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  1. In the end these did very well - £36 for the games, £104 for the Game Boy and £38 for a spare copy of Pokemon Emerald I had hanging around. After flogging a copy of Half Life 2: Raising the Bar for £91 I've managed to swap all this shed junk for a new Xbox in November
  2. I'm doing the same. Already grabbed the KOTOR collection.
  3. Ooh yikes, didn't know that. Was going to start a completely new Xbox Live profile but will have to try and dig out the password from my 360 days now.
  4. Right, so I'm ready for this. I've literally never (ever) bought a console at launch before. Anyone have any recommendations for where's best to keep on eye on, preorder wise?
  5. This is pretty much precisely what I'm in for. That £250 + Gamepass sub is essentially me set unless the odd spectacular must buy comes along.
  6. Oh absolutely, I'm not intending to get into console vs console stuff. I love my PS4 and loved my 360 but Switch eats up my gaming time nowadays. If this allows me to keep up with the generational gap at a relative bargain I'm in, especially with Game Pass.
  7. I'd had my hopes up when Nintendo started streaming stuff in Japan and MS started cosying up to them. Seriously considering jumping in on this.
  8. This is the big thing for me. Switch is my main console and my PS4 is just gathering dust, noisy bastard that it is. I can live without the 'best' versions of games at that price.
  9. This is it for me. It offers a pretty good diet Advance Wars but everything is so fussy and overdesigned. It's like the opposite of Wargroove, which was beautiful and clear but had all the fun beaten out of it.
  10. I know we say it about everything but I'm staggered this hasn't been bought to Switch. It'd go down a storm. Great game though, really enjoyed it back in the day on 360.
  11. If I'm not allowed to do this please rebuke as appropriate, but I found a boxed OG Gameboy during my shed clearance yesterday and after umming and aahing popped it on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Nintendo-Gameboy-Complete-Boxed-with-Tetris-Game/313208381505 I'd no idea of the value so let eBay direct me with a £50 reserve but it's currently at £67.
  12. Thanks, appreciate it. I stuck them on eBay with a blank auction and tbh I’m a bit shocked at the interest. £23 at the moment
  13. Did a clear out of stuff in the shed and found an OG Gameboy, boxed with cables and everything plus a few complete Atari ST games (the box art ): Laser Squad Ghouls and Ghosts Black Tiger I’ve no idea when I bought these but they’ve just sat in a box for a while so they’re going on eBay. The GB (in good nick and working fine) seems to be reasonably valuable but I’ve no idea about the ST games- any advice would be appreciated!
  14. I mean, it looked interesting and all but these reviews are amazing.
  15. Mario Kart Live is insane, I love it.
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