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  1. Neville should be off there the silly bastard
  2. Breaking news on the Guardian site saying that Rooney has signed a new 5 year contract. Hopefully some money is going to be spent in January as a result
  3. The depth of squad may not have been great but if you look at the quality of the 1st eleven and subs it would have been as high if not higher than now. You had Scholes, Giggs, Neville, Ferdinand and van Nistelrooy plus the likes of at the close to the peak of their game, players like Keane and Solskjær and money to replace the players on their way out. Looking at the squad now can you the say the same?
  4. I can sort of see now where Rooney is coming from with wanting out of the club now. If you look at the difference of when he joined the club to this point now the changes are massive. If anyone was in the position of joining a company that had the ability to recruit the best people in the world you are bound to be interested and excited to be there. A few years down the line and the better people seeming to be leaving and are being replaced with nowhere near like for like replacements while any left over money is being funneled out to finance the owners debts leaving the future success uncertain. Anyone in a similar position in a normal day to day job would probably have the same feeling and have little interest in continuing in the same place. United really are not the force they were 6 years ago when he joined and I can really see us doing a Liverpool of letting go of being the best club in England. No one believes the line about the club having a healthy bank balance and there being money for players to come in and Rooney must fear signing a long term contract with the club only to be faced with having to carry a team along. There is no longer any point in moaning about the Glazers being there as i'm sure they dont give a fuck about people on the Internet and down the pub moaning about them being leeches whilst sat wearing their Replica tops and pumping money into the club in various forms.
  5. Really bad news - think the best case is going to be getting £25 - £30 million to Real Madrid and either Benzema or Kaka coming our way as part of any deal. I think regardless of the reasons behind his intention to walk out which still hasn't been confirmed this is still going to reflect badly on the Glazers when we dont replace class with class. The most interesting thing is going to be seeing if Ferguson lets him sit in the Reserves till Jan dropping any price further and further or bring him back into the team and see if the working relationship can be sorted out. Really starting to be a bad time to be supporting Utd with the club finally starting to show real signs of falling apart as a result of the debt having been placed on us and with the teams around us grinding out wins and us seemingly now just about getting draws against the teams we really should be beating its looking very likely that this could be the first season outside the top 3 and very possibly being outside the top 4. You can look at the league now and the number of teams currently having at least as good a squad and having the ability to strengthen in Jan leaves things looking grim.
  6. Yeah - either that or pigs. Enjoying this so far and the Belfast scenes havent been too bad yet - the store is like something out of the 80's but thats the worst of it so far. They were filming a load of shots outside our work where the Titanic was fitted so will be interesting to see if they use those.
  7. So just announced record profits as a club of £100m but this turns into a £83.6m loss due to the costs of restructuring the clubs debts http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/oct/08/manchester-united-debt-glazer Surely the Glazers can't afford to keep this up now with a large majority of the malls etc in the US defaulting on the mortgages. With a large number of players contracts up for renewal soon this is looking more and more grim. The worst part is going to be even if they decide to sell they are just going to bump the valuation of the club up past the £1.5B they had previously been looking for cant really see this getting any better soon. A small part of me hopes we dont qualify for the champs league next season and force the Glazers to take a hit and just sell the club and fuck off. Surely things couldnt get worse at any point with a new owner.
  8. Loving this game so far - now level 25 and ignored the story to concentrate on the survivors on the 1st run through. Loving the combo weapons in this and just basically pissing about on it. Although I cant work out how to get into the pawn shops - they are all shut and I haven't had a mission to get them open so far so not sure what the crack is there. Loving the TIR multiplayer as well although there doesnt seem to be many people bothering with it so far judging by the times it takes to get into a game. Dont think there is any real depth to it but mostly seems to be mindless fun and the bike riding at least seems slightly better than it did on Case Zero.
  9. I know i shouldnt but i cant help but check out videos of the stuff you can do in this game Just seen a guy putting the Really hoping that my copy comes tomorrow but have a bad feeling it will be here on Saturday when I have shit loads to be doing.
  10. I cant wait for this now. I've pre-ordered off Amazon mind and its got a delivery date of 27th. I'd booked Friday off ages ago as its my Birthday and had grand visions of playing this all day eating cake but Amazon had to go and spoil all out the bastards. Cant wait for the Co-Op mind - is there going to be rllmuk tag made for the multiplayer?
  11. Wheres Valencia? Would like'd to have seen him starting through the middle switching with Nani on the right wing. He normally plays in the middle for Ecudaor so could have been worth a go im sure.
  12. So no Rooney even in the squad today - don't fancy our chances today against an Everton team that seems to generally do well against. Hopefully Hernandez will get a start up front with Berba
  13. Is this not the trailer that was out ages ago - near certain I seen it before.
  14. Not much to add to those - 2 enjoyable games with quite a few chances. No idea what my keeper was on in the 2nd game tho. Only really started playing once i was 3-0 down and hleb managed to miss a couple of good chances in the 2nd like a tool. Was good to finally get the games played tho. Cheers for the games and good luck for the rest of the season.
