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  1. That's what he looks like, but in the interviews I've read with the developers, they were originally going to create a traditional Chinese character but decided to make a "cool" one instead. They were inspired by cool and fashionable young people they saw in China, and thought he reflected cool/hip Chinese youth more accurately than a traditional Chinese look. I hope young/hip Chinese people are appropriately offended. There is definitely some word play potential with his name and the Chunibiyo term though, so perhaps it's a nod to both, I don't think I've seen the devs actually confirm it's i
  2. Haha yeah he is the most horrendously over designed attempt at a cool kid ever.
  3. So happy to see Meiten back. One of my friends plays him and spent an eternity trying to learn his very difficult max damage combos in 14, often getting extremely frustrated when he dropped them at key moments. He landed them when it mattered the most though, when our team won grand Finals of Rival Scenes 2016. I can still feel the hype from this conversion from the air EX dive kick
  4. Yeah that was one of my favourites too. I also liked that they delivered immediately. Could easily have stalled out for another episode or two trying to get to the wi-fi hotspot. Instead, the previous episode they set off to go there, next episode they arrived immediately and got straight to business. Really appreciated the pacing there, and I liked that they spent the whole episode on one very eventful action sequence. Doing its job and getting out of there was a strength of the episode for me rather than a shortcoming. The fan service definitely adds a point on for me but it would have been
  5. Just been reading up on how well Harvey Elliott's doing at Blackburn. 18 appearances, 4 goals, 7 assists and second in the whole division for key passes completed. What a talented young man. Still 17 years old!
  6. Damn, morsels are much much stronger in this new DLC. The morsel that used to just give one energy next turn when eaten, for example, now gives +2 attack, +2 health *and* the energy. Umbra was the weakest class overall, but it still seems very generous how much they've buffed all the morsels. The new class is also very strong. Had 2 Covenant 25 wins out of 3 runs with them so far. I think it's fine for them to be OP during this test run though. It's better to flex all the new mechanics and let people try and break it and and have fun with it so they can tweak it later. Haven't tried their seco
  7. There's a public beta test of the upcoming DLC live now. It closes on the 10th, so now is the time if you want to give it a go. Go into the game's properties on Steam and you can select it under "Betas" then the game will update with the new stuff. There's a brand new clan, one new rare unit for each of the other clans, new concealed caverns events and some balance changes to the existing content. They've also added optional extra difficulty and an extra final boss, so the game has its own Heart now. There are new optional locations you can visit between stages. You ga
  8. Looks somewhere between 14 and Samurai Shodown. Looks fine to me. I've already accepted that they'll never make one as beautiful as 13 again. Seen some comments that it looks "the same" as 14. It has a very similar art style certainly, but by no means does it look the same: I'm hoping in motion it looks good enough to stop people writing it off like they did with 14. I'm buying it anyway though. If it plays somewhere close to 14 I will love it.
  9. Snecko Eye is at its most busted with Watcher, it's hilarious. Also I am continually amazed by how many people see Woke Bloke as a dog. The first time I saw someone say that I though they were just some lone crazy person, but clearly not. Do you see the cultists as little dogs also? I've always seen them as birds and therefore the Awoken as a giant bird man.
  10. I love Star Wars, I loved TLJ Luke and I loved this episode of Mando. Plenty of people who hated TLJ Luke also loved this episode of Mando. They're not incompatible positions, so we don't really need to squabble about it all over again.
  11. As far as I can tell, the highlighted ones are the ones that show up on your run completion screen. It doesn't show all of the boons, so if you want a screenshot of the highlights of your build you can pick the ones you want displayed. I *think* that's what it's for.
  12. I love hearing Jose say "the best team lost". Takes me back to 2005.
  13. Harry Kane just doesn't have Bobby's eye for goal.
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