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  1. Best player from the Jumbo Rare player pack from the Alsonso SBC was Jonas from Benfica (again). I hate that guy. In the pack was 13 duplicates. The mega pack didn't produce a board.
  2. Alonso makes it into my Prem Special squad..
  3. I packed CL Jesus from the SBC so selling for around 100k.
  4. I've spent money (probably too much) and opened so so many packs. Never got a sniff of a Messi, Ronaldo or any icon (Well since Crespo in the first year they did them). My best pulls seem to come from SBCs and untradable packs.
  5. Loving my Serie A team with my super subs.
  6. Costa is lethal for me. Although Peresic is very nice, I use him more centrally as a sub.
  7. He is still very good though. Having said that I didn't use his standard card. He will probably end up a super sub for my Serie A squad because I just can't part with it.
  8. In the packs from the Aubameyang SBCs I got Kane again so it shaved 100k off.
  9. I got the Ajax left back CL card, Iniesta and Handanovic. Pleased with the latter for my favoured Serie A squad but with Aubameyang im usingmy Prem at the moment.
  10. Nah. That was too rich. Aub cost me 335k as the rest of the SBC i did with squad players.
  11. It's a tough slog. I like the idea of going in later so the pros have finished.
  12. Actually, it's only an 89 card... and the market is dropping again now. Got to about 550k but back in around 420 now.

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