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  1. Hopefully my parents, when asked, will say - "oh, this big box jam packed full of stuff?". Sigh. I'm going through my Nintendo stuff at the moment. At least I had the foresight to keep some of that in good nick
  2. Just went through the lot - SO many without manuals. What the hell did young-me do with them all? Super depressing that I can't remember.
  3. I've got photos of all the boxes and most are in very good condition if there's any you want to see in particular. Cheers - yeah, testing them could be tricky. I mean, I've got the Amigas upstairs... hmm. Actually, I should be able to try them on the telly in the front room - just not sure when I'll get the chance.
  4. Ok, so the list of boxes I've found so far are: Alien Breed Tower Assualt Back to the Future Part 2 Cannon Fodder Captive Carrier Command The Chaos Engine Civilization 1 Corporation Corruption Cruise for a Corpse Cystal Dragon Damocles Damocles Mission Disk FISH Frontier: Elite 2 Gloom Hyrbis Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Killing Grounds (Alien Breed 3D) Knightmare Laser Squad Lords of Chaos Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Magic Pockets Maniac Mansion Mega Lo Mania Populous Populous 2 Powermonger Putty The Seret of Monkey Island The Seret of Monkey Island 2 Sensible World of Soccer 95 / 96 Starglider 2 Technosound Turbo 2 UFO Enemy Unknown Ultima VI Warhead Worms Worms: The Director's Cut ZOOL I've definitely got all the disks (not tested them for a good number of years), however manuals appear to be sporadic - I'm hoping at my parent's house there's another box with them in
  5. It just makes me think my eyes are going a little blurry tbh - I know I'm going to need reading glasses soon, and this isn't putting my mind at rest!
  6. Nice to see so many games featuring colons nowadays. The little punctuation mark that could.
  7. Fondue


    It doesn't, apparently - just 'natural flavourings' (Tesco says 2 calories!)
  8. Thanks folks - when I can get into the spare room to check what I've got, I'll let you know. (I didn't realise there was quite so much stuff in the loft...)
  9. So, we're sorting out the loft and I found a massive box of Amiga game boxes (disks are in disk boxes separately) and probably the instructions inside too. Before I recycle the lot, would anyone be likely to want them? Ta!
  10. I've a bunch of Amiga Power mags in the loft as well as a few amiga format (I think). Any suggestions as to whether anyone would like to scan them?
  11. Bioshock Collection is free on Epic Games Store
  12. Fondue


    I've accidentally become slightly addicted to this: It really shouldn't work, but it's balanced just about right. Not sure I fancy trying the jam and toast one though, that's seems a step too far...
  13. Fondue


    Gah! So worked out the first bit but now...?!
  14. Fondue


    Thanks - I appreciate the mini tips. I'm going to try out few things before reading the last one!
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