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  1. I can't tell you how much I wish this, above pretty much all other multiplayer games, had a Halo 3 style cinema mode to rewatch the entire thing. God knows what's going on in the nooks and crannies of the map.
  2. I honestly don't think I've laughed so much at a (non-comedy) game in years. Absolutely glorious carnage and frankly, any game with a dedicated 'Bwaaaargh' button is immediately in credit with me. I know it's all very heightened but it goes give that sense of absolutely desperate melee, limbs flying, heads getting chonked off and everybody screaming. As someone sitting cheerfully in the bottom third of rankings consistently I'd like to watch some of the people at the top of the leaderboards to see what they're doing differently.
  3. Oh well, I feel justified in doing it the easy way earning (and not realising there would be points in it) the ‘Invincible’ achievement (finished a match without getting KOd). It’s a brilliant game btw, well worth playing beyond the points.
  4. Absolutely right, Knockout City has been a revelation for me. Only thing I think I would change a tad would be the standard respawn time, maybe shaving a couple of seconds off to keep things flowing a bit faster. But otherwise it's a heap of fun.
  5. I will maintain to my dying day (and constantly spam it in any dragons dogma conversation) that the pawn system should have been lifted wholesale into more games. Create a player in FIFA? Cool, stick him on the transfer market and see how he sells and how his stats pump up. Create a shooty man in COD? see how useful your skills are in someone else’s fire team. Etc etc. I suppose it would be hard to monetise though.
  6. You can kind of cheese the Maws a bit - just scoot away from them full pelt until it loses interest and it will sort of 'unload' from the game and vanish, allowing you to repair or whatever. Go back to the arena it's hiding in and have another go at whittling it down. Rinse, repeat.
  7. Forgotten how much I enjoyed the cover shimmy stance Shep adopts. Gonna work on it myself now the pubs are back open.
  8. Add me to disgruntled 'the Mass Effect punch card doesn't work' groovy gang.
  9. I did Soldier with 1 but quickly moved to Biotics for 2 & 3 and had an absolute blast. I've realised actually I haven't played these since I marathoned them prior to 3 being released. at £4 + MS Points I'm a happy bunny and can't wait until tonight to get stuck in.
  10. There was a post on Resetera the other day that has stuck with me regarding Balan Wonderworld where the guy said he sounded awful but he was going to buy a couple of copies anyway. I mean...why? The amount of spare cash washing around the people on that forum must be out of this world.
  11. My eyes might be squiffy but to me it looks like this has had a bit of a visual polish too. Looks lovely, crisper somehow.
  12. Yeah, I had a great time with this while it lasted. I kind of just stopped playing it though after completing the 3rd dungeon - no fault of the game itself really, it just felt a bit...hollow? A bit more meat on the trading system and something else to spend the dosh on would be brilliant. Unless tbf I'm missing a massive amount of endgame by jibbing out too early.
  13. Buying and crafting has done for me. I'd picked up quite a few blueprints (somehow)
  14. I'm trying to, or using the perks I've invested in that recharge RAM as hacked enemies drop to chain attacks. When it works as I plan it it's immensely satisfying, watching 4 or 5 goons drop down in quick succession, all equally confused and angry.
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