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    NFL 2020!

    He’s a very good running quarter back, perhaps the best ever, but compared to Mahomes he just isn’t in the same class at all.
  2. As much as a creep Ellis seems to be, there is no way, I will ever be able not to read Planetary again as its in my top 5 comics of all-time. There’s an absolute edition coming out next for it as well, and damn I really want to see John Cassady’s art on those massive pages.
  3. Cameron Stewart is the creep, while Ethan Van Shiver is basically one of the leaders of comicsgste.
  4. It’s getting hard to avoid reading books from either sex offenders, or cunts that support comicsgate. For example I have just started reading Batman & Robin by Grant Morrison, and it features art from both of the above groups.
  5. Charliemouse

    NFL 2020!

    The Chiefs using the Titans method of beating the Ravens last night, just make Jackson throw the ball, as he simply isn’t a good enough passer to beat the best teams.
  6. If he does finish Southern Bastards, he’s going to have find a new artist first.
  7. Charliemouse

    NFL 2020!

    Somehow the Titans are 3-0 while basically playing without a defence, thank God, we haven’t faced anyone even average yet.
  8. I loved it, easily my favourite game from the developers.
  9. He’s another comic that spent last year making jokes about Corbyn on the BBC, to be honest there are not many comedians I have much respect for these days because of this.
  10. Phil Wang is a total cunt too.
  11. After really struggling to even finish the Uncanny X-Force omnibus, I have accepted Rick Remender is a writer I just don’t enjoy reading, even though almost all his books are critically acclaimed. At least this saves me money in the long run as he has written a shit ton of books.
  12. It may have just topped my Absolute Sandman books as the most beautiful thing on my shelves.
  13. You are as bad as I am , I have had 4 omnis and 1 absolute in the post over the last week.
  14. Jason Aaron’s Avengers has been terrible so far, he’s usually a decent- if rather overrated writer as well.
  15. To counter this, I was also turned down and I have a terrible credit rating.
  16. My New Frontier Absolute should arrive tomorrow, I can’t wait to see Darwyn Cooke’s art on those massive pages.
  17. Same here, I much prefer the DC universe in general but Marvel collected editions are simply far nicer book. They are better built, all their spines nicely match up and things like their Epic Collections are a million times better than what DC offer.
  18. Oh yeah I am sure it will be a great read but I just hate it when they miss out issues if they weren’t written by the person on the front cover. Basically when it comes down to it, the collected edition department sucks compared to Marvels, and then they wonder why they get outsold every month.
  19. I am tempted by the Paul Dini omni myself but DC’s fucking ridiculous practice of publishing books with only half the story in, has allowed me to wait for a while to buy it as I have too much to read as it is.
  20. This deal also finally gets them a Japanese studio as well.
  21. I would highly recommend anyone interested in this to read the Vision comic by Tom King as it looks like it’s based at least partly on that awesome book.
  22. Defenders will be better off having no arms these days.
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