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  1. Im working tomorrow night so wont be able to get on sorry
  2. Anyone any tips for beating Mothrakk? Im a level 23 support soldier and each time i have went near to it its killed me within a minute with its fire which was quite upsetting.
  3. Yeah - I got this of Jamin recently and was worried about the game for the first 20 mins or so but have loved it since. Poured loads of hours in this weekend and actually stopped playing BC2 for now because of it. It looks amazing and the sheer number of guns in it is incredible. Love it when an enemy drops a gun and the thrill of finding out exactly what this one will do. Still mostly on the first area trying to do all the bits and pieces before I move on.
  4. Everytime I have seen neville for the last season and a half I'm always thinking to myself 'This has to be the game where Fergie twigs that neville has lost it' and yet its a cert he will start on Wednesday night. Whole team has looked shite tho to be fair.
  5. I'll be on from just before 10 for the games tonight.
  6. Does anyone know if I get killed but am then revived just this count as a death on my k/d ratio?
  7. Sorry im working lates again as well tonight so wont be about
  8. My router has stopped working from the looks of things here - trying to restart and get on for the 2nd game
  9. Hi 9 on Saturday night should be dead on - speak then
  10. Im having to work till 11 all this week so I wont be about the games sorry
  11. Dead on - i'll be on from about 9 anyway tomorrow night - not sure if I will will be able to make next weeks games though - starting a new job and they have me down to be working 3 - 11 but its not 100% yet
  12. Finished this last night and absolutely loved it. Probably put about 15 hours into it just taking my time going about looking for as many of the Audio logs as possible and just loving the atmosphere of the game. The voice acting for the logs is amazing and just loved finding each one and listening to it while just scanning the enviroment for new things to look at. Setting up your defences when doing an Adam Gather was quite intresting and extremly satisfying when you manage to get quite far into a battle without too much attackers getting through to you. It does look dated now but would rather have something looking like this and deliverying a quality story than some glossy game which doesnt have much character to it. Loved the part at the end where Gave the MP a quick rattle last night and was fairly impressed with the depth of it. Giving the characters background storys and audio logs etc in the apartment are going to keep me going back to it. Just hope enough people do the same to keep it going for a while at least.
  13. I'll ben about from 9 or so tonight for a couple of practice games
  14. smithstock (6 - 2) Boobni82 After a few good results during preseason Lazio went into the opening two games of the season with a fairly positive attitude hopeful of a couple of good performances. The first game I got my arse handed to me well and truly. Schalke were playing some wonderful football and quickly were on top of the game and passing the ball about tormenting the full backs with some wonderful wing play and scoring some lovely goals. Schalke were playing Lazio off the pitch and the scoreline was fairly flattering towards Lazio who were dominent in the air which is the only thing to say of note about them. SS Lazio - FC Schalke 4 7 Shots 12 4 On target 7 46% Possession 54% 17 Tackles 8 0 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 0 Offsides 0 5 Corners 2 57% Shot accuracy 58% Boobni82 (1 - 5) smithstock Second game was slightly better for Lazio footballing wise but still ended with a crushing defeat to leave the manager wondering whether he is going to be looking at a relegation dogfight or the sheer pain of watching the team failing to pick up and any points and crashing and burning without trace. Schalke's defence were complete and utter beasts in both games and seemed to muscle the defenders off the ball with little effort and were completly in control in both games. Any goals i got were generally quite lucky and I got a man sent off for a stupid tackle on the edge of the area which Smithstock managed to put away in some style. I've managed to lose the piece of paper with scorers etc on them so have no idea exactly who scored or what type of goal was scored as they have all blended into one on me. Apoligies smithstock for the lack of detail and wasnt sure what was happening with the comms for the 1st game and 1st half of second game as all I got was static for some reason. Wish you luck for the rest of the season anyway and can see you doing well based on the two games FC Schalke 4 - SS Lazio 11 Shots 10 7 On target 6 52% Possession 48% 9 Tackles 9 1 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 1 0 Injuries 0 3 Offsides 1 1 Corners 2 63% Shot accuracy 60% 85% Pass accuracy 84% Running stats
  15. Unsuccesful Irishman somehow lands Lazio Job Lazio fans look forward to meeting their new manager Northern Irish manager Boobni has been introduced to the Lazio fans this afternoon and unsuprisingly the fans were less than impressed with the appointment. Having been relegated in his first season in management at Bayer Leverkusen with a measly 6 points all season and only managing to stay up on the last day of the season the last time round at Genoa the fans are expecting the worst. When asked how he felt about the reception he recieved from the fans Boobni seemed unflustered and stated "I think once the fans see the type of football we are looking to play this year I am confident that they will come round to my way of thinking. Also the chairman has promised round the clock security if things go tits up anyway" Boobni also pointed out the presence of Zarate upfront and stated that he is looking the Argentinian to make a good impression on the league this year. When asked about the massive loss of Goran Pandev upfront the manager simply said that he would rather have players at the club willing to work for the shirt that those looking for a transfer. Am looking forward to another season and have played a couple of games with Lazio this evening and they dont seem to bad against randoms so hopefully I can make a push this year for a playoff spot but will again be happy enough to avoid relegation. Good luck to everyone else for this season and it should be a good laugh regardless
  16. Gonna give Lazio a go this season and see what happens
  17. Rooney you fucking dancer Surely we cant fuck this up now
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