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    Yeah but other films that won in the last couple of years would have missed out then. How could they have awarded the first one, for instance, without knowing which of the trilogy would be the best. If they'd done that they would have found themselves having to award a similar number of awards to the two sequels. What if the first one had won 10 oscars, then the second one turned out to be better, and the third one turned out even better than that? 12 oscars? Oscars with gold stars stuck on? Better just to award one film of the three, in which case it's common sense to wait for the final one.
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    Eh? Should they have distributed them randomly to keep things interesting then?
  3. Buenos Aires is in Argentina. But yes, superb film.
  4. It's the first one, no contest. It's a powerful and relevent satire, with a great original concept and powerful imagery. Actually, it's brilliant for all the same reasons that it's stablemate Starship Troopers is brilliant.
  5. O is what you think it is, but you may be missing 'A' off the start. E, and B are really familiar, especially B. You'll kick yourself. S is the one that's really doing my head in. I know I know the movie, I just can't quite put my finger on it...
  6. Tell me S and Y and I'll give you D.
  7. I've only watched two episodes, it's good, full report to follow when I've seen the whole series. I'm a bit disappointed that I don't seem to fancy Jennifer Garner though. Is there something wrong with me? In fact, in the scene where she posed as a lapdancer in skintight blue latex... rough as fuck. I mean, I would, obviously, but she wouldn't have been my first choice dancer in that club. Still, the overall scenario is intriging and intricate, the acting top class, the action is well done and the characters have plenty of (potential) depth. I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.
  8. FAO Laine I broke open my Alias Series 1 box last night and watched the pilot and the following episode and have to agree that it's top quality. It's not quite what I was expecting either - darker and more intricate than I thought it would be. Perfect. The cliffhanger at the end of episode two had me seriously contemplating watching one more episode... at 3am this morning. But common sense prevailed (there would only be another cliffhanger) so I'll continue tonight.
  9. My copy arrived this morning, I haven't watched any of it yet but so far no complaints. £20, can't go wrong really. My list of TV DVDs: Spaced Series 1 and 2 Teachers Series 1 and 2 The Office Series 1 and 2 24 Series 1 Oh yeah, and Men Behaving Badly Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + the final trilogy. Hmm.
  10. It's his precious Creedence tape of course! Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door And yeah, the Dude hates the fuckin Eagles, man.
  11. Can I just point out that Metroid with an Xbox pad would have been the same as with a GC pad. The pads are nearly identical in layout- two analog sticks and analog triggers. The only difference is the arrangements of the buttons, and the xbox black/white buttons are barely more usable than the GC Z button. So all that talk of dual-stick controls is nonsense - if Retro thought it would work they could have done it - it's nothing to do with the controller. Somebody else probably said that earlier, but not in the first 5+ pages that I read.
  12. Well there are rumours that Halo2 will actually come out on Xbox 1, maybe even this year. Imagine that! And yeah, I only bought my Xbox after seeing a chipped one at a meet. Halo and PGR2 are very good, but get nowhere near as much use as MAME, xSNES9x, other emulators and Xbox Media Centre. That doesn't mean I won't buy Xbox 2 if it can't be hacked. I've bought loads of consoles that haven't been hacked - it all depends on the games. I was waiting for Xbox to have enough exclusive titles or the price to drop enough to tempt me before I bought. It would have happened eventually whether it could be hacked or not.
  13. I did not know that. Ok, you win, I give up. I'll watch the first season this weekend. It better not be crap.
  14. Robo, you're obviously passionate about the films you love, but most of what you posted there is just bollocks. Almost all my friends loved the first Matrix, but felt tremendously patronised, let down and disillusioned by the sequels. After the first film people had very high hopes for what was to come, and I personally really wanted to like the sequels but the Wachowskis didn't deliver. How do you explain the fact that LOTR didn't suffer the same backlash? Surely 'Hollywood rebel' Jackson should have been more of a target for the establishment than the Wachowskis? Surely you can see that the difference in quality and inventiveness between the Matrix and it's sequels is akin to the difference in quality and inventiveness between the original star wars trilogy and the recent prequels? Whatever, you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm glad you liked the Matrix sequels, but you're being rather blinkered and patronising in suggesting that the rest of us are part of some sort of anti-Wachowski conspiracy. We're just disappointed.
  15. Why is IGN full of adverts for weed?
  16. My chipped Xbox and my PC have most of the features covered, all I'd need is Sky+ to complete the package. Granted, a PSX is a bit more compact than all that lot, but my current kit can do a lot that a PSX can't. Whatever you do, don't import a Japanese PSX - the menu was so incomprehensible that Edge couldn't even get it to play a DVD! EDIT - and it can't import DV as it has no Firewire port. And at the moment it only connect with Sony digital cameras, and it only rips CDs to ATRAC not MP3 so you can only play them on other Sony devices.
  17. I can't see how it can be much cheaper than 2 GBA SPs. No way. What is the reasoning behind your sub-£100 pricepoint guesswork?
  18. For two 3" backlit screens, 2 processors and the battery to power it all? You're joking, right?
  19. Fill it with porn and call it "White Hot Sex Box"
  20. You would need four of those screens to make a 6 x 4 screen. Dual, not duel, by the way. But yes, I reckon they will be a single widescreen split down the middle by a hinge, basically.
  21. Hmmm.... it's difficult though, surely, to do that without a review becoming a list of technical features, facts and stats. With pictures. I mean, on the one hand it's easy to describe GTA3 and have the reader immediately realise that he'll enjoy it. But sometimes don't you need to say "I know this sounds crap, but it's a surprising amount of fun, give it a try." ? How else would you convince your audience that Rez was more than the sum of its parts, or Animal Crossing, or Songstar or something?
  22. It's not just eBay. I was in Malaysia last summer, and piracy is utterly rife there. Kuala Lumpar has a million massive shopping centres, and I swear you could not buy a genuine Gameboy game or DVD over there if you tried. The public can't afford to pay full price for games, so nobody tries to sell them - this sort of thing goes on in full view, in proper shops in proper shopping centres. Same applies to XBox and PS2 games, but not Gamecube. In fact, GC games are almost impossible to find, but will be genuine if you do find them. Madness. I imagine that this is where most of the eBay stuff comes from originally.
  23. I refuse to believe that Street Fighter sold more than it's sequel, for starters.
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