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  1. Yup, awakened one does that every time. It’s pretty different the second time. It no longer heals, does different attacks, puts void cards in your deck and doesn’t buff strength when you play powers. Forces some tricky decisions about when to play powers and when to use exhaust cards etc.
  2. Apalling lobby system and weak tutorial aside, SamSho is an excellent fighting game, happy to see it get a good score. It's very easy to pick up and is a ton of fun to play casually, but you also have to be SO GOOD to win against a good player. Learning the characters and their moves is more like learning how the chess pieces move and then the game is about the decisions, which have higher stakes attached to them than pretty much any other fighter. Universal inputs for the supers was a great choice, as was resisting the urge to modernise it by throwing in lots of extra tools for the characters or loads of new game mechanics. I love that they had the balls to keep it a pure Samurai Shodown game and keep the combos to a minimum as it sets it apart and also makes it more welcoming to new people. An experienced good player will annihilate a new player, but they'll only do it using tools, combos and punishes that the new player could pull off themselves with minimal practise compared to most other fighting games. Crucially, despite being relatively easy to pick up, it is intensely demanding and difficult to play well. Every decision is life and death, your spacing has to be perfect, you cannot miss an anti-air, there is barely any safe pressure, the punishes are devastating, missing the optimal punish is equally devastating. You have to be so prepared, so composed and so correct at all times and you are DEAD if you're not. You can have a low barrier of entry but still have an extremely high skill ceiling in a fighting game and this game is proof of it.
  3. Haha, that's the result of 800 hours of gameplay on PC before this version came out, and even then it was attempt 35 at A20 on the Switch version with a ludicrously potent set of relics. Could easily be 100 attempts before I do it again. Completing Act 4 on hardest is SO DIFFICULT, which again is why I find it utterly mind-blowing that Jorbs has managed to do it nine times in a row rotating through the characters. One of the most impressive feats of gaming I've ever witnessed. I'm loving everyone's run stories in the thread. Next mission for me is to begin the climb on Switch with the other two lads. EDIT: OH haha, it was in response to Jonamok winning first time. That happened with my cousin on his first ever run with Ironclad. I very briefly explained the gist of it, watched him play without backseat gaming too much and he went and won. I probably didn't do a great job of hiding how LIVID I was. It took me... well... more than one run to get my first win.
  4. If this isn't a second A20 heart kill then I will be very disappointed. Pyramid, crane, full health, 5 energy most turns thanks to Art of War, Incense burner (albeit set to the wrong turn) and a set of cards that is essentially the heart killer's tool kit. Also liquid thorns and ghost in a jar that I've been saving since act 1 . Gonna throw my Switch out the window if this goes tits up.
  5. The modding scene is amazing. As well as new characters there are new game mechanics, potions, cards, relics, enemies, events and bosses. One of the mods adds an entirely new second act. Cannot wait for the official fourth character though. Wondering if it’ll have an entirely new card type as currently Ironclad is master of attacks, Silent skills and Defect powers. Such possibilities.
  6. Origi's first touch for his goal against Tranmere was gorgeous. Time stamped it here:
  7. That patch also has a “long press” option for ending turns so you can’t tap it by mistake and kill your self. Think that’ll save Switch players a lot of grief when it makes it to that version.
  8. Had a first to 15 offline against a friend last night. Still playing Charlotte but he's switched from Yoshitora to Jubei. The neutral game between those two is really good fun. If we both fireball at full screen at the same time our fireballs will meet and they clash. If we're a bit closer my fireball won't start up fully and his will win. If he fireballs at long/mid range and I'm in neutral I can hop over his fireball with my standing kick, but if he does the heavy fireball it takes longer to come out and has a bigger hitbox so the timing for me is totally different. If he jumps at mid-close range as I fire my fireball he can punish my recovery. However, Charlotte can hold the button down to keep the fireball in place, which will anti-air his jump. With this in mind I can release it at numerous different timings depending on his spacing/habits/rhythm. If I jump at mid-close range I can punish his fireball. If he reads that he can do his anti-air counter and hit me for 50% damage. If he jumps from further out and my fireball has recovered I can dragon punch him. *THEN* I have my bayonet lunge long range stabby move that goes mid/full screen depending on which version. The full screen one takes the longest to start up, but if I read/predict a fireball I can either stuff it before he throws it or I can trade with the damage on the trade being in my favour. However, if he reads *THAT* and jumps then the bayonet lunge has crazy long recovery and he gets a full jump in combo. And that's just one aspect of the full/mid range game between the two characters. I keep people saying how basic the game is because it doesn't have combos but it's complicated in all the right ways.
