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  1. It's wordy as hell, extremely dense and prone to frame-rate lethargy and crashes - but it's up there with my games of the year. I've never - ever - played a game like it, that's actually made me think about how I behave and react *in real life*. It's amazing and at the moment pretty much a one of a kind.
  2. Been documenting sporadically my love affair with Red Dead 2. needless to say it still has it's hooks in me, just riding around and exploring, taking on the odd mission here and there. Plenty of mucking about on Gamepass with old stuff too, with a 100% ghost/no kill playthrough of Dishonored being probably my best 'revisit'. On Switch, as others have said Disco Elysium I'll leave that with them (a game that has actually altered my own way of thinking. Simply incredible); but Axiom Verge was a joy from start to finish. Couldn't get into it at all on release (back when I bought it on Vita!) but once it clicked it didn't let go. An outstanding achievement and I'm savouring the sequel for when I'm next feeling a bit low or meh about what I'm playing. Battle Brothers has been my most recent obsession - a fantasy mercenary company management sim with 4x combat and a tough, but not unfair challenge. You'll almost certainly lose and lose again but things going wrong create great stories so you don't really mind. It's currently on sale I believe for £13 or so and well worth it if the idea appeals.
  3. I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, format-wise, but is there any decent city-builder/trading game available on Switch at the mo? I've rinsed Skylines for all it's worth. Port Royale looks pretty appealing; as does Airborne Kingdom but the reviews seem to vary on all of them. It's the Anno series style I really like. Something to tide me over a boring Christmas with the inlaws.
  4. I'm glad this thread has popped up again as I've been getting back into it in a heavy way at the moment. I was blown away originally but kind of drifted from it - I find it to be quite an intense game to play, with a lot busywork (and I don't mean that pejoratively) if you want to play it 'properly' - and kind of floated into more casual games or games that place fewer demands on me to get what I want out of it (Cyberpunk is the perfect sweet spot for me with this sort of thing). But revisiting it I find it to be far less work than I remember and trying to keep 'in character' (my Arthur is slightly looser-moraled version of Gus from Lonesome Dove) is a real pleasure. I've just started Chapter 3 and the little excursion to start the chapter was just brilliantly done. I've been taking days away from camp, scouting out the area (stumbling upon the magnificent Saint Denis - good god) The strange thing is all the stuff that works for me I can quite easily imagine not working and actively putting off others. There *is* a lot of busywork, there *are* long, unskippable conversations while you journey from A-to-B, the controls *are* a bit of a faff. But I don't particularly care when I'm creeping through the glades, scouting for alligators or being chased by bounty hunters (how intense is that btw? Feels unusual to me in that you're being actively 'pursued' rather than taking the fight to them. I absolutely love it.) or making sure I get back to camp and get my horse brushed and fed before I hunker down for a few hours rest while conversations and songs hang on the night air.
  5. I've modded this up to the hilt and been loving it all over again. It's just tremendous. Had an amusing bug in the woodland near Riften where NPCs and animals - very slowly - started floating into space, all the while shouting vague threats and telling me not to come any closer. Still a looker, too:
  6. tbf I'm a big fan of a microfibre cloth, so fingers crossed.
  7. Ah fantastic. My then girlfriend (and now wife) used to love joining this together.
  8. Arrrrrrgh why oh why isn't this three individual releases? Even at £15/£20 a pop I'd be interested but fifty rubs is just way too rich for me.
  9. Glad I'm not alone. I've finished the Civil War and Thieves Guild questlines and that's literally it in what must be 1000+ hours of play over the last decade and various platforms and versions.
  10. Amazing. And yeah, this is already begging for another playthrough where I give in to all my dakrest impulses. At the moment I'm trying very hard (and it is very hard) to redeem myself.
  11. They're not amazing but really not that bad. A couple of points where you're having to traverse a few rooms in short order where you spend longer than you'd like staring at a static screen (while listening to the dreamy music) but it's nothing terminal.
  12. It really is brilliant. It took a moment or two to get into my brain but now it’s really, *really* in my brain. Not just in a ‘thinking about playing it when I’m not playing it’ but actually changing the way I’m thinking about things. Really quite extraordinary.
  13. Sounds a bit like Stardew x Moonlighter, which is the game I was hoping Moonlighter to be in the first place. The dungeon run by night/shopkeeper by day mechanic was brilliant but ultimately felt so shallow I lost interest fat too quickly.
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