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  1. Charliemouse

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Come Monday I shall be an owner of an Xbox console for the first time in over five years, I have to admit I am kinda excited, especially after looking at all the awesome games I will be able to play because of Game Pass.
  2. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    Who would have thought this would have happened at the start of the season?
  3. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not often, Stoke when Pulis was in charge usually beat Spurs, I have bad memories of a late Glen Whelen wonder goal giving them a 1-0 win, after we had played them of the park for the entire game.
  4. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    Any fit midfielder would be good right now, it's been a miracle this season just how well we have done, considering all the injuries we have had in central midfield.
  5. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Who gives a fuck about away goals? We managed to get through against a Man City with basically unlimited funds, with barely a fit midfielder, and the one we did have playing last night, was only starting his second game all year and to be frankly honest, has been utter shit since his run of injuries started.
  6. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    I just hope we have a midfielder fit the semi-final as they are dropping like flies at the moment. Also Son is suspended for the home leg too
  7. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    If we do manage to beat them this weekend, I think you should give us the win if we meet in the final. That seems fair to me.
  8. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    As much as I love Kane and would never even think of selling him, I do feel we need to get him a game off now and then, his long list of ankle injuries are starting to concern me a little now, and I think we have in Son and Lucas, players that are more than capable of stepping up and scoring goals when he isn't in the team. Ideally, I would love us to find a striker that is no more than 21 years old and would not just replace Kane every now and again, but also learn under, one of the - if not the most, best professionals in the game.
  9. I can't believe the guy who did the music for this. also did the music for Peep Show.
  10. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Kane never gets rested for any easy games. The pundits do have a point though, when Kane was injured earlier this year, Spurs won 5 out of 5 and some players - Son especially, often play better when he isn't in the team. Kane then returned and Spurs until winning last week, went on run of 5 games where they didn't win a single one.
  11. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    With all the injuries in the squad right now, resting players is more or less impossible in most positions.
  12. Charliemouse

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    It isn't her best song by a long way, but worst song in the history of the world, just no.
  13. Charliemouse


    I thought having 10 on the go was bad, I could never keep up with 40. I read all my manga in tankobon format, and I usually give it 3 volumes before not buying anymore.
  14. Charliemouse


    For me its appeal waned only after a few volumes, there's far better shounen manga currently being published right now.

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