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  1. Damn you lot and your wrong consoles. Glory days were on the xbox!!!
  2. That's crazy @Steely I've done Load of them and don't think I've had anything good, maybe David Silva. Even the 86+ I've had a shit keep both times.
  3. Barnes is fun. Try the loan card. (unlimited games in friendlies) Not mega quick.. if that is your thing.
  4. The SBC reared its head again today, so I did it. 89 Scholes was the outcome. I wasn't too chuffed, but it wasn't Bobby Moore. Played him in 2 rivals games, and he was far better than I thought he would be!
  5. I caved and did a base / mid icon SBC yesterday. Bagged base Butrageuno, which was nice. He's superb.
  6. That's why I didn't gamble in the end. Did that last year and got Bobby Moore. He wasn't great. Loving Koeman. I may do the baby / mid icon SBC to get that Icon gamble out of my system. And get Trezeguet.
  7. Adama at CB is quite something, and I cant recommend Koeman enough, he's a phenomenon.
  8. I went Koeman. Just looks a beast. Also grabbed a 5 x 85 and it was 4 duplicates and Hazard.
  9. I'm 4 games off 17 icon tokens. Henry or Koeman?! The latter looks unreal. But an icon should be fun right??
  10. Take rivals and WL out and I'm enjoying it. Play mainly friendlies now. Less sweaty and don't need a god squad.
  11. World Class SB is easy if you just keep playing the lower rated squads, don't make it any more stressful than it needs to be!! just keep refreshing. Obviously if you play for the weekly SB rewards you may need to play this a bit smarter, but otherwise you'll you'll find a sub 70 team on most refreshes.
  12. Oh and the 86 Real Madrid Beckham has dropped, looks OK and never going to complain when it's free!!
  13. It has to be to an icon, that's the idea imo!! But waiting till Feb to get a decent one is a long haul. Henry must be good yeah? Defenders are the boring options, but Koeman looks epic. Possibly for me it'll be a mid or prime icon gamble for 15 tokens and 3 tokens on 5 x 85+. What are you thinking @Luseth?
  14. So, 5 tokens from Friendlies was great, everyone playing first goal wins. The 3 in SB are a grind but I have 2 1/2 of them, 3 games to complete. Nice thing is they link to the league challenges, so using those players is great. The 5 x 85+ looks tempting and there have been some great pulls but I'm gonna hold out for an Icon. Packed tradable Casimiro Freeze last night so cashed in for 600k or whatever it was. For anyone thinging about Marquinos freeze, I think he is amazing.
  15. The cost of the Ox SBC must be a joke right
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