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  1. With all these leaks, it ought to be called the Nintendo Snitch. Amiright?
  2. Hah. Whilst I'd love to, I'm not sure I could get away with spaffing over 2k on a new PC!
  3. So I take it there's still no sign of a regular supply of any of the 30x0 series? Sheesh.
  4. I'd recommend CoraQuest that's currently on Kickstarter (my kids are looking forward to it!) - it's a dungeon crawler but aimed at kids and is customisable. If you want to find out if you'd like it enough to back a copy, going to the www.coraquest.com website you can download a print & play version.
  5. And it looks excellent! Annoyingly I finished the game just before Christmas - still, gives me a reason to go back and sniff out the final secrets and chests! (And play a bit more of the meditation challenges)
  6. Fondue

    Dishonored 2

    So this has been on my pile of shame for a few months (since getting gamepass) and I kicked it off a few days back. Loved Dishonored 1 so am super chuffed with 2. I'm knocking around in the dust District having been super sneaky all the way so far, and have just been over to Paolo's and cleared out his henchmen before deciding what to do about him. Off now to the overseers. Felt bad at not stopping the executions though. (I hope nothing bad comes of that). I was also pretty pleased at solving the logic problem on the door - was fun creating the proper grid and reading
  7. I'd suggest Watergate for you - it seems complex, but isn't and is a cracking 2 player game. See also Blitzkrieg! if you can get hold of it; it's best described as a tug of war game, with several ropes.... It's great fun.
  8. Cheers guys. What does 'square the sails' mean? I'll try it tonight!
  9. I started playing this about a week ago (still trawling through Gamepass!) and have really been enjoying pootling around on my own, however I seem to be being attacked a LOT more often, and a sloop with one person doesn't feel too defensible! Before I jack it in entirely, should I just start crewing with randoms? I kind of would prefer some bots (skeletons?!) to do my bidding and man the cannons, leaving me to set course and sail!
  10. Cool thanks! I guess you can still hoon around the Lake district at least. (My little boy wants me to get lots of different cars)
  11. Just had my first hoon on this - god, it's nice! I'm on the Series S and am impressed with the load times. Feels a little restrictive currently, but I assume they keep you on rails for a fair while?
  12. I've been trying to photograph my S along with my cat, but (in typical cat fashion) she's having none of it. Sigh.
  13. Huzzah! It's here! And lots and lots and lots of downloading has also arrived. Ah well, I'll look forward to tomorrow.
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