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  1. I've been busting to play hex - looks manic fun I got to the final once and just missed the crown on my leap. Playing it with the daughter and watching her break down into mighty rage during rounds is more entertaining than the game itself
  2. This is great however the servers seem to be getting hammered - constant disconnects an loading screens at the moment. The populating numbers seem to pretty much collapse once one person leaves from the looks of it - number i've seen so far go down from 50+ to under 15 within a minute has been crazy
  3. Just sent a request there - knew it was something stupid I was doing.
  4. Hey Trying GSSQH doesn't seem to be working for me - not finding any islands with it? Has the code changed at all?
  5. Hey is it ok to pop across? Will leave tip an all that
  6. I just found a room with a random 1000 turnips in it I had forgot about after unloading the rest of mine at the start of the week so would appreciate a decent enough price to offload them as mine has collapsed this week.
  7. Thanks for all the tips today - got a bit more of nook off my back
  8. Not sure if you've been but im loitering near the town hall
  9. No I'm all good thanks - if the code changes I'll let you know
  10. My switch will be on for most of day if you want to try later sure
  11. Switch crashed - new code is FW8Y8
  12. They are from Ac Patterns - think this is them https://acpatterns.com/editor#H:a1442c6901c453d3ae66453daf89aeed
  13. Mine are at 514 if anyone wants to come over? Dodo code is D3T3Q.
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