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  1. I did however hit Level 20 and went for Aouar.
  2. I’m not packing anything these days. Don’t recall the last board I got.
  3. But I have Sane... that French dude was fantastic in Fifa 19. Neither will start much though so it’s picking from 2 reserves wannabes!
  4. Got to make the Level 20 decision this weekend....
  5. Who and how? edit. FFS i went for other one
  6. I'm tempted to spunk all my money on the TOTY Kante card! It just looks so epic.
  7. My rewards (2 x Prime Mixed players and 2 x Rare Gold) Vazquez (81) Leno (84) Neves (82) Zapata (82)
  8. They can only have the 4 game streak bonus added once though. So if a team wins eight it won't count!
  9. nice one steely. Just as a curveball, I have 2.1m coins, upgrades are optional!
  10. Looks good! Better than I managed!
  11. OK so I want the impossible! Ter Stegen, Pique, Verane, Mendy, Adama, Sane, Diego Costa, Reus, Muller and Kroos in my team. I have 2 used tctics: 41212 and a 433 Is it possible to use these players and get max chem? See example below - (Perisic is Sane!) Anyone want to help?!
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