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  1. Nice both look great. I got Dalot LB untradeable dupe! Running with the below, 4231 with Thiago the adventurous of the two holding CDMs.
  2. I did the same.. was gonna buy TOTY but went for the POTM, and wow. the card is cracked. and Central!
  3. Couple of good pulls tonight.
  4. Cracking striker. You'll enjoy him. Party bag for me was Mkhitaryan, the third time I've packed him. No idea where to spend my 9.6m! Thinking TOTY Ramos, of maybe TOTY Mbappe. Or shall I just go crazy and buy an Icon I'll never get again?
  5. After this, I traded 14 Swap tokens for a Prime 91+ pack. Got Prime Pires. Sickening for all that grinding. Wish I'd taken Overmars PIM for 11. Anyway, then opened a 2 x Rare player pack obtained from a random objective and... Unreadable but who can argue?!
  6. Both 81-87 and 81 + are paying out. Did the Ozil SBC, very nice card. Need an icon SBC too though.
  7. Nice. Very jealous. Anyone find packs opening on mobile are better than console?!
  8. Did the Mid / Prime and got Mid Pires. That has to be the worst. Swap for Veron?!
  9. Gotta be a PIM coming soon... Anyway, smashed the packs. 4 Birthday cards: Hee Chan x 3 (!!) Hermoso 94 packs and absolutely shite TBH. Not one stand out card. Hee Chan is very very good though, very Meta. Single handedly got my the Huntelaar Birthday card objective.
  10. FUT Birthday starts at 6. The leaked team doesn't inspire me though. I have 92 packs ready to open, lots of it is Guff though. Was hoping for some end game cards, I got Bday Mbappe last year.
  11. Then would have resulted in my controller through the TV https://youtu.be/aA5gBuRUgdI I had this, apparently not a foul on Mbappe, mad considering you you sneeze in the penalty area you give away a penalty.
  12. Just broke 8m coins. Mainly selling TOTW plays from my club. They are all going for max Bin.
  13. Playing tonight probably the worse night for utter sweaty gameplay in MM. Yeah, I'm after Giroud. Look fun and a bit different. Assume you are on about Rivals rewards? I took untradeable but not opening until a promo.
  14. New party bag tonight I got this ^ Decent RB for Serie A but could have been better. Fuck all content again this week. Few players to grind for.
  15. Zambrotta is a win no? Looks a good card
  16. I've done well from Icon packs Mid Scholes Baby Buts Mid Petit Mid Zidane Prime Buts Along with packing Mid Makelele from a 50k pack. Then from icon Picks I went with prime Koeman. Absolute monster on Free kicks!! Completed SBCs Keane Nedved Schmeichel With Mbappe as a troll off the bench.
  17. Has anyone been reading about the EA employees selling Icons scandal? EAGate? It'll be very interesting how this one plays out, especially as its making mainstream news now.
  18. I'm considering Peter Schmeichel from the latest 3 icon swaps. Ballack or Rui Costa don't interest me at all.
  19. I went a bit crazy tonight. 12500 fifa points and smashed 5 x Ultimates with 5 free. Plus the 6th free one. 11 ultimates in total. Given my luck this week I thought it would be trash and it was. (considering the cost!) 89 Casimiro 88 Lieva What if twice 88 Hazard Then a few other random 85s, 84s etc. 81 x 2 got me no boards in 7 attempts! 81 x 2 PP got me nothing. 83+ got me 3 83 rated keepers. Was a night to forget. But always a bit exciting. Last year I pack Moments Rio in the BOGOF Ultimates, was worth a punt.
  20. Haha. No hate needed. Had a week of good pack luck after months of bad. The sheer amount of money deserves a couple of good pulls. Both the 2m players are of course untradeable.
  21. Had a bit of @Steelytype upgrade luck tonight. Started off with an 83+ Followed by these two a couple of 81+ My Ligue 1 squad had a swift upgrade!! So then, I thought Fuck it. Let's do the 'What if' upgrade. Huge gamble for a 85 rated team given the lack of high worth players. Was it worth the gamble?
  22. Having said that, a bit of grinding and you could have had his moments for free....
  23. Baggio could have been a lot worse @Steely. I think he's pretty good fun to use.
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