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  1. To be fair to him he is better than almost every mainstream rapper these days.
  2. To me he is the manga equivalent of someone like Greg Rucka or a Ed Brubaker, as everything he has even created has all been fantastic and well worth reading,
  3. While it’s a manga rather than a western comic, give Monster a read, it’s pretty much as good as any comic I have ever read.
  4. The council in Hull are hoping to build a new rink sometime in the future as to be honest the Hull Ice Arena is way past it’s prime. Sad to hear John Nike is closing, Bracknell is my hometown and I spent many summers there, never mastering skating backwards, and spending for too much time playing Pacland instead.
  5. No it’s the normal version and very closely resembles the manga.
  6. I don’t really care to be honest , all I know Man City have constantly cheated since being taken over by a state that commits some of the vilest human rights abuses in the world and yet when they are finally caught, they get away with it yet again.
  7. They are pretty much my favourite comics off all-time, I re-read my omnibus of Gotham Central at least once a year.
  8. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    We were better today well and on another day we could have easily scored 3 or 4. Aurier really does need replacing though.
  9. They were pretty shite throughout the 80s and the 90s until Schumacher drove for them, and I certainly don’t remember missing them being at the front of the grid back then.
  10. It’s the only import console I have ever owned, and I think it cost me almost a whole months pay.
  11. Couldn’t they just get the guy who wrote the comics this will be based on to write the TV show as well, especially as these days he is an actual screen writer too, as well as being the finest writer of crime noir comics of all-time.
  12. At the end of ‘She’s got That Vibe’ R Kelly sings ‘Cute lil’ Aaliyah’s got it’, she couldn’t have been any older than 12 at the time.
  13. Not really he is our beat centre back these days now he is playing in his best position.
  14. Kevin Smith tells a similar story in one of his ‘An Evening With’ shows.
  15. A lot of West Coast gangster rap is pretty horrible to listen to these days, but then even when I was 15, NWA’s second album disgusted me with its misogynistic lyrics.
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