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  1. Those pearly whites won’t stay perfect forever.
  2. Maybe some of the Liverpool squad have already booked in their yearly teeth whitening for that day.
  3. The excellent Booksmart is on here now.
  4. I hope it’s going be better than those awful cgi animated films he made, Mars needs Moms was particularly utter shite.
  5. Charliemouse

    NFL 2019!

    I will do my usual and watch it at home with food themed around whatever cities are playing. Thankfully this year as it’s KC, a nice selection of BBQ food will he served with some lovely Anchor steam beer from SF. I was bored of eating bloody clam chowder whenever New England were playing.
  6. Just like Spurs then. The battle for 4th is going to be the only exciting left at the top end of the table.
  7. Its written by Morrison and drawn by Quitely, they are one of the finest duos to have ever worked together in comics, that’s all that has to be said really.
  8. Charliemouse

    NFL 2019!

    Cheers. I feel the big turning point was when we we didn’t score near the end of the first half, as after that possession it was all KC. I kinda feel both our offensive and defensive lines were tired as well after the two bruising games we won to get there. No idea who to cheer for in the Super Bowl now, I have a good friend who lives in KC, but while they have Tyreeke Hill in their line-up, I find it hard to support them but then Nick Bosa is a Trump loving white supremacist so I don’t really want the 49ers to win either. At least it’s not the Pats again I suppose.
  9. Charliemouse

    NFL 2019!

    That’s this game over.
  10. The double loss of Dembele and a fit Wanyama has basically ruined the entire team, then add a uninterested Eriksen and a rarely 100% fit Kane has affected us to the point to where we now look like a mid-table team at best.
  11. We were just as bad under Poch for almost a year too. The whole squad needs gutting and starting again.
  12. The track that features Black Thought isn’t too bad, but Then even an Ed Sheeren song with possibly the greatest rapper alive, would still be a decent song.
  13. Indeed . Fuck China and fuck anyone that bows down to their horrible and cruel regime, just to make more money.
  14. Robert Aramayo is from Hull it seems, no idea what’s he been in, but there has never been a bad actor from this city - though to be fair, I can only think of three other actors from Hull.
  15. 1. Pedro the Banana (Xbox One) First half of the game was really great fun, it was fast paced, the shooting was a joy and the flow of the action was really well done. Sadly the second half introduced some basic puzzles that slowed the game down and it just wasn’t as fun to play, there were also a few frustrating bits too but thankfully when you die, you restart more or less where you died. 7.5/10
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