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  1. shynra

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I'm at 20 hours and think I'm near the end. I am doing side mission as I find them fun/promotes exploring the areas.
  2. shynra

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Ive had it earlier as DLC - you are all in for a treat! Really enjoying it - new music tracks are superb!
  3. I've used them once, didn't have any problems with them a usual transaction.
  4. UK bundle is available from here: https://store.bandainamcoent.eu/uk/product/488602/taiko-no-tatsujin-drum-n-fun-collector-s-edition-switch They said on twitter it will be available form other retailers too
  5. My treasure collection That's about 4 years old, have a few more bits
  6. shynra

    Streets of Rage IV

    Thought I'll share a video of the streets of rage event. Here's hoping it's good!
  7. shynra

    Nintendo Switch

    Superb! Grandia was my favorate ps1 rpg! Grandia 2 was just okay...
  8. shynra

    Okami HD

    Playing 100% portable and the touch controls are awesome! Change controls so L is your brush (if righty like me) and combat is now fluid with taps of L and quick strokes. Outside of combat I just touch the screen to paint stuff, do circles, bombs etc saving time (pressing L) and accurate it's a joy! (you can press L to freeze time but no need out of combat /in combat prefer to freeze time) Never completed on ps2/wii have a great chance to now with sped up brush /portable play
  9. shynra

    Nintendo Switch

    A few years back when I went to an arcade in London this was massive! (well at least a group of 5 rotating in the one arcade for most of the day!) had not seen it before then actually... I'm interested!
  10. shynra

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    After Voez and Deemo I tried thier latest one just out on Thursday: Lanota Again another solid enjoyable music rhythm game, recommended from me!
  11. shynra

    The Sexy Brutale

    Lots of wondering around trying to figure out what's going on. It doesn't matter if you die /run out of time so wonder around - interact with stuff etc. If you run out of stuff to do/see and have no idea still try following somone as their interactions may unlock Somthing. I'm only about 3 hours in myself. Each new area is a new puzzle to explore and figure out... When I got to a new area it was the perfect opportunity for me to stop playing... That was a few months back
  12. shynra

    UK Games Expo

    Had fun, only demo I played was Starship Samurai As was on my list a game yet to come out. The stand only got the game on Friday. You have four actions taking one action then moving to the next player. The action tokens are 1,2,3 and 4 letting you do the action selected the #ammount of times. When everyone has played the 4 action tokens the round ends. Each round four areas on the map are planets with a certain clan that owns them. If you control a planet (most force in area) at the start of your turn you gain reputation for that clan (or if you do not have any rep it goes down for the clan that has rep with them). It starts nutural then goes up, if somone is in favour of a clan you can move it down to neutral and back up to your control. So reputation is swinging up and down during turns based on where forces are placed/control. At the end of the round battle commences in areas with conflict. Just by number of power given by ships /gaint robots and playing a card. Winners claim the planet + 5 points and boost up rep track again. Then removes all ships from the sector - loosers gain nothing but can leave all ships in sector. You do this in all 4 areas then score based on the changing reputation track. Next round 4 new planets appear, rep track restarts. Was a fun game but the theme was not really strong for me, it could have been any theme really. Just going underground so will link images and post more later.
  13. shynra

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Oh! Hyper sentinel is on switch! Just added to my steam wishlist after the recent Kim justice video. Uridium 2 was a lot of fun on the amiga, grabbed number 1 on the Wii c64 virtual console so well looking forward to giving it a go. Edit: Video
  14. shynra

    Laser League - "An instant multiplayer classic"

    Have yet to play online but 1 v 1 or 2v2 local is superb. Very quick to understand/play but has depth with abilities. Is added right away to my one room multiplayer rotation with Bomberman, puyo Tetris, overcooked, Mario Kart...

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