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  1. Don’t think they drop them on a Friday. I assume there will be 2 or 3 pain in the ass weekly challenges.
  2. I think the Tadic card looks ace. Lacking a bit of pace but playing in a more central role looks like he’ll rock.
  3. I had a dream team line up on the bench, I just never used them. But I guess you always run the risk having them there for the quick sub option or injury.
  4. I didn’t try. Was tempted but didn’t want to risk it.
  5. Wonder if the Goretzka TOTS SBC will reappear? I have enough 89+ cards to sink into a SBC
  6. Yeah I have Torres too and impressive from the bench. What GER1 mids are solid? Bear in mind I have 4000 coins now lol.
  7. Cavani TOTS up top is also 10 Chem for all.
  8. Yeah he is. But the other other option is Bergkamp. thing with MVB he can score goals for fun, just a bit sluggish. I usually sub MVB for Lozano anyway.
  9. End game. 3,539,000 coins on one player.
  10. They are ok. Got 86 DC from the 81-86 which also got rid of some bronze.
  11. I thought there would be one with Squad Battles this week, but that wasn't the case.
  12. Best I got was 87 Lingaard CL card.
  13. I completed number 7 and 2/3 on number 8. So should continue with a full house after the weekend. These are never fun! starts to get to the point of what I’m going to aim for player wise with these tokens. Mid Icon and Promes looks the best value.
  14. It’s handy lol the second one finished at midnight. Assuming they fucked up again.
  15. I got to 3m coinage and MBappe went to 4m!! Re Lozano... I’m using him as a sub with 5 Chem. wonder how much better he’d be with 10!?
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