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  1. I found Coco disappointing but charming. I knew when we saw X character that I knew what was going to happen, and it did more or less. However, saying that, the message and heart was strong enough for me to recommend it. I admit I was sobbing up in the last few minutes too. Solid but doesn't beat Moana or Zootoopia for me.
  2. I like to actually write and draw my own horror comic. I like to have a part in developing a game and have it released. Also I want to 3d print something I creed in zbrush.
  3. Great film with lots of laughs and very heartfelt. I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it.
  4. Tofu

    Nintendo Switch

    Pretty sure it be actual hardware mod too based on their efforts before. So it's not going to be easily accessible and they're also really expensive too
  5. Tofu

    Nintendo Switch

    But emulation. Playing Mario sunshine would be amazing since Nintendo doesn't want to take my money
  6. Tofu

    Illustration Club

    First finished piece for 2018, started in Dec but just gotten round to finishing it.
  7. I have to take back what I said regarding:
  8. I know the prequels get a lot of hate but I'm currently watching the Phantom Menace and I do like the fact that its more richer in the various different alien variety scattered and more prominent in the film. Wish we could see more of that, and plus bring on an Ewok at least for a cameo.
  9. Yeah they were the same I wouldn't be surprised if they were gifted to her
  10. Its bad when the only person who looks right here is Chewie. Love DonGlover but he looks more like DonGlover than Lando here too.
  11. From that photo it looks like a knock off Chris Pratt.
  12. This film is dead on arrival. It has to be really something special for me to see this.
  13. Well I'm going off what was mentioned before the film was released, he waas meant to be more powerful than Vader and the Emperor. With some evidence being shown in the film:
  14. I watched this again and I still can't get over how Kylo
  15. Watching Wizard of Oz is really hard to watch when you read about Judy Garland's past.
  16. Meh, all done before kids playing ouija board nonsense. Surprised it wasn't better due to the calibre of the person behind this.
  17. Finally watched it, so can anyone summarise why the polarising opinions. I enjoyed it for what it was, felt the jokes at the beginning were tad off and felt like something from a Marvel film. I was surprised:
  18. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5862312/ Veronica made by the same guy who did Rec, sounds promising.
  19. Its just confusing because there's so many characters that you have to track, otherwise it isn't as complex as I originally thought.
  20. The newer revisions with the z8750 chip solves those issues.
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