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  1. Presumably the difference between the X and the S is that the latter doesn't have a Microdrive?
  2. Sure, but that's households with a 4K TV, but not necessarily the TV most gaming will be done on.
  3. Serves me right for not embedding the image in my post further up the page
  4. Fondue


    In some most excellent news, one of my local distilleries - Campfire Gin - who make an excellent Old Tom gin (which I'm drinking right now), have put their Christmas gins on pre-order: https://puddingstonedistillery.com/special-editions-gins/ It took me a long time to decide which of the regular, cask or cherry to go for (cask!) but am tempted to persuade family to get me the cherry for Christmas. Nom nom nom.
  5. Going back the speccy days, I was always impressed at the Ping Ping theme on my 48K (https://youtu.be/MKKTlGHkh0E)
  6. Oh man. Gozney have just announced the Dome. https://www.gozney.com/products/dome Looks sooo nice - especially with the oven door for smoking meats. Not sure the Mrs would allow me to spend over a grand on an oven and accompaniments! I may just have to settle for a Roccbox instead.
  7. Until the two are both in the market and people using them are able to properly compare, the S may suffer as people consider it to be nerfed / not next gen.
  8. Tragically I would've got the Skoda answer after the first clue. All downhill from there though!
  9. I've kind of bought an S as a bit of a stopgap - I want to upgrade my PC entirely (it's a bit creaky to say the least), but when factoring in a new monitor too, I'm going to be looking at £1500 or more, and that ain't happening before the middle of next year at the earliest. Hopefully more games on gamepass will become Play Anywhere so I can swap nicely between the S and the PC.
  10. They're going to wrap this up into Prime in some way, for sure. Maybe older games become free in Prime and newer stuff as subs only.
  11. So it turns out playing sm64 handheld things look much better. I love the range of movement that they gave Mario, right from the get go - always a joy to chuck him around a level. And I just noticed.... Vibrations! So they obviously did more than 'just emulate' things!
  12. I started with Sunshine and played about an hour - thought it looked really nice still, much closer to Galaxy than SM64 given it was released half way between the two. Really struggled with the camera / fludd controls being on the 'wrong' stick, but I will go back.... Mainly got sucked into Galaxy and it looks fan-tas-tic - so smooth and the 1080p resolution looks like it was always made that way. Good quality art styles don't age quickly. God I love this game. Then had a shock going to SM64 (which I've owned at least 3 times before on various platforms) and was shocked at how poor
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