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  1. The old gen version is so much nicer to play than next gen on xbox. Unbelievable difference for me.
  2. I dug in a bit last night. Clawed my way up to the heights of D9 and started to get a feel for the game. Its slow. But that's not a bad thing. Unfortunately pacey players seems to be to meta again with most players destroying me with Adama Traore.
  3. I hate it too. But I suspect a lot of that is becuase just a week ago I was playing with a stacked 198 team and now my best player is 81 Rashford. In Fifa 22 I was comfortable in D2. I haven't won one game yet in Rivals. Must have played 25 games. Passing is woeful. Through balls are pointless. Not touched it today. Will wait for all the better players to hopefully move up the divisions so I can compete.
  4. With it becoming cross platform is there a slight chance of a resurrection???
  5. Of course I did nunez. The 8 Chem on Messi is annoying me.
  6. In game. Salah very attacking. No interest in Mendy, have the lime of Marcelo, Barella etc and don't believe he'll be much of an upgrade.
  7. Oh I did him. Lovely striker. Neymar Futties, Saint Max Futties and Obviously a Dembele and Varane Futties.. Gonna need some fodder. Worth Ben Yedder Swaps token 98 card now? I'm not so sure.
  8. Hit 10m coins today, flipping gold rares mainly. Gonna have one big splurge and create an epic team.
  9. There will be a new promo after futties I reckon. Maybe a transfers one. I'm still sat on 10m coins. Gonna build something today with it I think.
  10. not just the amount of squads though, look at the requirements. what a fucking joke EA are.
  11. Yeah Interested in him - just waiting for SS to go into Futties to bring the pricing down!
  12. This is my main team, can't get bale over 7 chem (maybe 8 with a change of manager) also subs and reserves. I have a team for every major league, and a lot of the nations. I have 8.3m coins to spend too. Just dunno what to do with them!
  13. I reckon he'll be in Futties this Friday. Price will plummet. Use a 7 Chem for now
  14. This may solve your striker problem?
  15. This is my favourite time, special cards galore. 85x10 is just epic.. Let's hope they'll make it fully repeatable though like last year.
  16. It is. And the frustration is the reset on 23rd September where it starts again.
  17. Yeah Brazil cup is awful. Not worth the rewards. I have an end game squad and nearly 7m coins. Deffo the best weeks of the Cycle to come now!
  18. Thats quality My favourite goal this yeah was Mr Icardi. No idea how I did it, but it made my opponent rage quit. https://youtu.be/Z_chRT9GB_s (no idea how to embed)
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