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  1. Yes its a grind I decided just wasn't worth the effort.
  2. I have no idea what I did if I’m honest
  3. Scored a beauty in Rivals this weekend, 352 with hugging touchline
  4. I had 25 packs. Got the IF Left back Spanish dude. coutinho blue CL Lloris hardly anything to shout home about.
  5. yeah too steep for players that have no upgrade over normal rare gold.
  6. Think of him like a Forest legend as I do
  7. That’ll work. Werner will remain up top!
  8. what’s the quick conclusion? I can’t watch it just yet and spend a load on my team around it
  9. They’ll all be back with amazing card pulls. Same shit every year
  10. I’ve not played either in a week because of travel but been smashing the SBCs and trying to improve my team. looking like this currently, the only 7 chem is annoying!!
  11. is there anywhere that lists the tactic settings? I can't watch a 20 min video at work haha
  12. I was simply usig the best players I have With the exception of Witsel who seemed to fit in as a missing link to gain chem. @ryanski I currnetly use the same 5212 which has been working OK to a point.
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