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  1. I got his brother Jordan. Again.
  2. luckily one was tradeable! now I have 400k to think about spending!!
  3. Packed birthday Griezmann twice now!!
  4. The 85-92 is insane. Great fun packing special cards for fun. In one of the single rare player packs that accompanied the 85-92 I packed tradable Birthday Griezemann which was pretty cool, not that he makes the team.
  5. Nice work @Timmo Very impressive. When I can bring myself to be put through the weekend league torture, I can barely scrape 11 wins.
  6. Yeah me too. Think my next aim is Ribery. That plays into a 4 2 3 1 with Matthaus and Kante holding and Messi, Dembele and Diaby CAMs Diaby there as can't get chem on Mane. Only downside is Dembele dies about 65 mins if I press. 100k of coins left but can't really do much with that now. Still a good couple of months of this FIFA left so will enjoy. Edit. RIBERY done.
  7. Dunno the rules as such. Must be any 88+
  8. Just pulled Birthday Mbappe from the 88 x 5 Sbc
  9. Mertens looks fab. Nice pull, his SBC is waaaaay too much!
  10. That easy Dunno why I didn't just do that, I change to 4231 in game anyway
  11. Best right back for team? I have TAA TOTS but lose the Messi Chem. Probably TOTS Carvajal? I have no coins left but can sell players to fund. That Bruno card totally outclasses both my 95 KDB and 97 Silva.
  12. Loads of 82 and 83 cards are high. I'm selling up and buying 99 Messi, and a right back to help fit him in. Then I'm done with FIFA until Fifa 22.
  13. I did this last night. Deco. Swap? Party bag tonight, Gerard Moreno. my pack luck right now is utter gash.
  14. When the scummers are playing the weekend league, Rivals is playable. Coe Monday morning, all the wankers are back and Rivals is a total mess until Friday again.
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