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  1. That would be amazing - the number of fans sneaking into the other teams crowds with multiple objects stuck up their top. Match of the day would be alright with a shit load of goals
  2. Fucking get in - should make the game a bit spicier as if it needed it. Stupid cunts of utd fans earlier tho
  3. I think throwins are always going to be a nightmare as well as it will always be the full back taking them regardless of where they are so if the opposition break its going to leave that side of the pitch wideopen. I need to remember not to get to adventerous going forwards as well so if i go to far and anyone notices fell free to give me a verbal slap and tell me to get back.
  4. Im about tonight - havent been on this week sorry. What time we starting from
  5. Im out tonight so dont think i'll be able to make it sorry
  6. Cheers for the games this year everyone - really enjoyed this season and it was amazing how close the table actually was at the end of the season. So much rested on the last games of the season and I honestly felt guilty winning that last game to relegate Rokforce - really looking forward to next season now,
  7. Sorry I got booted for the 2nd game there although i was fucking awful tonight - couldnt get started at all and dont think i should be let the centre back again.
  8. Scratch vs JohnnyArgos HereticBoy vs Fry Crayola Gambit vs Sladie - Thursday, pre-bap Rokforce vs Boobni Goldbricker vs Dewranger Petey vs Jamin' Games done
  9. Tonights running time going to be affected by the equaliser there?
  10. I think we are only doing this weeks results as far as im aware
  11. Yeah i'd be happy enough with that - im hoping to have my games finished tomorrow evening before the bap but just waiting to hear back from Rokforce
  12. I'll be able to get on for 10 no bother for a few games
  13. thats the season ruined now then I might be about tonight for some games depending on the form of the missus when I tell her i intend to ignore her for the 3rd evening in a row. What time you thinking about and I will do my best.
  14. Cheers for the games tonight. We played some good stuff and were fairly solid defensively and communication seemed better tonight. Hopefully we can carry the form into Thursday night and we havent used all of our good luck already. Was nice to get the run out up front as well.
  15. Cant wait for this game - pre-ordered so just counting down the days. Can anyone advise once they've checked the link whether the response from the hands on is good or bad? Stuck in work and Eurogamers blocked.
  16. I can try and get on for around 9 tonight depending on what the missus is wanting to do.
  17. Yep - looks like im the new left back for next season. When do you guys normaly practice during the week?
  18. Am away off now to bring my own unique brand of defending etc to Athletic next season. Its been a pleasure getting the chance to avoid the wife for a couple hours each Thursday night and have a few games. Good luck next season and I just wish I could hear the arguements of everyone wanting to play right midfield against Athletic.
  19. Yeah - i'll be up for the Media Blackout as well - really looking forward now to my last games against Rokforce - should be very interesting anyway
  20. WHERES IT GONE!!! Everyones feed down?
  21. Anyone else reckon VDS may struggle to get back into the team upon returning? Kuszczak has been amazing last few weeks - really thought he was done after his outburst about 1 - 2 months ago as well
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