  9. Yeah both of those event changes are very sensible. Remember when the optional second fight in the colosseum was two Gremlin Nobs? That was a spicy meatball. I like the blood potion buff also. It's the still the weakest of the character-specific potions but it needed something.
  10. It's both frustrating and entertaining seeing the Twitch chat for this game. Watched some of the CEO top 8 and saw Justin Wong calmly TamTam standing M'ing the competition to death. They were all complaining about how boring the game is, how it needs oki/pressure/mix ups, how it needs combos etc. Then something did 70% and they lost their shit. Personally I've always enjoyed watching a neutral-focused match in any fighting game, but for those who don't you really need to play this first to understand it. The pressure and tension you normally feel when you're knocked down or at frame disadvantage in other games, you feel that for the ENTIRE match in this game. Every single second of it is tense as hell because you are incredibly aware of the danger. It's like the opening neutral of a Mahvel game, except it doesn't end after a hit and one of you starts running your bullshit, instead you have to stay in that terrifying ultra-cagey neutral for the whole fight. One of the things I love about Killer Instinct is that the combo/breaker system means there is no point in the match where you switch off. You can't settle in and land your bnb combo without thinking about it, and as the defender taking the hit you have to be on high alert to look for patterns/breaker opportunities. SamSho has that quality in spades, there is no down time in the round at all. You are on the highest alert for the entire match because you can get MURDERED at any given second. It is the polar opposite of boring and it's a real shame this is lost on so many viewers. Such a great game for practising so many important transferable skills too. Obviously footsies and neutral is a big one, but I'd say having optimised/max damage punishes is more important here than almost any other game. If you get a big opening and you get 30% damage on the opponent when you could have had 70% that is a catastrophic error and you will be very lucky to get a chance to make up for it. Your reactions have to be so on point as well. It's also a great workout for practising the end game life and death scenario because you need to be at that level of readiness for the whole fight in this game. It's a good game, I like it.
  11. The music for that boss rematch is the best music in the game also. I think it’s wasted on that fight. But yeah, completely annihilating act 1 bosses with act 3 decks is a lot of fun. Also like that event for when Jorbs takes the money and Normality and does something funky with it. The best recent one he had blue candle/centennial puzzle/2 feel no pain/juggernaught+. So at the cost of 1hp, playing normality drew cards, did damage and generated block for no energy. Ironclad seems so simple until you are doing the maddest of things with him.
  12. Saw them at the O2 Academy in Brixton last night. Loved it. They played about half of Blue, half of Pinkerton, the other big singles you’d expect (Hash Pipe/Beverley Hills etc.) and threw in some covers from Teal. As bland as I found that album, covers for a bit of a laugh always play much better live. I don’t fully trust anyone who doesn’t enjoy Africa when slightly drunk. Tired of Sex was the biggest miss for me personally but they were always going to miss one of my favourites from those first two albums as I love so many of them. “Thank God for girls” was the only sour note as I don’t like it at all. They did “Say it ain’t so” as the last song of the encore and I nearly cried. Great show, can’t wait to see them again.
  13. I love tanky body slam decks. Also I love that this game is on Switch! Starting a new save from scratch has been fun and it is amaaazing to have a portable version of it. Travelled from Yorkshire to Saaahfend by train on Friday and did Ascension 7, 8 and 9 with Silent. Absolutely devoured the journey, had to look up occasionally to check where I was as it flew by so fast. Doing the return journey today and will be Ascending spires for the duration. Best game.
  14. I like this game when it's the grappler against the shoto. I think it does exactly what it sets out to do. When it's some of the other shenanigans-y characters it feels like the exact opposite. Similar to Dive Kick where I love it when it's Dive vs Kick but not so much when it's everyone else. Probably still going to pick it up though as when it does work I think it's fantastic.
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