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  1. Closed beta 2 application page is live: https://cloud.event.capcom.com/sf6_cbt/entry-complete?regist=1 December 16th.
  2. It's been the single worst series of performances by any player in the history of football. I heard he burned down an orphanage at half time against Korea and strangled Suarez to death in stoppage time before pissing all over the Uruguayan supporters. HYSTERICALLY BAD. I don't particularly care how he does for Uruguay as long as he brings his brand of defense terrifying madness and sheer unbridled chaos back to our games. The goals and goal contributions have been welcome too.
  3. Ronnie O'Sullivan, especially in more recent years. Hard to know if it's really the sport or because he's generally quite a troubled guy though. Definitely not happy with the tour structures/prize money/standard of new players. Also in an interview last year said most snooker players have wasted their life, he'd discourage his kids from playing it, that the solitary practise in darkened rooms does a lot of damage and that he'd have pursued F1 or Golf instead if he could do it again.
  4. Offline versus mode too! That's been the real joy of the cracked beta for me so far.
  5. Duff penalty aside I thought Bajetic had a very tidy performance for such a young player. Good thing Kelleher is a shoot out god.
  6. Oh wow I have never seen that image in high enough resolution to spot Dhalsim before. Also it is highly inaccurate as Honda/Sagat is 7-3 in Sagat's favour. It should depict Honda being far away getting pied in the face with tiger shots until dead.
  7. Been playing this a lot over the past week. Been lovely having house sessions for a new Streetfighter game again, especially with some of my fellow grumpy old man SF4 players who didn't like SF5 as much. I still think Drive Impact is the worst thing about the game, but I absolutely love everything else about it so I can put up with it. Also found this bit of sauce with Ryu off a drive rush overhead:
  8. The board game is primarily designed with co op in mind. You can play it solo but it’s intended to be played with friends. I have played literally thousands of hours of the video game but don’t think it makes the board game redundant at all. I’m excited for it. Myself and my fellow spire nerd friends have been waiting for this kickstarter to go live for almost two years. They put it up on the Contention games site very early and it’s been on “coming soon” for what feels like forever. I thought it might have been quietly abandoned for a while, but then found that the guys behind it have been updating via an extremely long AMA thread on boardgamegeek the whole time. It is quite pricey, but that’s niche board games for you I suppose. Going to split it with some pals to bring it down a bit. Now just have to wait another year and a bit for the actual game to arrive.
  9. Played about 30 games of Ryu mirrors with a friend this evening. Game is so much fun. It plays an infinitely better game of Ryu mirrors than SFV did, partly because of the overall pace of the game, but also because this Ryu is a great match for himself. The towards roundhouse hop kick to crush low forward, the strength of low forward itself, the power of denjin charge in the fireball war. Could have played all night if I didn't have one of those bloody jobs people have. Still not a fan of Drive Impact but I love literally everything else. One thing I really like is how trades work. It's the first SF game where both characters still complete their animation before they go into hit stun, so you can fully see which moves traded. Will make trade combos more consistent and also just removes a bit of spaghetti from the game generally. Also the versus screen faces still make me laugh. I thought it would have worn off by now but they're great.
  10. I haven’t kept up with the rest of the league as much as I usually do this season, so genuine question: what has happened to Leicester? Why are they struggling so badly? Is it injuries? Just seems odd that their start has been this bad.
  11. Alisson comfortably our best player today, what a miserable watch that was.
  12. First half performance was excellent, would have been gutted to go in 1-1 at half time after the penalty. Love this system for away teams who will try to frustrate. Great to see Tsimikas get the assist; Nunez is the big target he's been waiting for for his lovely crosses. Nunez had a few misses, still quite obviously needs to mature a bit, but the stuff he got right and his overall performance was very exciting. Great to see Anfield so behind him and he deserved the praise today. He will be frustrating at times but he also has a very high ceiling based on his physical attributes and raw talent alone. Loved how much defending he did too. I trust in Klopp to make a monster out of him. West Ham were excellent in the second half and we did well to hang on to all three in the end. Sensational challenge from Milner, I couldn't fathom how they'd failed to score in real time. It was a nervous watch but the first half was thoroughly enjoyable. Overall very chuffed about this little run of three games we've had, especially when we're still constantly missing key players.
