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  1. I sold my One X last night so I am now able to afford my Series S pre-order.
  2. As it only came out last week for the direct market, Amazon and other non-comic retailers won’t have it available for two weeks. Also DC no longer use Diamond to disbute their books anymore which has made obtaining their stuff really hard lately.
  3. Face it, there isn’t a player around these days that doesn’t at least go down easily. Idiots trying to argue none of their favourite team players don’t do this are either blind or terribly biased.
  4. Unless you want some expert shithousery done then yes, Lamela is pretty useless these days, especially when he starts.
  5. I have to say the new Busta Rhymes album is surprisingly decent.
  6. I just don’t think Marvel ever suited him as his work for DC has been brilliant too.
  7. He’s my fav writer these days, apart from most of his Marvel books, everything he has written I have absolutely adored. Black Hammer is easily the best comic I have read this year.
  8. He’s just a cunt basically, which makes me happy really, as F1 is always more interesting when there’s a driver I fucking despise.
  9. Indeed, the clean sheet was a nice bonus too.
  10. A shit comic maybe, but I have never read any comics as bad as that mess of a movie, and I have read All-Star Batman & Robin by Frank Miller.
  11. There’s also double the amount of games available on Gamepass then there was just 18 months ago, by this time next year there could easily be over 400 games to choose from.
  12. I find all of the Fourth World stuff pretty confusing, it’s took me over 5 reads of Final Crisis to even slightly understand what the hell it’s about.
  13. I haven’t had an email but after checking my subscription, it seems I am also subscribed until February now(mine was also supposed to end in December too).
  14. I was the same guy when he did his show at York, it made my day tbh.
  15. Friendly Game of Baseball is an amazing track, it doesn’t relay on foul language to put its point across like many other songs on the subject and because of that, it comes across as a far more intelligent and thoughtful piece of music. Also Breaking Atoms is such an overlooked album and is probably the most influential hip-hop record of the whole decade.
  16. The Xbox One X with its ancient GPU tech, slower ram and dogshit mobile CPU usually can do native 4K, so I will shocked if the Series S can’t output 1080p at least for all its games.
  17. Yeah, just posting that kinda bullshit is enough to get an ignore from me, I bet he uses the term ‘woke’ as well.
  18. Our squad is far to big to not play in Europe as well, yesterday even with injuries to Dier and Lo Celso, there was still no room on the bench for Lamela, Dele or Gedson. We simply don’t have a dominant centre back anymore and it’s becoming plain to see, just how important Jan was to us when he was at his peak a few seasons ago.
  19. I started season 2 myself only yesterday, season one was so damn good too.
  20. If he is even as half as good as our last Welsh centre-back, then yes we will have quite a bargain on our hands.
  21. It is pretty much the most overrated comic of all-time.
  22. It wouldn’t and would be utter shit. Also Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of the the few genuinely classic Spider-Man stories, wasting it on Venom or Moebius would be a fucking travesty.
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