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  1. Keepsakes I reckon. I call them relics in all games because of Spire too ha.
  2. Yeah I thought the credits sequence was delightful. Who'd have thought a Roguelite would have a world/characters/story that got me as invested as this. Also
  3. Quote from Fabinho interview. It's a shame to have to play a world class holding midfielder out of position but boy is it a good thing we have him.
  4. Great result that after a tough weekend and with a depleted squad. Nice scrappy ugly 1-0 and Mo/Bobby/Mane/Henderson were all spared playing 90 minutes. Good stuff.
  5. Yeah I've found it to get better and better as it's gone on. The more you know about the game the more potential you see in synergies between boons and you have a better eye for what sort of build you're looking for. Also with keepsakes you can give yourself a very good chance of getting what you're after, but if you don't, these games always expect you to be able to adapt on the fly as well, and that's a big part of being good at them. It's much like Slay the Spire and Monster Train in that regard, where some people say it's just RNG, but the fact that people can put win streaks together and
  6. Gamecube was mine. I got a PS2 early-ish that generation and was planning to pick up a Gamecube second. However, that abruptly changed when myself and a friend played 20 minutes of Halo on the original Xbox on one of those Electronics Boutique demo pod things. The second we both got in the Warthog and tore up the place, it instantly bumped the Cube down the pecking order because I absolutely needed to own a copy of Halo after that. I didn't even care what else was on the Xbox, that's how much it blew me away. I got to the Cube right at the end of its life and scooped up most of the
  7. Amazing little bit of incidental dialogue just now:
  8. Also on weapon aspects, I am completely in love with
  9. He is absolutely fantastic. Such a pompous, self-righteous arsehole. I actually shouted "FUCK YOUUUUUUUUU!" the first time I killed him, despite being alone in my flat at the time.
  10. Absolutely smash Colin when he turns up these days. Think it's a nice mark of progress that it seemed impossible to beat his kill count when he first arrived and now he gets embarrassed. Bet his emails are going to get really snippy in future.
  11. You get a Titan’s blood for the act 1 boss and another for escaping, but it’s once each per weapon. So if you’ve already cleared act 1 with the sword you won’t get another for doing it again. After that you need to change weapons or turn the heat up to get more. Similar thing with Diamonds and Ambrosia. You can also use the broker/trader guy in the house of Hades to trade these items, so you can swap out an ambrosia for Titan’s blood if you need the blood more at the time.
  12. Well that was gross. Good response after the Villa game but WTF with those decisions. Fucking hell.
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