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    I met him when I went to the James Allen website's premiere of the film. He was a really friendly chap and interesting to talk to. If you see him again you should definitely say hello, I'm sure he'd have no problem posing for a pic or supplying an autograph!
  2. Yeah I wouldn't say he's tarnished his reputation. Except that maybe he's shown just how much of his success was due to a great Ferrari team. Or he's shown how bad that Mercedes is at the moment. And that's a point - Hamilton wants to emulate what Schumacher did at Ferrari by bringing success to a struggling Mercedes outfit, but Schumacher himself has already tried and failed to do exactly that. Hamilton is younger and may be able to drag better results from a poor car, but he's not going to be able to improve the car better than Schumacher could, is he?
  3. Hehe, this will be interesting. At least you can expect him to get Torres working, but his speciality is Europe so its a shame he's probably too late for that. Still, I'm glad Liverpool already got the Stamford Bridge league fixture out of the way just in time...
  4. I believe it was Häkkinen he overtook. He remains behind Prost and Senna.
  5. I have to ask, why do you call Alonso Tel?
  6. I'm so buying tickets for that turn 1 grandstand next year! This has been a great race, kudos to everyone involved in building this circuit.
  7. I'm sure Vettel did those fast laps on intermediate tyres... saw green band on them, was I imagining that cos none of the reports mention it? Lucky I recorded the session I'll check later.
  8. Dom B


    So, I did this - I now own Blur on all three platforms When another revival happens, who do I need to be friends with in order to get an invite? And can it be next week please?
  9. I would say it's at least as awesome as you currently think it could be. At the very least. Obviously it's a good idea!
  10. :D Chuffed to bits.
  11. Really nice to hear a strong "There's only one Brendan Rodgers" chant from the away fans there. Good to know everyone's pulling in the same direction, so many positives tonight.
  12. Fucking excellent goal
  13. They look terrific don't they. A pleasure to watch, full of energy, discipline and, like you say, what seems to be a determination to prove they can adopt the Rodgers system. No doubt encouraged by the very real possibility of forcing their way into the first team thanks to our genius transfer policy I really hope we go far in both this cup and the Europa. The long-term benefits could be huge.
  14. Worked for me on PC - thanks guys
  15. Nobody seems to have mentioned Natalie Portman, Emma Stone or Mila Kunis! So them, every time. Mark Wahlberg, Jeff Bridges, Gary Oldman and Di Caprio. Plus Sean William Scott and, worryingly, Jonah Hill.
  16. Gold for Zanardi in the handcycling! What an absolute legend, so chuffed for him.
  17. I'm pretty sure the flashforward scene is set in Alburquerque. Its the same Denny's we've seen in previous episodes, and the same gun dealer who provided Walts first handgun way back whenever.
  18. Blizzard changed this stupid game mechanic in one of the more recent patches - now, monsters don't hit harder in multiplayer, but they do still have more health, which is fair enough.
  19. I've been playing this on and off since it came out, but definitely less now than in the early days. I had a really big dip in interest when I first got to Act 2 inferno. It was such a moment of triumph to finally defeat the Butcher at the end of Act I, but such a kick in the teeth to then get completely shat on by simple insects and lizards in Act II immediately afterwards. Pissed me off for ages, but eventually went back to it and ended up just farming Act I repeatedly now and making slow progress through Act 2 in between. I actually enjoy the farming more than the progress now, even though I don't get that many usable drops I make enough gold to regularly buy upgrades from the AH. Act I is now ridiculously easy for my wizard (35k DPS, 45k life, ~400 resistances and 3k armour), I just stroll around effortlessly blatting elites all over the place, but I'm still not confident I could beat Belial at the end of Act II. Haven't tried for a while, because the ludicrous repair costs really discourage repeated failed attempts. Its annoying as I'll need to swap skills for that fight, and practice a few times because basically you have to absolutely not get hit. Might practice on Hell difficulty actually... So yeah, it bugs me that progress is so slow and grindy because it didn't have to be like that, but luckily, like Sabreman, I actually quite enjoy it regardless.
  20. Maldonado's penalty was for causing a collision, which Lewis didn't do in Valencia. Same with the Lotuses.
  21. No, quite the opposite. He can't be gay, he was married to Lydia. Do keep up.
  22. Dom B


    Oh man I haven't played Blur for ages, despite owning it on PS3 and PC. Seriously considering getting a cheap Xbox copy now, just to play with you guys! Such an awesome game, and would be great to play it with an enthusiastic group. I only use the drift mod on the Amboy tracks and the downhill mountain. Just because you don't have enough laps to get worthwhile use of the nitro-per-lap mod on those tracks, not because I'm any good at exploiting it.
  23. Have you not seen the photo of the scene? It's here: http://formulaoneupdate.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/maria-de-villota-what-do-we-know-so-far/ It's not gory or messy at all, but if you view it full size you can clearly see where the ramp is and how lucky she is not to have been decapitated.
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