  15. Hi Still having a nightmare with my broadband at the moment - anything other than browsing is incredibly slow and useable so cant play at moment sorry and BT arent doing much to fix it at the moment.
  16. Hey mate - having a nightmare with my broadband at the moment. Bt have fucked up somehow and im getting a really shit connection at the moment so wont be able to play today - does any time tomorrow suit you and hopefully the connection will be better then.
  17. Boobni82 (2 - 2) Big Gus Scorers: Kuzmanovic x 2 Team average rating: 6.91 I went 2-0 up in this games with two goals through Kuzmanovic and had a couple of oppurtunitys to stretch the lead but was let down by some poor finishing and good goalkeeping. Big Gus then was over me for most of the second and got the goals that his performance deserved to get a point in the game. VfB Stuttgart - 1 FC Koln 14 Shots 10 7 On target 6 50% Possession 50% 22 Tackles 14 5 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 1 Offsides 0 2 Corners 3 50% Shot accuracy 60% 72% Pass accuracy 70% Big Gus (1 - 2) Boobni82 Not sure on the stats as the game quit before the stats came up but Big Gus scored after a goal mouth scramble to take the lead and he held onto it early into the second half until I scored 2 goals to grab the lead. Big Gus had a couple of chances to get the equaliser again but I held on to secure a much needed three points. 1 FC Koln - VfB Stuttgart Running stats Top goal scorers Pogrebnyak - 8 Marica - 5 Kuzmanovic - 3 Gebhart - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:6.65) Niedermeier - 9 Marica - 8.25 Pogrebnyak - 7.33 Tasci - 7.22 Khedira - 7.11 Cheers for the games tonight and there really wasnt much between us in either of the games and it was some good end to end stuff. Not sure what happened with the mics in the first game but i think my headset might be on the way out. Good Luck for the rest of the season.
  18. Billy Brown (3 - 1) Boobni82 Scorers: Marica Team average rating: 6 Birmingham City FC - VfB Stuttgart 11 Shots 13 4 On target 5 51% Possession 49% 8 Tackles 10 3 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 1 0 Injuries 0 1 Offsides 2 0 Corners 2 36% Shot accuracy 38% 74% Pass accuracy 82% Running stats Top goal scorers Pogrebnyak - 8 Marica - 5 Gebhart - 1 Kuzmanovic - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:6.61) Niedermeier - 9 Marica - 8.14 Pogrebnyak - 7.38 Tasci - 7.25 Khedira - 7.12 Boobni82 (1 - 5) Billy Brown Scorers: Pogrebnyak Team average rating: 6.36 VfB Stuttgart - Birmingham City FC 14 Shots 15 9 On target 12 47% Possession 53% 11 Tackles 9 3 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 1 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 1 2 Offsides 0 3 Corners 3 64% Shot accuracy 80% 79% Pass accuracy 80% Two very close games here despite the scorelines - Jerome just ripped the piss out of my defence in both games. The power and speed of him are incredible and he just constantly brushed off my centre backs in both the games. Hart also had a couple of good games keeping out pretty much everything i was throwing at him. Cheers for the games - the first one in the snow with the white ball certainly made for an interesting games anyway. Cheers and good luck for the rest of the season
  19. PeterUK (1 - 3) Boobni82 Team average rating: 7.82 This game started quite slowly with both teams having efforts until a lofted through ball was caught first time on the volley by Marica about 30 yards out and managed to go in just beyond the dispairing dive of the keeper. A quickfire second came when Marica scored with a nice shot into the top right hand corner. He then added a third later to put the Germans 3-0 up and put them in the driving seat. Fenerbache continued to threaten and got the goal that they deserved in the dying moments of the game with a nicely worked goal. Fenerbahce SK - VfB Stuttgart 6 Shots 14 4 On target 7 48% Possession 52% 15 Tackles 26 2 Fouls 2 1 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 1 Injuries 0 0 Offsides 1 0 Corners 5 66% Shot accuracy 50% 71% Pass accuracy 72% Boobni82 (4 - 9) PeterUK Scorers: Marica, Pogrebnyak x 3 Team average rating: 5.91 Terrible performance here which included 2 red cards for 2 desperate lunges on the edge of the box after lovely build up work from fenerbache. Initially the game had exploded into action with Fenerbache scoring in the opening minute and then Stuttgart equalising in the 3rd minute. Some lovely play in the rain from both teams and Fenerbache really opened me up with their slick passing. Cant really remember too much about the game apart from it being pretty much end to end stuff and there probably could have been more goals from either of us but there was some good goal keeping on both sides. VfB Stuttgart - Fenerbahce SK 20 Shots 21 11 On target 15 48% Possession 52% 14 Tackles 17 5 Fouls 1 1 Yellow cards 0 2 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 1 Offsides 1 2 Corners 2 55% Shot accuracy 71% 80% Pass accuracy 77% Running stats Top goal scorers Pogrebnyak - 7 Marica - 4 Gebhart - 1 Kuzmanovic - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:6.76) Niedermeier - 9 Marica - 8.2 Pogrebnyak - 7.5 Kuzmanovic - 7.33 Tasci - 7.33 Cheers for the games tonight. The two games being in the rain made for some exciting matches anyway. Need to watch my last minute lunges at the back now - keep telling myself I can make the ball even when the odds are highly stacked against me. