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  1. Yeah this is the most spoiler-free I’ve been since going into Black and White blind. I know the starters and I’ve seen a handful of the early reveals but since I heard there was a full leak out there I’ve been in a self imposed black out. Thanks for using spoiler tags everyone. Hope simply games manage to deliver before Friday.
  2. What a half, bloody hell I don’t think I blinked. Wijnaldum playing out of his skin. Fabinho too. It never ceases to amaze me the tight spaces those guys manage to squeeze out of. Those passes for the second goal. Couldn’t possibly call how this is going to end but 2-0 at half time is a damn fine start.
  3. I want to be able to put an all star team from all of my previous games together for the post-game Battle Tower. I also liked seeing all of the little tweaks and balance changes and seeing how they would affect my previous squads. I could do that in the previous games, I'm disappointed I can't do it in this one. The National Dex was in all of the previous games and it never made anyone obligated to try and get all of them, so the "game with thousands of these things to collect" thing shows a misunderstanding of the issue. It doesn't means that every Pokemon ever is in the game and you have to find them all, it just gives you the option to transfer whatever you want from your previous games, which was always a really cool feature to me. . The regional pokedex is a separate thing that the previous games have all had, but those other games had the national dex as well. This new game only has one of those things. Fair enough if it's due to technical limiations or because they're holding it back for DLC or whatever, but it is insane to me that people are saying it's an improvement or that nobody should be disappointed.
  4. Platinum is the third game for Generation 4, it's a sort of remixed/enhanced version of Diamond/Pearl. So Gen 1 you had Red/Blue and then Yellow. Gen 2 there was Gold/Silver and then Crystal. Gen 3 Ruby/Sapphire then Emerald. Gen 4 Diamond/Pearl then Platinum. They changed this up after Gen 4 and did: Gen 5 Black and White then Black 2 and White 2. Gen 6 X and Y didn't get a follow up game. Pokemon Z was heavily rumoured and some leaks suggested it was in development but it never surfaced. It's a shame as I had intended to do a Nuzlocke challenge on . Gen 7 they did Sun/Moon then Ultra Sun an Ultra Moon. My history: Blue. My mum bought this for me and I hadn't stated a preference. I picked Charmander. All of the other main series games I bought I asked my cousin and my best friend which version they'd be getting and then picked the other one. The only exception was X and Y where my cousin couldn't afford to get it on launch day and was going to wait til he got paid, so I bought X for me and Y for him. I much prefer Xerneas to Yveltal so went with X for having the prettier box art. Gold/Silver. I never had an original Gold/Silver cart :(. I got Soul Silver on the DS later to make up for this and picked Totodile. Ruby/Sapphie. As above, never played the originals but got Alpha Sapphire on 3DS to play it afterwards. Started with Treecko. Fire Red/Leaf Green. I have both of these. Found them unboxed at a car boot for £5 each. Was a ridiculously good deal so I had to do it. Started a Fire Red campaign and picked Bulbasaur. Diamond. Turtwig. White. Tepig. White 2. Oshawatt. I regretted not picking the little scamp the first time and made up for it at the second attempt. My White 2 team is spectacularly bad as I decided to pick all the 'Mons I'd rather do a hard pass on. I have a Sunflora. It is, unsurprisingly, not very good. X. Froakie. Sun. Popplio.
  5. Justin Wong vs Nemo from Canada Cup made me so happy. I’m a big fan of Nemo but I am a bigger fan of perfect neutral control and Justin Wong being dry as hell. I can’t emphasise enough how difficult it is to do this in SFV, especially against one of the best rushdown players of all time.
  6. JLM

    Gamer or lamer?

