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  1. I have a feeling the show will be based on Dan Slotts run on the comic which was really awesome and so much fun.
  2. He has just landed.
  3. It’s okay , the stream went down for most of the game.
  4. They are nothing compared to the big ones from DC, my copy of the Final Crisis omnibus has almost 1600 pages and is about twice as thick as the Marvel ones as DC use better paper in their books.
  5. If he can help Spurs finally win a major trophy, that will be an achievement as big as all of them.
  6. Without a decent midfield, even the return of Bale isn’t going to make much difference sadly, maybe N’Dombele will shock us all and start to resemble the player we paid over 50 million for, because frankly the Midfield player’s we have now - excluding Lo Celso are just not good enough.
  7. Bale has averaged over 30 games a season at Real, so comparing him to Owen is fucking stupid really.
  8. Nah, the only Marvel comics that have ever sold well are Spider-man and X-Men related ones, heck back in the 90s Marvel gave away Iron Man, Cap America and the Fantastic 4 to some guys from Image comics to help revive sale - this failed miserably too.
  9. I read at least 50 issues a week but nothing really recent as buying single issues is just too expensive. I am currently reading Saga Book 3, Stargirl by Geoff Johns, Uncanny X-Force omnibus and Berserk deluxe vol 3. Saga just gets better and better, Stargirl is a lot of fun, Berserk is amazing, but sadly I am really not enjoying X-Force and to be honest I can’t think of any Rick Remender books I really like.
  10. Charliemouse

    NFL 2020!

    He looked great I thought. The game itself last night was pretty dull really, the result was never in doubt and apart from a decent showing from David Johnson, the Texans looked very average with their offence and especially their defence.
  11. I hope for your sake Amazon are not delivering it.
  12. And to be honest, most people have 4K TV’s that are cheap and cheerful - including myself, not everyone can afford an LG OLED.
  13. I enjoy them too, Blue Flag volume 3 arrived today and that’s been a great read so far.
  14. They would have to give us so money too but yeah even an inconsistent Eriksen is better then nothing witch is what N’Dombele has basically been so far.
  15. He’s also barely played for Inter since joining them so maybe he can come back and Inter can have N’dombele.
  16. Oh yeah, Manga’s best quality is the vast range of stories that being consistently published every week/month, though this is also a pain as I simply don’t have enough money to buy all the books I want to read.
  17. I have to be honest battle manga bores me to tears, Dragonball was just about tolerable as that ended after 16 volumes - I haven’t bothered with Z, as I don’t think I could read much more, but while I can appreciate the longevity of One Piece, I gave up after 10 volumes as it was already getting repetitive even then.
  18. We won’t be buying a centre back, we already have 5 as it is and if we play 3 at the back this season , Davies counts as another one too. We do need a a decent back up for Kane though, but apart from that, I can’t see us buying anyone else now.
  19. I agree, Donny Cates has probably written the greatest Venom comics of all-time, and the art is fucking gorgeous too.
  20. Not legally no. Shonen Jump is pretty awful these days too, while One Piece is still going, most of the other big series have ended recently and frankly all the new ones have either been shallow gag manga or have been cancelled after a few months. Chainsaw Man is probably the only really good series that’s started in the last year or so, Jujutsu Kaisan is fairly popular but even that is so fucking generic and has been done so much better many times already.
  21. I didn’t realise the ending ending of my Sky Sports subscription this month would hit them this hard.
  22. Lamela will always have a place in the squad, if only if that’s to come on for the last ten mins and kick lumps out of the opposition, Jose must love him.
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