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  1. Oh bloody hell. Had 25 iron nuggets on my way to getting the shop and used one accidentally crafting a fishing rod. Just knocked a pressie out of the air....5 iron nuggets.
  2. My gate is open: 6TK3D Sorry if I ignore you, I'm 'working'. My 4 year old has shaken down every tree but two for fruit, but if you want one of 6 pears help yourselves
  3. Sorry, I meant I would be AFK so wouldn't be clicking through any text boxes.
  4. I've got Pears natively and have Peaches currently growing. Code in sig, I'll open the gates tonight (I may not actually be playing, I assume people can still visit?)
  5. Thanks, I've always wanted to play one of these. But - morally - is it okay to close Animal Crossing?
  6. On 3DS it just blacked out momentarily and reloaded.
  7. My bois Lucky and Cyrano are there. Won't bother inviting any others. Except Tank. Oh, and Fang. Mustn't forget Kid Cat and Bones, either. Fuck it, they can all come!
  8. I'd quite like to play a few games of this tonight. I have the download and have been able to get into the tutorial - should I be expecting another dozens of gigs to be need downloading before I can play proper? If so is there any way I can get ahead and have this ready?
  9. 100% agree. I had a few lines of dialogue and a few events that contradicted decisions I'd already made. Was especially jarring as otherwise the game reacted very well to what I'd been up. I wrote it off as a lucid wine dream of an event from long ago.
  10. I *think* the game is quite clever with this; if you have none, you'll get more drops. If you have an abundance, you'll get other shit instead.
  11. Absolutely this. Cleric Beast was a real white whale for me and yet I breezed past Rom at the first attempt.
  12. Max insight all the way baby. You see some proper eldritch shit
  13. Holy shit, I saw this pop up and thought it sounded familiar and then those screenshots... My wife (well, girlfriend then) and I ADORED this on 360. We were unbelievably good at it too after at least 100 hours of play between just the two of us. Fuckin' sold (and thank you for the good times)
  14. Big bosses in Bloodborne = go for the legs. Do enough damage (and not much is needed) and you can visceral her. IIRC I think she has a hard time with fire too, if you've got any papers. And turn the volume on your TV/headphones right down. Seriously. Big part of her fight is the entire intimidation aspect early in the game.
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