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  1. I got 93 rated Modric... just to rub it in
  2. And I went for it again tonight and traded a decent 86 rated squad for Gyan. Ffs. I should learn.
  3. Got Pele in WC mode last night which means I have all 17 icons in that mode now. I'm hoping for some new sbcs now. I have 4 of the nations to complete and that is it.
  4. I got a shit 86 rated Mexican LB. Deffo not worth it for me.
  5. Yeah. Cost me 1k for one gold player i needed for Norway.
  6. Yeah for sure my favourite of the Icons so far!
  7. I have them all apart from Pele. I hope they do a SBC for individuals.
  8. I spent far too long on this last night! Only 2 Icons off having the all, that Russian Keeper and Pele.
  9. I got Henry, 2 x Mattheus and I must have had 5 x R9. Had 6 or so of JJ and 4 x Puyol. Plus others!
  10. Nice one. His 93 card is amazing.
  11. Normally I'd have been been chuffed to bits to pack De Burnye TOTS card. However having just spend so so long recently doing the Prem League SBC then it's a bit of a disappointment.
  12. I've not noticed any change. Opened my free WC packs in normal FUT mode and got so much dross, but did pack TOTS Kyle Walker which was very pleasing.

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