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  1. I remember being younger and my mum generally never giving me money to go into town as she knew it would end up going into gambling machines. Got round this rule by playing the slot machines in Starlight Zone (I think) for hours on end.
  2. Got it for £7 in asda - havent got a game like this in a while that takes over spare time even when not playing game. During team meetings and the like im pretty much ignoring everything thats happening and just thinking 'If i attach another grenade launcher to my supergunship will this really help with any missions'. Currently trying desperately to talk mates into buying this game so I can play them on Live but no dice. Could imagine the Live will be quite amazing
  3. Mine has arrived in post - cant wait to get home now - just under 2 hours of soul destroying clock watching before i can get to go home - Is the second kick pedal different to the standard GHWT one at all or is it just a generic kick pedal?
  4. Completed this game the other night - absolutely amazing one of the few games i felt guilty playing for any longer than an hour at a time knowing that at some point it would be completed. Best enemies i have seen in a game in a long time.
  5. Cheers Can you PM me the payment details and i'll fire the payment through now.
  6. Hi I would be interested in this but cant PM as havn't done 50 posts yet.
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