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  1. I watched a YouTube video. Seems to work ok. Cheers!
  2. 2 average TOTW players and Cheillini have been highlights. I got 5,000 coin reward then used some MS credit to buy a few packs. Built a pretty decent ITA1 squad.
  3. Can you transfer fifa points from 18 to 19 via the web app do we know?
  4. you can switch profiles from Xbox / PS / PC on the web app You cannot transfer anything from one platform to the other though. Assuming you are using the same EA Account on both consoles....
  5. hannay

    FIFA 19

    Shift it back to it's home on xbox and I'm in!!
  6. Are we done now for interesting SBCs in Fifa 18? Shall I sell my players?!
  7. Did my first ever weekend league. Played all 40 and won 17. It was tough. Not so sure it's worth the slog, I guess it depends on the rewards.
  8. I added TOTS aguero to the line up. Also completed the Martial, Defoe and Crouch SBCs tonight.
  9. I generally swap to a 433 with CDM at kick off.
  10. I have defensive options from the bench

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