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  1. That's the one I'm going for. I have 5 and won't get 11 for Sanchez.
  2. TOTS Card won't change the OTW card Steely. (It's only IFs that do this I think)
  3. doesn't fit into my prem team, so will get used as a sub
  4. read a review saying he makes a good striker... I bagged Willian, Giuliano and Goretzka as untradables.
  5. Best I got from 2 x bogof was lallana. 250,000 for him and a shite totw 80 rated player.
  6. Rated - 89 Courtois Value - mertens 130k I've spent silly money this year. Not again.
  7. Hey FUT experts! 1.5m coins (xbox) to upgrade this team... thoughts?
  8. So if Salah makes TOTY will his OTW card improve?
  9. when does TOTS / TOTY drop? Have coins and they are burning a hole in my pocket....
  10. Ffs Why would the OTW card not improve? Thought that was the point?
  11. So the IFs this week, Pogba especially.... what will the pricing do once they leave packs?

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