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  1. There are some parts absolutely crammed with pedestrians tbf. I was following a minor questline And ended up in a beautiful new urban park area absolutely crammed with people. This game is an all timer for me, up there with Skyrim and New Vegas.
  2. Am I being thick or is the Artful Escape up as a Game Pass weekly Quest...but isn't actually on Game Pass?
  3. Very much enjoyed my couple of hours in the prologue area, until I dipped out for a little while and returned to a corrupted save.
  4. It does happen, but - at least in my experience - very rarely. More often than not other players you encounter want to just go about their business, same as you.
  5. friedgold


    I've always wanted to play this so jumped at the chance on my S, day one. Within 3 hours of my first playthrough (after the tutorial) I've got a cycloptic (a rampaging squirrel took his eye) gay misogynist getting stroppy because his two other crewmates won't let him eat the corpse of the raider he stabbed to death. So yeah, it delivers.
  6. I am admittedly half a bottle of wine deep (and I don't drink much at all) but that pitch perfect recreation of the cartoon intro (well, 'Ninja' aside) has got me on board within the 2 minutes it took. Memories of TV watching and Tuesday Club co-op of Turtles in Time flooding back like the critic from Ratatouille.
  7. Wait, what? This is the same group? Unbelievable! like you say, Quake was perfect, exactly as I remembered. I know this game was supposed to be increibly hard to update but the reported issues seem to be design choices rather than compromises. What a bummer, I've never played it but remember the screenshots in PC Gamer fondly.
  8. Opening pile of generic at the start aside, I thought Starfield looked pretty great.
  9. Looks lovely but if that talking gun thing is actually what it's like to play I am not going within a million miles of it.
  10. His tip for the F1 points was absolutely gold and saved me a whole lot of game I didn't want to play. (cross the line to complete a lap, go to instant replay and wind time back a bit, cross line again - the reward still counts up a lap even if the game doesn't)
  11. Yup, went Broken Sword, wrong Outrun - Out Run - and thought the last one was GTA4, but it didn't appear in the list so hey ho.
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