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  1. Okay let's try this, I have a few kickstarters arrive but I paid for them earlier so I'm not counting them... Slow start for me: Dice tower kickstarter: $15 Inuit £20
  2. Watch out for a bug. If you have a buddy list bigger then about 50,then the game stutters a bit during online play. Hopefully fixed for release.
  3. Thanks for the Bloodborne impressions, I got the base game only the other day but yet to play it. Did you play with one char? Or take two? (I hear you can lure enemy's away play more positioning tactics) Your impressions makes me more likely to try solo. Eldar Sign is a lot of fun, I saw there is a slight re-implementation of it coming based on x-men. I'm tempted as the eldar sign I play is a buddys.
  4. Chicken Police - good, completed, enjoyed... But in a world with so many great games I cannot recommend unless you do like the look/ style/ pr from what you have seen in advertising, Somthing that may push you to buy it.
  5. I'll add the wonderful: Rhino Hero Great for kids and adults, nice, simple fun.
  6. Cannot un-see... ... "Got some rare things on sale, stranger!"
  7. 69.99 on amazon day deal... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07SLM7N9J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fab_JtoHFb45K0DP1 I bit!
  8. You can follow the bring it on artist here: https://www.youtube.com/c/GigaVideos Some of my old favourites made it like "Strobo Nights", if we have anymore packs I want "moon"!
  9. Oh massive thumbs up from me including dots *** for D6 and not numbers "3" I find the dots so much quicker to recognise than numbers.... shame all DnD fancy D6 i find appear to have Numbers and not dots.
  10. Going by the Mr driller history video above... It seems that there is no point going back as this covers the game modes. The Dreamcast one was always on my to grab list but I never did. Again hugely enjoying this, I've only completed all level 1s, trying to do lv2 world tour...
  11. Backed - link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead I was 29th! This was my 50th kickstarter backed @_@; (25 boardgames and the other 25 mainly vidya games)
  12. After playing forks and how it look i was sold already but that video was even cooler(well seeing the game plays really ) Ive played forks with about 12 people* - ill tell them all about this, I know one will love it as its dice based. Looking froward to seeing the kickstarter live on Tuesday. *not all at once - just a good short game to start with before we start a bigger game in the group
  13. Yeah seems so, I grabbed two (one for me and a pirate loving friend) I'm tempted by megaman for the figures but I heard the game is rubbish (maybe good solo!) waiting for it to drop even lower...
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