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  1. After seeing how The Flash was portrayed in this film, I would be shocked if he has ever read a single issue of the comic.
  2. My launch day batteries are only just about to run out and I have played on my Xbox Series for at least 4 hours a day since getting it. Quick resume works about 80% of the time of me now as well, maybe you have just been unlucky with the games you have tried it on.
  3. To be honest I prefer it too, I just find spending money on digital manga or comics such a waste of money.
  4. Just buy the damn books, it’s far too good to read it using crappy scanlations.
  5. Microsoft should have just made it a 1080p machine in the first place, I mean how many people will be connecting their Series S consoles to a 1440p screen?
  6. Quick resume has worked perfectly for me so far, currently I have Tetris, Gears Tactics, Jedi Fallen Order and Hot Shot Racing in constant rotation.
  7. I was surprised to see my crappy LG LCD tv can do 120hz at 1080p, I haven’t tried it yet but I am interested to see how it looks.
  8. As I sold my One X for pretty much the cost of a Series S just last week, I don’t have any buyers remorse at all. Quick resume, faster loading and a completely silent machine more then makes the Series S a far nicer console to use.
  9. All this fuss over a graphics mode only about 1% of owners will even have access too. The rest of us paupers still on 60hz TVs won’t notice anything as the frame rate seems to be a stable 60 anyway.
  10. The fan doesn’t stop if it’s downloading stuff when it’s turned off in instant on mode.
  11. Mines arrived, was incredibly easy to set up thanks to the phone app, but to be honest my cat is enjoying the box it came in more at the moment, while I wait for my games to download.
  12. My Series paupers edition has just gone out for delivery from Amazon.
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