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  1. Nintendo Life advisory, but great review for Two Point Hospital. http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/nintendo-switch/two_point_hospital Seems the main issue I was concerned about (controls) is pretty much okay. Welcome relief after Cities: Sklines.
  2. You make it sound amazing and I know I'll end up buying it and never, ever playing it.
  3. Think I'll pass on it for now, thanks. Don't mind grind but this sounds like a lot of waiting around and with Two point Hospital around the corner it probably won't get much of my time.
  4. On another note, is Graveyard Keeper much cop? It's on sale at the moment but impressions are hard to come by...which might tell its own story I guess. Loved Stardew but think I'm all played out with that for a year or two.
  5. As if I needed convincing, this looks absolutely tremendous. Some well needed but still very welcome QoL improvements and it just...looks *lovely*.
  6. I've literally just been searching 'XCOM style games on Switch'. Isn't 2 the massively stressful time-limited one?
  7. It's there @ £5.79, same release date.
  8. I mean, he's great in the role and everything but....no
  9. Oooh sounds okay tbh. As I constantly bang on about on here, long, meandering games are my absolute jam on Switch. I quite liked all that guff in Persona4 too.
  10. Fire Emblem worth it at £33? Have enjoyed previous games while never being hardcore into them like I was Advance Wars.
  11. Having done main quest > HoS > B&W in retrospect I would have finished Hearts of Stone first. My thinking was the DLC was made after the main game so would be set after it, but it quickly became apparent I had assumed wrong.
  12. Picked up Unexplored last night for £3-something. Had been looking for it in the Christmas sale after this great writeup on RPS. No idea how it plays yet (Divinity has me held tight at the moment) but happy to take a punt for a few quid.
  13. It makes me uneasy, to say the least.
  14. Only a nagging sense of self-loathing. (Summoning in this game is the best; being summoned is even better. Go back and help some other poor souls for a while)
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