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  1. A fiver I think, £15 on day one.
  2. Played some crackers this year but it will take something hugely special to top this.
  3. An instant buy for me. I really enjoyed the ridiculously limited time I got with Divinity 1 on PS4 (stupid selfish kids...) and the various issues I'm running into with PoE are winding me right up. Might get burned but I've got every faith in Larian.
  4. To bed, in the hope Divinity is available in the morning.
  5. Better let me switch dismemberment on
  6. Er...well, wasn't expecting Jedi Knight tbf
  7. Was a bit annoying that it wasn't clear on that, though 20 titles off the bat is quite nice.
  8. Ah man, this Pokémon is going to go fucking mental huge.
  9. Yikes, giving it some with this aren't they
  10. Literally incomprehensible to me, sorry Tokyo Mirage Sessions: FE Encore
  11. Guess we're gonna be seeing 'You are cordially invited to smash' A LOT in memes.
  12. Oooh Obra Dinn. Now we're talking.
  13. I really enjoyed it for a while on PS4 until (like everything) reality took over and the telly became a Peppa Pig machine. Would like to get back into it again on Switch for sure.
  14. He's not lying. Nothing at all like AW but it's genuinely an all-time contender.
  15. This is key for me. I love Minecraft but only ever at arms length because the world is always 'dead'. I invite people over and we look at what we've each made with polite congrats, but they leave and it's then just me and my builds. This has a social aspect sorely missing, even if it may be superficial.
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