    I'm a weakling and a Streetfighter expert. I wish I weighed 9 stone.
  7. It's a tough one. I want the decisions to be correct and a video replay can definitely catch things that would have been missed otherwise. I can't agree that some guys running around trying to follow the game and eyeball every decision is the optimal way to enforce the rules, but then some of the VAR calls have been either incorrect or so insanely petty that you'd rather they left it alone. I will say that I noticed when it wasn't there for the Carabao Cup game and one of Arsenal's goals was blatantly offside but wasn't called. There was also a very strong shout for a handball/penalty decision that was missed. I'm not sure if the length of time pundits spend flapping their gums about everything is really a measure of anything though, as there are still plenty of decisions that come down to opinion and they have a lot of TV time to fill. Plus VAR is the hot topic of the day so they're going to talk about everything it does ad nauseum. The headline when VAR absolutely correctly overrules a bad refereeing call is still always "ARSENAL DRAW AFTER VAR CONTROVERSY" rather than "CORRECT VAR DECISION PREVENTS UNFAIR RESULT". I think the implementation has been clumsy, inconsistent and poorly communicated but I'm for the idea in principle.
  8. When I went to see The Indian in the cupboard with my mum in 95/96ish, a man sat down next to us who was on his own. I thought nothing of it, as I was more focused on my extremely decadent ice cream tub. Haagen-Dazs, hot fudge sauce, chopped nuts, sprinkles, it was quite a piece of work. The lone man sat down next to us and sat in silence throughout the trailers. I completely forgot he was there and all was well. Then, just as the film was starting, he leaned over and whispered "is that yours?" pointing to my ice cream. I told him that it was. He then proceeded to stick his finger right into the ice cream, take out a sizeable scoop and nom it down. I was so unbelievably stunned that I didn't do anything. I quietly abandoned my ice cream and only told my mum in the car on the way home. Try and avoid doing that and you'll be fine.
  9. Ha, my Nan always used to say “I’ll just have a slither of cake” and I was always too polite to correct her. Turns out I’d have been mistaken.
  10. I like to do this with fighting games a lot of the time. For those who are not fighting game nerds, these games have community-created match up charts that weigh up a particular character's tool set and abilities against another's and apply a rating to it. The idea is that if two hypothetical perfect players with absolutely identical skills/knowledge/experience etc. played 10 matches using these two characters, what would you expect the score to be. So, for example, if the two characters are very evenly matched and can cope with each other equally well, the match up would be 5-5. If one character has a slight edge in the match up it'd be 6-4 in that character's favour etc. These are obviously hotly debated and arguable, but there are still some match ups in these games that are almost unanimously agreed to be absolutely horrendous for one of the characters. These are the rarely seen 7-3/8-2 match ups. I *love* playing these match ups on the losing side to see if I can do anything about them. I will happily sit and lose ten games in a row in an effort to take one of them. I enjoy the struggle and the mental strength it takes to come up with solutions, the way they often force you to use a character's tools in unconventional ways or make huge reads, and I enjoy the satisfaction of sneaking a win every so often against the odds. It's also quite liberating to play a fight where you don't get frustrated and salty when you lose because you fully expect to lose and anything else is a bonus. One of my most fun examples was playing as Dhalsim against Rufus in SF4. Dhalsim wants to, quite literally, keep the opponent at arm's length and slowly whittle their life away, sometimes over the course of 99 long seconds. Rufus wants to get right in the opponent's face and stomp their head in as quickly and brutally as possible. It is very, *very* difficult for Dhalsim to stop Rufus from doing this. As a result, the Dhalsim player in this match has to constantly be on the move and remain incredibly slippery, make lots and lots of life and death decisions at very high speed and generally run for his life in the face of a relentless onslaught from the Rufus player. Rufus can bulldog his way in with reckless abandon because he only needs to catch Dhalsim once to end the round. Dhalsim has to play perfectly, knowing that any mistake could be death. I find trying to survive this fight to be so much fun. Conversely, sometimes I don't want the struggle at all. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise is one of the most apt names for a game ever. The first one was my happy place, the sequel completely spoiled it for me by having more "oh shit" situations and making the game so much less relaxing.
  11. JLM

    PES 2020

    Yeah I would like to see keepers come off their line and take the initiative a little bit more, in really obvious situations at least. I find myself manually calling them out, which is fine, but there are times when a ball is going out for a corner and the keeper would need to take a couple of steps to go and grab it and prevent that, but instead just stands there like a lemon and watches it trickle out of play. I think they've found a better balance with through balls this year. Players who don't have the special ability or passing stats to pull it off will be bad at it, whereas in last year's game it felt like a bit of a magic button like in some of the old ISS games. I also love the weight and variety of styles of long passes in the game. Ruben Neves, for example, does these amazing 50 yard raking passes with a low trajectory and loads of back spin on them just like he does in real life, but if you ask a lower league clodhopper to try it the pass will balloon up into the air or wildly overshoot its target. I like any little touches like that which make individual special players stand out. Also on the harder difficulties it's actually possible to score from crosses and corners when I thought it was ludicrously difficult in the last game, to the point where in the co-op Master League game I play with my friend we completely abandoned them and played it short every time. We'd have an absolute behemoth of a target man with 90 for heading and the special heading ability and he could not win a header in the box. Now it feels like if the delivery is right you have a chance, but crucially it's not *too* effective to the point of being a dominant strategy. They've also made free kicks a touch more difficult as I thought they were far, far too easy to score in the last game even if the player you were using wasn't good at them. You can still score plenty but in the last game it got to the point where I felt like I'd really messed up if I didn't score. They should be rare enough to feel very satisfying when they go in and I think they're closer to getting it right this year. I think it's still quite fussy and arbitrary with fouls. It's annoying when the commentator goes "great intervention, stepped in and took it CLEANLY" then the whistle blows and it's a free kick. Even the commentators can see it was bullshit! I think they've done a better job of penalising you for trying to kick at the back of players, but a lot of the time it seems to call a foul for any contact whatsoever, or an opposition player will blatantly obstruct you, clatter your player to the floor and they somehow get the free kick. Master League is a little bit better but they still really really need the option to redistribute the funds as you see fit. It's great that you can choose where the initial prize money goes, but after that you're stuck with it and this often doesn't make sense. We've definitely had a window on the current career mode where we've had £40m in the transfer budget but £1m in the salary budget so can't sign anyone and I think that's pretty silly. Mostly though I think it's comfortably better than last year's effort and I'm enjoying it a lot.
  12. Finally got into this earlier in the week. Thanks to everyone for spoiler tagging the thread so I could read all of the gushing praise without having any of the specifics spoiled. Only up to 2-2 so far. I was already incredibly impressed with the invention and use of 3D in world 1, but 2-2 is where it has truly blown me away for the first time and made me see exactly why everyone is this high on it. It does feel like a real leap forward and is a shining example of what VR can achieve. For the first half an hour I was still reflexively flicking the right stick to try and spin the camera before finally giving in and accepting that I am actually IN the level and the camera is my eyes.
  13. I’ve been off it for a bit but I think you have to talk to the guy in front of the mall next, it’s not too far from Merv Burger.
  14. He scored two on Wednesday. He has been a bit up and down this season but I think it'd be madness to bench him.
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