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  1. Ok maybe i was a bit hard on the big picture but Lifestyles of the poor and dangerous was a real classic and i just wanted more of the same. There some tracks on the album which are almost jiggy and his voice doesnt sound the same either. Thos Edan tracks are rather good i especily like torture chamber as it sounds like big daddy kane in the late 80's the beat sounds so much like a marly marl beat.
  2. Oh. What a fool. I knew about E double. I know what you mean though. The last 2 were rather drab and just didn't have any of the funkiness of the first compliations. I forget who produced the first 3 or 4 Lp. Was it Parrish or the Bomb Squad? Everybody restored some of my faith recently, i must admit, but the 'Business as usual' LP remains my favorite. The Epmd albums were all produced by themselves but judging by thier output since they first split i would say eric sermon did the bulk of it as parrish smith hasnt really dont anything has he. Business as usual is my fav too it might not ha
  3. Eric sermon is the green eyed bandit its one his many nicknames like mc grand royal and e-double are as well I also hope for another EPMD album as well but it needs to be good like thier first 4 albums not thier crappy last 2.
  4. Dont get to excited about this ablum its awful compared to his first especily some of the beats, its one of the biggest let downs i have ever heard almost as bad as Nas's it was written
  5. Hmm.... Thats not quite the route i intent to take, but you go for it. I can assure you i won't be using that track in whatever i decide to do next. Actually Cal, you can help me... Queen Latifer did a track i think was called 'Soul Sister' and i think it was on a compliation. Any idea what it was? Also, Eric Serman has done a fantastic track that has a chorus that goes 'its all like dat', and everybodys welcome, you are welcome'. What is its name. I'm sure its Premier produced because he's name checked. That Eric Sermon track is called Welcome and it was from his Double or nothing album wh
  6. I brought my first saturn games today from playasia as you can see i like beat em ups Fighting Vipers Virtua Fighter Kids Fighters Megamix Last Bronx X-Men vs. Street Fighter (w/ 4MB RAM) Vampire Hunter: Darkstalker's Revenge They only cost £67 with shipping which i thought was a good deal. Also i saw the jap version of panzer Dragoon saga on there for only a tenner so i guess the jap version isnt so rare then.
  7. £6 is a still a bargain for what is imho about the greatest collection of hiphop from a single artist you can get.
  8. Get the latest Espn hockey game 2k5 is out this month on ps2 and xbox. Its a far better hockey game than the ea one .
  9. I have orderd a 4m cart already as 2d beat em ups are my fav genre. Is the arcade stick any good its the one made by sega as its only £7 at playasia
  10. Yesterday i brought my first ever Sega saturn on ebay after wanting one for years. Its a grey jap one and is boxed and comes with 3 games which are , Biohazard, Virtua Fighter and Daytona and the cost for it all was £50 I like all genres of games so what games shall i try and get hold of then
  11. Nas over beats from ditc circa 95 would be amazing. Does showbiz or lord finesee even do any producing anymore as they were great back then. Krs one's da sound of the police is one on my fav tracks, Showbiz's basssline is incredible.
  12. The show is letdown by its awful skits which ruins it for me. Diary of a mad band also has some really groundbreaking production, sweaty for example is the blueprint for everything Timberland has ever produced(he does the scratching on the track) Jodeci are supposed to be making a new album but i agree it wil be a letdown as they are too old to make the stuff they used to do and if they made a mature rnb album i doubt anyone would buy it.
  13. Ok first mainstream artst then. Is masta ace's album any good then.
  14. I didnt say it was crap , i just dont like it, its not my thing i prefer my hiphop to be more head nodding there was far to many live instruments for my liking. But saying that maybe Nas will be the first rap artist to really make a mature sound, theres nothing worse listening to some 35 year old rapper still talking about guns etc when you know fully well they havent been back to the hood for about 10 years(Ice Cube is a good example of this)
  15. Ok i have heard the albums now and heres my verdict Mf Doom-mmfood Excellent my fav doom album the production is great and dooms lyrically on point as usual. Non-phixion The Green Cd/Dvd Only watched the Dvd so far and its good, they really are a bit crazy aint they. Nas- Street Disciple Dont like it. Nas is good on it but the beats are crap and so lightweight , please Nas just get premo and Pete Rock back Mystro- Music Good stuff as usual from lowlife records Sabac-Sabacolypse Good not great i like necro's production though. can anyone tell me if Goretex's or Ill Bills albums are any better
  16. Cool a jodeci fan i always feel a bit ashamed to be a fan of a rnb boy group. Anyway Diary of a mad band was better album anyway and to this day is still the best example of hiphop soul
  17. Same here and just like you i love it straight away, its so haunting and at the same time so beutifull.
  18. The first Nfl fever did. On xmas day the commentor would say something about it being xmas day before the game kicked off. I think the same happend on thanksgiving day and new year day as well Feel the magic just wished me a happy new year too
  19. Very close to mine just change Amnesniac with Ok computer and my 3 are the same.
  20. I always liked music but after my older cousin played me a tape with Public enemy on i was hooked onto hip-hop and its still my fav music to this day.
  21. I dont like them either i am more of a Nike man myself. I had a bit of a splurge in Hmv today and brought a few albums something i have havent done for a while this is what i got; Mf Doom-mmfood Non-phixion- The Green Dvd Nas- Street Disciple Mysto-Music Sabac-Sabaclypse A night in listening to them i think.
  22. Liksang have dropped thier prices too £228 for the value pack £196 for the standard pack Still not cheap enough for me , i have £244 to spend on it but i would rather wait until it drops to it retail price so i can get some games for it too.
  23. Harry Love's beats are great aint they i havent heard a bad heard a bad one yet i dont think and to me he's the beat ukhh producer around.
  24. Do i get one or not as this dead pixel thing is really worrying me now, as i want my machine to be perfect like my Ds is. Also when do you think the price will drop to its retail price on sites like liksang and play asia as i have really want one soon as i have lumines at home just waiting to be played.
  25. Murda is awesome , maybe the best ukhh anthem ever
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