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  1. Did anyone else grab neocab? I'm enjoying it but it soft locked twice when selecting Dialog options ... First I managed to get around resetting but this second time I have tried several times in different ways with no luck. Anyone else have issues too?
  2. It's not quoit what you are looking for? Honk!
  3. Tangle Tower is by the Snipperclips creators - so is on my list to try out... Still love a bit of co-op Snipperclips!
  4. Haha, that reminded me I always picked anyone and Daisy in Double Dash, and while racing keep pressing z. I'm sorry...
  5. I did, it is was just a download of a several tracks iirc... Went out and grabbed the full ost cds from amazon a few years back.
  6. shynra

    Nintendo Switch

    While waiting for midnight I fired up Lumines, had not played it since the first month of release. Patch came out that has fixed the stutter when changing songs. But what struck me was hd rumble. I cannot remember the HD rumble being so good in it (playing portable with Joycons attached). Really added to the experience rumbling with the music/changing per song. Headphones + HD rumble it was bliss... I guess they patched an update to improve rumble? I cannot remember it being this good.
  7. A Europe hatsune miku concert was announced for Europe in Jan 2020 too! Day 1 to both!
  8. Forks is here! I'm meeting up with buddies and playing board games all weekend, I'll add forks to the play list (Im bringing a lupin the 3rd hidden movement game, 5 minute marvel and forks!)
  9. I agree pretty much with Alexlotl. (but I did enjoy the empty exploration of X - mechs where awesome but kind ruined it as it lowered the value of ground combat/exploration). I prefer it to 1, music is 11/10, the major pervy bits are avoidable just do not use the random blades you might get and combat is sublime! You can combat without knowing the depth of the system - or you can look into it and really start to learn and really enjoy it (im 140 hours+). Also if you do complete it - the DLC is well worth it - a different combat system - a new area to explore, good story/chars and about 20 - 30 hours of extra good content.
  10. Like numbered final fantasys they are not linked at all story wise. 1 is more of a light hearted adventure exploring the world - I prefer 1 to 2 but 2 has some better quality of life battle improvements. Day 1 for me!
  11. shynra

    Nintendo Labo VR

    The vr one I have only has vr stuff on it. It doesn't seem like it....
  12. They added one export feature in a patch, but not as you expect..... Set export to QR code Scan QR code in Ipad version Then use the ipad version to export to anything you like I know not great, but as least there is some kind of option
  13. Me and a buddy have our games (both UK)
  14. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega39's has been announced for Switch Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega39’s is a rhythm game featuring 101 songs (100 songs from past games plus the newly written theme song for this game), over 300 modules (costumes), and new game modes made specifically for Switch (details to be announced at a later date). 3D character models have also been updated with an anime-style touch. Confirmed songs include “Decorator” by Kz, “Odds & Ends” by Ryo, “Rolling Girl” by Wowaka, “Alien Alien” by Nayutan Seijin, and “39 Music!” by Mikito-P. The latter two songs are two of 10 newly recorded songs appearing for the first time in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega39’s. The 10 new songs will also be available as DLC for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone/Future Tone DX on PS4. Excite++ First Project diva game developed my Sega AM2 :O (i think)
  15. My one tip, turn the music up! And everything else a little lower! Sfx and voice is pretty loud.
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