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  1. - Watchmen - When They See Us - The Boys
  2. What a great show. I still didnt know who lube-man was, and did not see John's answer above when I posted (edited the message since), what were the hints? (other than he was a massive minute-men nerd??!!)
  3. Shit, was every birthday cake given to Veidt indicative of a year passing? I feel so stupid right now.
  4. Nomad


    This is amazing, I have no excuses not to rewatch the whole thing now. Man, One Piece is genuinely the best story I've read/watched across all media, its amazing how I am still as invested in it all these years later, and the story is actually maintaining its quality over the years. I've always been hesitant to recommend it to people due to its overwhelming no. of episodes/chapters and fillers, this really is a great idea!
  5. Nomad


    There is also an exhibition of work by Naoki Urasawa happening in Japan House around the same time, so if anyone is heading they can check that out too. https://www.japanhouselondon.uk/press/japan-house-london-presents-this-is-manga-the-art-of-urasawa-naoki/
  6. Nomad


    Same, would be very interested to hear some opinions on it if anyone has visited, seems really good but is it Glasgow --> London train journey good?
  7. What a night! Loved every bit of it tbh. Conor got humbled in a major way, Dillon got eagled which was a nice touch. I was expecting more "face changing" from Khabib, and in that regard Conor did defend well early on. But in the end, he really was outclassed by Khabib. Did anyone catch Conor telling Khabib during the fight "its all business", as if pleading for Khabib not to completely 'smesh'?
  8. Man, Khabib is going to maul Conor isnt he? I am heading to work early so cant watch the fights live, will have to completely shut everything until I get back home at 6PM to watch the whole card. It usually works ok but the level of media involvement in this fight makes me almost sure I will get the results spoiled. Whatever happens, it is one hell of a card.
  9. Just in case you wanted to watch an interview with UFC champ Conor Nurmagomedov
  10. Nomad


    Same, there were moments in the first season where I was thinking of dropping the show but I am so glad I stuck with it, such epic moments and the show does a very good job of building it up, great music too. I've repeated that United States of Smash bit so many times, absolutely mad and brilliant.
  11. Absolutely loved it. Was smiling for most of the film. I too thought the costume design was great. Great casting, great comic book story, loved the music too. Have not had many recent occasions where people clapped at the end of a theatrical screening. In a weird way I was pretty fucking proud too. Pretty satisfying watch. Go see it!
  12. Nomad

    Illustration Club

    This is not your work. Claiming other people's work after you remove their signature is not a nice thing to do. The artist is Cameron Sewell, and as @Vulgar Monkey pointed out they are on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/thdark
  13. I think I may have one, will send it. This subforum is public btw, you may want to remove your email address. Edit: Sent
  14. If you are a member of IPT they usually have MMA fights up faster than other trackers, I am inclined to think this event wont be different, really good quality too.
  15. So heart broken for DC, was really rooting for him to win, I would have also accepted a 5 round war loss, but not like this... He is my favourite UFC fighter of all time.
  16. Nomad


    The 2011 is excellent, and as said above has more content.
  17. Nomad


    Which version? 1999 or 2011? Hunter x Hunter is incredible.
  18. I actually really enjoyed the second part. Not as much as the first, but it was very good!
  19. If you have not yet do give this doc a watch, its very good. https://www.uninterrupted.com/watch/WjKdtIcH/fight-mom?playlist=bcEki2pF
  20. I would go on www.artstation.com and find an artist with a suitable style, then maybe get in touch with them and tell them your budget and if it is workable?
  21. That was an incredible card. You can not help take a moment to take in all of what Conor has done, in just short 4 years, from being on the dole to getting equity in a 4 billion dollar company. I picked Alvarez but was pleased to see Conor pick the win. And boy that post fight interview was incredible! Was also so happy for Edgar. Romero is a beast, I heard that crack sound in my bones.
  22. Working early tomorrow so I sadly can not watch live. Which means complete internet shutdown for me, I am lucky that I wont need to go online for anything. I have downloaded a couple of random podcasts, will listen to them on the way to work and back. Get a 1080p torrent of the prelims downloading as soon as I get back, let hat finish whilst preparing snacks, then download a 1080p torrent of the ppv and let that finish as I watch the prelims. I usually work weekends so my anti-spoiler game is tight.
  23. I think Eddie defends the belt. I get flashbacks of the Mendez fight, and Eddie is much larger and stronger version of Mendez, so keeping Conor down would not be as much an issue. He will certainly eat shots but his durability will come through for him. To run with the upsets, I also feel Woodley successfully defends against Wonderboy. And JJ will mess KK's shit up no doubt. In short, no belts are changing hands tonight (or tomorrow morning). #AndStill
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