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  1. It really annoys me you can tell it wasn’t filmed in England as well, as the look of the show just looks wrong to me.
  2. Jerry Stiller made King of Queens worth watching.
  3. I agree, Del Boy was a bit of a dick in the first few series as well.
  4. If you buy directly from Booksetc it’s actually only £46.27
  5. They are selling really well so I would expect Marvel to complete the whole run.
  6. Just JLA and Batman for me, I have already sold my trades they cover both those books. Its Marvels list of upcoming omnis that’s going to kill me, in the next few months these are bring released. Uncanny X-Men volumes 2,3 and 4 X-Men by Jim Lee volumes 1 and 2 New Mutants Vol 1 Excalibur Vol 1. And that’s just the X-Men related books. Also in some news for @Mr. Gerbik the third volume of Peter David’s Hulk omni was announced this week.
  7. I will have to wait for that as I can’t afford it right now, Booksetc should sell it for £42 so that’s not so bad.
  8. It will still be utter shite as EA will still be making it,
  9. It’s permanently on Sky Atlantic - they must go through the entire show every 2 weeks, so I guess that’s why it isn’t.
  10. We have been fucked over by refs against Man Utd, I think we deserve some good fortune from them at long last, and let’s be honest we were way on top anyway, and I doubt the score-line would have been much different even if they still had 11 men on the pitch.
  11. It is indeed but they will honour it, I have already pre-ordered my copy. They often do this to be honest I managed to get the Absolute Wildcats for about the same price a few years back and that book had an even higher RRP.
  12. Trap music is fucking terrible and it’s rappers can’t even fucking rap without awful auto-tune.
  13. All we need is a another centre-back and we will have the best squad we have ever had in the Premier League.
  14. Jay Z barely deserves one album in that list, never mind three.
  15. I know but it would take about 9 omnis to complete the entire series and DC would just end up cancelling them after the second or third.
  16. I have vol 4 of the original run on its way, I may get to that book around 2025.
  17. And you have to sit through 90 mins of watching Reading too.
  18. And in even more miraculous news, we are finally signing another striker.
  19. I am waiting for that as well, Marvel OHC’s are ridiculously overpriced.
  20. I personally find the interface really good, all my games are in their respective groups with tiles on the home page and after all the updates it’s had lately, it’s really nippy to navigate now as well.
  21. I am really glad the UI is basically the same as what we have now in the One, as after all the updates its had lately, I don’t really have any complaints about it at all now.
  22. That’s a fair point, but Nameless just took the piss.
  23. I have only read the first few issues but even the greatest comic writers have written some really bad books, Nameless from Grant Morrison springs to mind, as that really was a confusing pile of crap.
  24. Personally Geoff Johns may be my favourite superhero writer of all-time, I can’t think of anything he has ever written, I don’t enjoy, and his Flash, JSA, Green Lantern and Aquaman are some of the finest modern day superhero books out there.
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