  13. No Pep, this is Anfield:
  14. I’m disappointed with a lot of the character themes, especially when some of the SF5 ones were up there with the best work they’ve done. I love this one though: https://youtu.be/LxIw78JeA2Q/watch?v=LxIw78JeA2Q
  15. Yeah I absolutely think the one bar cost is the biggest issue with it. I quite like the threat of it against a cornered/burnt out opponent too, but tapping it through offense or just speculatively throwing it out shouldn't be so readily available. There are answers to it and we will all improve at dealing with it, but I'd rather not have to have to add "guy who does drive impact all the bleedin' time" to the list of online opponent archetypes. Like one answer to it is to just not really play footsies in the mid range and wait to see if they do it at random. I could do that, and I will I have to, but I'd like that to be something I'm looking for against an opponent who really needs a big swing in their favour and has to commit to it, rather than just someone who fishes for it whenever it pops into their head.
  16. Guys I love it. I played about 12 hours of the beta and I am very very excited for the launch. The main thing is that the overall pace/feel/weight of the game is leagues ahead of SF5. Jumps are more reactable, forward dashes aren't as strong. Drive Rush is excellent. Best attempt at a Roman Cancel/FADC etc. mechanic in a Streetfighter game so far. Neutral drive rush is a way to bypass neutral and sneak in, but it has a big visual indicator and it's tied to a resource, whereas in SFV you could just keep switching between dash and jump until one of them worked. Footsies/mid range is also far better than SFV. Nice rangey pokes, big buttons with range feel like a commitment and can be jumped or whiff punished consistently if you're too reckless with them. I'm not generally a fan of universal parries, but they work exactly the same as the ones in Punch Planet, which I think is the best way to have them. Again, tied to a resource and you can be blown up for being incorrect with them. Also like that combos after a perfect parry have scaling on them so they're not as strong as they were in Third Strike. Completely in love with this version of Ken. I'll be maining Dee Jay when the game is out, but I played Ken for the whole Beta and had a blast with him. He's like a compilation of all the best bits from previous Ken appearances with some new toys thrown in as well. Heavy tatsu knocks down, but flaming heavy tatsu leaves you point blank standing like it did in SF4. He has lots of stuff like that where he's somewhere between SF4 and SF5 but also has nods to his older appearances with the crazy kicks making a return. It's early to say but I think it might be the best Ken they've ever done. I was immediately turned off by the game feel of SFV and it wasn't until Season 5 that I really started enjoying it. This feels great right from the off. On top of that it also has great netcode and a frankly ludicrous array of features/functionality/options that shows how much they've taken the SFV launch backlash on board. The only thing I don't like so far is drive impact. I hope it gets a bit retuned before launch as it feels a bit derpy and I know it's going to be the most mashed and abused option by your typical ranked monsters. I was getting the hang of countering it by the end of the beta but I still don't think it's a particularly great mechanic. Other than that my thumbs are all the way up, so happy with it.
  18. Yeah I really think it's one of the finest fighting games ever made. Does so many things right and has one of the best attempts at easy input/accessibility I've seen so far. Every game is getting rollback except Granblue.
  19. I don't think the panda people would be happy about that. I'm sure HHH would love to change it back if it were legally feasible though. They're trying their hardest to wash off the Vince McMahon stink at the moment. Bet they'll still take the Saudi Arabia money though. Back on topic: Hadouken.
  20. Wondering if she's at least partly inspired by Bianca Belair from WWE:
  21. Kimberley's take on the Guy/Bushinryu archetype looks like loads of fun but I do not like the design. 100% agreed on the Poochie vibes this game has. It feels very focus grouped and like an alien grandad's attempt at cool. They're veering towards SNK's "cool" characters in their levels of try-hardery. Kimberley is basically Isla from KOV15. Please stop saying "urban" for the love of god. I preferred it when they were trying out "Chad". Juri looks tremendous though. Somewhere between SF4 and 5 in terms of both character build and aesthetics. Love it. Both of these characters look precisely as they did in the leaked concept art too. I don't think there was much doubt about that leak being legit, but I definitely don't have any now. Which means we will be seeing Dee Jay!
  22. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t get the time off for VSF. Itching to go to a big tournament it’s been years. Everyone report back your sf6 findings!
  23. Hades. I have a very low tolerance for cut scenes, but I read and listened to every bit of dialogue in that game. Storytelling through a roguelike/lite/etc. done so masterfully.
  24. Somehow hadn’t even occurred to me how amazing the outtakes must be from this show. I hope we get them at some point. EDIT: Never mind!
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