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  20. harbey (1 - 3) Boobni82 Scorers: Gebhart, Marica x 2 Team average rating: 7.18 Dont know how I managed to win this one. Harbey was playing some lovely stuff throughout the whole game but some woeful finishing from his strikers was costing him. I was pretty restricted to trying to play in the ball from the wide and his keeper seemed to have a bit a shocker and not being able to catch anything to allow my strikers some easy goals from rebounds. On another night I could easily have seen myself beat by a couple of goals in this fixture but managed to somehow come away with all 3 points. Sunderland FC - VfB Stuttgart 17 Shots 13 10 On target 8 50% Possession 50% 10 Tackles 15 1 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 1 Injuries 0 0 Offsides 2 3 Corners 2 58% Shot accuracy 61% 77% Pass accuracy 70% Boobni82 (2 - 2) harbey Scorers: Pogrebnyak x 2 Team average rating: 6.18 Campbell opened up the scoring with a cool finish early on in this game to give Sunderland the lead and they had various chances to extend before Pogrebnyak collected the ball on the left wing in injury time at the end of the first half and struck a lovely finish in off the right hand post to send both teams in even at half time. Pogrebnyak made it 2-1 in the 60th minute with a nice finish and Stuttgart had further chances to extend their lead in the second half but were unable to find a way through. Sunderland kept their heads up and continued to play some lovely football and got the equalising goal in the 90th minute with Cattermole collecting a fine pass and porviding a clever finish to level things out. More drama was to occure when Sunderland broke through shortly after the restart and Bent was brought down by a poorly timed tackle from a Stuttgart defender who for some reason wasnt even booked. Up stepped the Sunderland player and struck the kick to the left side of the net but the keeper managed to guess right and keep his team in the game and collect a point that they barely deserved. VfB Stuttgart - Sunderland FC 21 Shots 12 10 On target 7 48% Possession 52% 9 Tackles 16 2 Fouls 2 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 2 Offsides 2 6 Corners 1 47% Shot accuracy 58% 83% Pass accuracy 80% Running stats Top goal scorers Pogrebnyak - 4 Marica - 3 Gebhart - 1 Kuzmanovic - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:6.7) Niedermeier - 9 Marica - 8 Tasci - 7.5 Kuzmanovic - 7.25 Cacau - 7 Cheers for the games Harbey - I reckon you were fairly hard done by in both games with some weird decisions going against you and your strikers didnt really seem to be in the game otherwise i could have taken a pasting. Sorry for that tackle in the 90th minute of the second game when you were clean through but i did think there was a chance that my defender could have got his foot on the ball. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  21. Boobni82 (3 - 2) Pilotwings Scorers: Marica, Pogrebnyak x 2 Team average rating: 7 1st game of the season and the first time the manager had had a chance to look at his team. Things certainly could have went better in the 1st half with the German side being played of the pitch for most of the game and going in two goals down against the classy Italians. Whatever the manager said at half time seemed to work as Stuttgart came out the trap at a lightning speed taking the game to Palermo with a determination that was lacking in the 1st half. 3 goals in the first 10 minutes of the second half put them in charge of the game and they managed to play it out despite a few scares from the opposition to start the season off well. VfB Stuttgart - Palermo 20 Shots 12 9 On target 10 45% Possession 55% 18 Tackles 11 2 Fouls 2 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 2 Offsides 1 1 Corners 3 45% Shot accuracy 83% 73% Pass accuracy 81% Pilotwings (2 - 1) Boobni82 Scorers: Kuzmanovic Team average rating: 6.45 The second match saw the Germans take the lead with a thunderous strike from the edge of the box by Kuzmanovic and manage to hold the score that way until halfway despite both teams having opportunities to score more goals. Palermo responded in the 59th minute of the game with a clever finish from Simplicio and then managed to break the hearts of all the German supporters with a well taken finish in the 90th minute to grab a well deserved victory Palermo - VfB Stuttgart 13 Shots 14 8 On target 9 56% Possession 44% 12 Tackles 12 2 Fouls 2 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 2 Offsides 0 4 Corners 1 61% Shot accuracy 64% 72% Pass accuracy 70% Running stats Top goal scorers Pogrebnyak - 2 Kuzmanovic - 1 Marica - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:6.73) Tasci - 8.5 Kuzmanovic - 8 Marica - 8 Hleb - 7.5 Pogrebnyak - 7.5 Cheers for the games Pilotwings and sorry about the late report on this one. Good luck for the rest of the season
  22. Got Zombie Island last night as its on offer this week so will have a rattle through it at some point over the weekend - looking forward to it
  23. Got this completed this morning and really loved it. Found the final boss quite easy though and Does changing your character type have much difference on your playthrough at all? Tempted to maybe start as someone other than the solider but not sure. How long are each of the DLC's and do they had much more areas into the game?
  24. FUCKING RIGHT What a way to win the derby. Just need Spurs to get something now to at least keep the season going. Really didnt think we would do it either
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