge.
  3. I chose Jeff’s streams over NL and GB for that very reason. I think that there’s a lot of potential in the current GB crew if they play it right and Dan gets some good ideas out. The problem with Jeff, as much as I like him, is he’s incredibly stubborn. Perhaps working alone is best for him, I could easily see people come out at a later date and say he was a nightmare boss.
  4. I watched the “Better Call Saul” episode of BB this morning and Saul is still way more of a douche than the Saul we currently have (in the past, but y’know), they still have some more work to get him to be the complete waste of skin he becomes. Also so much of the BCS show hinges on some throwaway lines about him having bad knees, mentioning Nacho and Lalo. They did some great work fleshing his backstory out from that.
  5. What one of the pro-severance characters said in the last episode (trying not to spoil here), I hope that’s the end game, regarding Lumon’s plan for the severance procedure. Would make for an interesting but also terrifying finale to fight against.
  6. Have you seen these videos where a Scottish fella gets his non-gamer girlfriend to play the Souls games? They’ve just done Elden Ring as well. Apologies if this has been posted numerous times, the Elden Ring thread is too vast for me to wander in there now.
  7. I can’t see how we get anywhere near all the answers we want out of the last episode. There’s probably a ton more but I’d be surprised if they manage to fit even half of everyone’s questions into one episode. I just hope they stick the landing, set the next series up while still having a solid conclusion to the series.
  8. I was watching the latest episode with the other half who has only seen bits. I let out a “holy shit!” as the reveal happened. Best thing currently showing I think. Spoilers: Going back to an earlier episode with the “wellness session”, really shows just how fucked up this organisation really is!
  9. There’s a free e-book on the Apple Book store that fills in some context, including a copy of the Orientation Booklet. Most intriguing though is this passage that implies what happens when they refine the numbers. Spoilers if you’re sensitive about that kind of thing: I also predict….
  10. I’ve watched all episodes twice through so far, it continues to be excellent. Theories on where it’s going: It’s really very good but also terrifies the shit out of me. Once you start thinking about the reality of that situation…
  11. I don’t know if this has been there a while, but Prime has Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense” on there and it’s still a great concert film.
  12. That theme is an abomination.
  13. Apex looks shocking. I started watching Hard Kill last night on Netflix and it’s basically a more competent Neil Breen film.
  14. I had the same reaction, though I figured it was more of an ear piece trick. Nice idea but I’m too much of a cynic. Also, finished the TV remake of High Fidelity and it’s really good and a massive shame that it got dropped after one season. The cast is great and it’s a smart update of the same story.
  15. Watched this last night with the missus in the cinema with the good seats. Utterly amazing stuff. We laughed through most of it. The cynic in me saw the obvious Chinese money influence in a lot of it. Related to that, an astonishing amount of studio logos at the beginning.
  16. Didn’t see a thread on it, not sure how much point there is to making one, but watched a few episodes of the High Fidelity TV show. Had no idea it existed until earlier today. They only made one series and then got cancelled but it’s pretty good. They modernised it and made the main character a woman of colour (Zoe Kravitz), Jack Black’s character is now the main woman from Dolemite Is My Name. It’s actually way better than I expected and seems a shame that it got cancelled.
  17. As a heads up, anyone like me been playing off and on through Game Pass - it’s leaving GP soon. The edition that gets you the current gen upgrade is 70% off on Xbox. Something like a tenner. EDIT: But should be noted that the save doesn’t carry over.
  18. I’m sure it was hilarious in Slack.
  19. Day 1 of GOTY is up. If you start listening to the first category and wonder how long they’re going to keep going with the “letter of the year” bit, skip to an astonishing 18 minutes in before you get to the next one.
  20. Finished it. In the end, it’s a watchable mess but I enjoyed how the mystery wrapped up and the final plot twist was a proper terrifying reveal. Might watch The Stranger. Still amazed that they got actual professional actors to say those lines and do those actions.
  21. I’m part way through episode 3 of Stay Close and it certainly is something. I’d say it’s a mystery show but on the same subtlety and writing level of a soap opera. So many moments of, “really?! Why would you do/say that?!” It’s enjoyable trash at the moment but I wish I’d have watched it with the partner just to hear her shout, “oh fuck off!” like I know she would.
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