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  1. The title card on the shop gave off a kind of lo-fi horror energy, hence why I clicked through. But no.
  2. Was having a little look in the Coming Soon page on the the eShop yesterday while waiting for CrossCode to become available when I saw this. Presented without comment, though with a censored NSFW warning
  3. Yeah, it's a good review. Did they come across any issues with the UI/menus stuttering at all? Saw another review (positive) that mentioned some annoying delays when accessing menu screens.
  4. I picked it up immediately and it's perfectly legible in handheld mode (and honestly, text/UI size is hugely important to me). Some of the contextual controls need a bit of getting used to but it's nothing too tricky. Only played for a while but it's fantastic.
  5. I'm in the fortunate position of having an eShop voucher burning a hole in my pocket and having never played it before. Impressions are overwhelmingly positive so I'm in.
  6. Invisible, Inc. has just dropped btw. £17.99
  7. So it isn't a kinda Stardew/Harvest Moon meets Nuclear Throne mashup and more of a shooter with resource gathering sections? It sounds great and is getting some really good write ups. Pop it on the list.
  8. Sorry for running in and running immediately out again- thought best just to do my business after some of the horror shows we've had in here before! Left 200k on the way as a wee thank you.
  9. Yeah, I've never understood why Turnips can't be stored.
  10. (that theory is wrong) You can of course do it - properly - next time. I guess. Win at Dark Souls any way you can, brother
  11. I had absolutely no idea Journey to the Savage Planet was coming out. Another one added to the list...
  12. Videos, screenshots, impressions of the ports. Things to inform a purchase.
  13. Has there been literally anything more than an announcement trailer for Borderlands yet? I kind of want it despite myself.
  14. Stupid question but it's just a matter of patience and visiting people if I want to increase my catalogue, right? Nothing I can really do to get specific pieces myself?
  15. Oh cool, I didn't realise it updated monthly (thought it was just as and when). Anyway, I'm not regretting this at all. Spider-Man is great and streaming New Vegas is an absolute treat. It works so much better than I'd anticipated.
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