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  1. Have you seen our right-backs? There’s probably people that post on this forum that could a better job than Serge Aurier.
  2. It’s true I am not a fan of Hickman at all really and I have regretted spending a lot of money on his work for Image Comics - in-fact The Manhattan Projects is probably one of the worst comics I have ever read. I feel his work lacks heart to me, technically he is a decent writer I guess but nothing he has written ever really affects me emotionally and I just come away after reading his stuff just feeling a little empty.
  3. I quite enjoyed some parts of the House of X/Power of X comics, and I am slowly now going through the Dawn of X trades. I have to admit I have never really been a big fan of Hickman, he is obviously an incredibly intelligent guy and some of his world building is great and the concepts of his comics are really impressive, I just don’t like his dialogue a lot really.
  4. I have to say Dawn of X is pretty much boring me to tears and I am struggling to get through it all, Kitty Pryde’s pirate adventures have been fun but everything else isn’t really doing anything for me at all.
  5. Thank fuck for that, though Merson should have been sacked too, that guy can barely string a coherent sentence together.
  6. The comic seems to get cancelled every year, so I am not sure it’s even popular amongst comic book readers. Harley Quinn though sadly is very popular.
  7. Other way round, Thanos was a rip-off of Jack Kirby’s Darkseid.
  8. We can dream. i read somewhere, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and I think it was Marv Wolfman were all pitching ideas for movies in a shared universe to Warner Bros, but for whatever reason, they rejected them all. Just think how good that could have been, there’s probably no-one in the world with more knowledge of the DC universe than those three guys.
  9. It’s only going to get worse this season, I will be shocked if Reading don’t get relegated this season, or even worse go into administration. Since Madejski stepped down, we have been terribly run by a series of owners who simply haven’t got a clue what they are doing.
  10. I would prefer a Spider-Gwen film over Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew is always fairly dull in the comics, while Gwen is so much fun.
  11. I will be definitely picking up the deluxe editions of Blade of the Immortal as both the Berserk and Hellsing books are beautiful, I also just ordered the first volume of Biomega due to Matt’s recommendation.
  12. That’s why he’s here now, if we had more leaders back in Poch’s days, we may have actually won a thing or two.
  13. Have you ever read his run on Ant-Man, that was particularly awful.
  14. The only good thing Kirkman has ever written.
  15. Bottas was just shite yet again, there was a period in yesterday’s race, Lewis was lapping quicker on tires that were almost non-existent, while Bottas was on shiny new ones.
  16. We may even be as bad as your lot soon.
  17. We need more then just one good rookie to turn us around. The whole team - with a few exceptions, needs gutting, and a new coaching staff would be nice too.
  18. I would recommend this as well. Blue Flag is another title that should suit your wishes for something happier, the two volumes that have been published so far have been really fun to read.
  19. It was very good and I was gutted it never got a third series.
  20. As someone who reads a lot of manga, I can safely say Japanese culture is just a little weird at times and so very unique, especially when compared to European and North America.
  21. The only good run there has ever been of Suicide Squad was his one.
  22. Abnett is also one of the guys responsible for the Guardians of the Galaxy we all know and love these days. Overall almost all of his work for Marvel and DC has been really good.
  23. That makes no fucking sense at all to equate Alan Moore being a bit miserable, to the sick things Saville and Jackson did. Face it, Watchmen was a pile of shit compared to the book.
  24. You are about ten years too late I am afraid, we had a awesome team back on the 360, it’s just about the only game I have ever been good at.
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