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  1. The Ascension difficulty modifiers stack on top of each other. So for Ascension 1 you get more elites. Ascension 2 you get more damaging regular enemies *and* more elites. Then they keep stacking up to 20, at which point you'll have 20 difficulty modifiers added to the game.
  2. Them's Fightin' Herds.
  3. It's a shame SFV's buggy netcode has led to a lot of people now mistakenly believing that rollback netcode is a bad thing, despite a number of other games implementing it near-flawlessly. I played Them's Fightin' Herds (which uses GGPO) against a guy from Louisiana the other week and it felt like playing offline. Blew my mind when he told me where he was from.
  4. The best two teams on Merseyside: Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves.
  5. I would love one of these farfetch’ds. Let me know if there’s anything you’re looking for.
  6. Finn and Poe's on screen chemistry has prompted a lot of fans to push for a romantic relationship between them. Oscar Isaac has said in interviews that he would have liked to explore the idea of a Finn/Poe romantic relationship:
  7. It's only a visual difference. Sometimes people want them for that reason, but it's also because they're rare and it takes a degree of effort to amass a good collection of them.
  8. The idea that Luke would be happy with everything that happened in the OT because his dad came around in the end is insane to me. The rebellion lost many many people, entire planets were destroyed, what his father became was utterly horrifying despite his eventual redemption (and death!). I think the events of the OT would give him many many reasons to question whether or not this Jedi thing was a great idea. However, even if you disregard all of that, in TLJ we learn that he *did* still believe in it following the OT and trained Ben Solo. Perhaps buoyed by his father's redemption, when he saw Ben heading down a similar path to Anakin, he thought he could fix it. That is the sort of fresh-faced, slightly naive idealism the character always had throughout the original trilogy. He then realised he couldn't fix it, then he thought it was his duty to end it, then he realised he couldn't murder him. Then he felt lots of guilt and regret about all the atrocities Ben committed and it led him to believe that continuing to train potential Space-satans might be a bad idea, and HIM specifically doing it is an even worse idea. Then Yoda gives him an amazing pep talk and says that passing on the lessons from his failures is just as important as anything else he can teach Rey. This, combined with him seeing the good (and perhaps shades of himself as a precocious young trainee?) in Rey, gets him back on board. It also echoes nicely with ghost Obi Wan giving Yoda a pep talk back when *he* was being a grumpy, disillusioned old man with a list of reasons not to train Luke. Then Luke completes his own redemptive arc by saving the resistance from the latest Ben Solo atrocity and checking out in the most Force-y, Luke Skywalker-y and Jedi-y way imagineable. I know a lot of people don't like the direction TLJ took with Luke, but I don't think that's the same as it not making sense.
  9. A single run takes about an hour on average. Some will be more like 30-40 minutes, some can take closer to 90. That’s if you get to the end of course. When you first start out you’ll be much slower though as you won’t know what anything does. You can also save and quit during the run so you can break it up as you wish. How long it takes to “finish” the game as a whole depends on how you define that. Beating the game with all three characters is one thing, but beating the game and its optional extra boss on all 20 unlockable difficulties... you could be there a while. If the game gets its hooks in you, you could be talking hundreds if not thousands of hours, but it only asks for one at a time and it’s entirely up to you how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.
  10. OK we’ve got Nate, Imp and Hyper P in the thread. I like where this is going.
  11. Yeah absolutely. I’m all for reading an impassioned and considered write up of an opposing view, great post.
  12. Billy Dee is, not her father, he’s just a creep who, knows she’ loookin’ for one. It’s the laaando-lorian. @Mr Combo Breaker We can split the merchandising rights if you wish.
  13. The film/tv folder should have the sub-heading “it’s not perfect but what is?” Then there’d be no need for any topics at all. Pretty efficient.
  14. It’s funny, one of the shameless STS clones on Android is basically a note for note remake of the game except you can’t skip cards. I was talking to a friend about it and we both went “but skip is the best card in the game!” Then Jorbs comes up with that. What a guy.
  15. I’m more critical of it because I love it and really wanted to like this film. I am disappointed at being left cold by something that should be a guaranteed home run for me. The idea that you can’t feel let down by something you’re a fan of is pretty ridiculous to me. I’m glad people enjoyed it though, and I was sad that so many people hated TLJ, but I love a good ramble about Star Wars either way.
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