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  1. 1- materials aren't sold, they're either used for synthesising stuff on the fly (also on the right hand screen) eg weapons that do more damage, srv repair, bigger fsd boost, or you give them to Engineers to upgrade your ship. 2 - I'm not exactly sure, i've never jumped into one. I have read that they seem to be around a system or station that's in a state of Civil War, and that they could be an unfleshed out idea whereby players would have to go through the checkpoint (where there're security ships) before you could land at a station 3- I don't know. I'd also like to know this.
  2. I've just seen this picture on a bigger screen......I think it's my favourite shot from ED that I've seen so far.
  3. I've just found this useful vid, apparently you take more damage from a white dwarf than a neutron star. It also shows an easy way to find them.
  4. I haven't tried it yet but I've read that you fly into the cone near the end, facing away from the star, and flying really slowly through it until it says the FSD has been supercharged. I've also heard that locations of these Neutron stars are being logged and mapped to form a neutron highway. I'm definitely going to try that out.
  5. Karzee

    Xbox One X

    did someone post a list of released PS4 games in a thread about a console that's not out yet?
  6. Nice. How''s the delivery CG? Finished yet?
  7. Excellent attitude, there is indeed no rush, enjoy the journey. To me, if you consider it a grind then you're thinking wrong.
  8. It depends on what type of player you are. You either want to get into the spirit of the game by learning how to become a good trader, finding your own trade routes, and making money through your own guile, or you just want to make as much money as quickly as possible to afford a big ship. To do the former then there are plenty of guides people have written. Start by reading this thread for tips: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/91538-Yokai-s-guide-to-recognizing-(and-finding)-a-great-trade-route To do the latter then just go to https://eddb.io
  9. 3000t gets you to 25%? I thought it would be higher that. How many ships do you have in your fleet so far or are you selling them as you go?
  10. Yep, if people here haven't contributed to the CG yet it'll be well worth doing a few deliveries to get in the 'TOP 100%' for some easy money. Do that and you'll get at least 800k (maybe 1mill) when it hits Tier 8 tomorrow. Its only one jump between getting supplies and the delivery point. Just sign for the CG then go to BIDIONO system, buy Power Generators from the WELLMAN DOCK station, then deliver them 13ly at CONWAY CITY station in LTT 4961. Easy.
  11. "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." - Captain Kirk "it was downright fucking tedious" - Space Cadet LeChuck
  12. Maybe the answer is in this thread, I've tried reading it but my eyes start to glaze over.
  13. The AspEx is a pricey ship which is why I'm going I'm going for a cheaper Diamondback Explorer first. Once I've got paid for this community goal it should be enough to fully kit her out with decent spec modules. Speaking of the community goal, I was just fighting an interdiction that sent me hurtling into an asteroid belt and out of supercruise, and as I was preparing to jump back out I took in the scenery around me, with the field bathed in sunlight, and the lights of ships mining the rocks far away. Beautiful game.
  14. Yep, bounty hunting is good fun. Get a Kill Warrant Scanner as well. If you just kill a ship who is wanted in that system then you only get the bounty from that system whereas if you scan him first with a KWS then you'll get any bounties they have from other systems as well. You can get some big payouts doing that.
  15. If he asked for everything and fired at all at me I'd have told him to go fuck himself, initiated the 30 second self distruct sequence, rammed him, then just before I blew up I'd send him one final message saying he's flying a girl's ship.
  16. I've just been robbed by a pirate. I'm in a Type-7, an easy target, doing a community goal delivery and I got messaged and interdicted from a player telling me to submit and I would be ok. Now, although I don't WANT to ever give in to another player in any game, I respect the legitimate role of piracy in Elite Dangerous and so for the first time I decided to submit to the interdiction, play it cool, role play a helpless trader, and see what happens. Anyway, I recorded the encounter to show that there can be respectable pirates.
  17. It might be years away but one day i hope to exerience ED in VR, it just seems perfect for it.
  18. Right so i've got about 1hr 15mins to shoot down...ooh...about 23 Anacondas, using my Cobra, to catch up. No worries.
  19. How many ships have you both destroyed to be in the top 25%?
  20. That's a good idea, I'll finish this delivery and see how long it will take to transfer.
  21. I think I'll stick to doing the CG deliveries. After yesterday's debacle I'm not going to risk doing the 19 jumps home in this Type-7, pick up my Cobra, get back to Conway City only to find the bounty hunting goal has then finished.
  22. The game is very 'open world', there's no direction what to do (which i think adds to the empty feeling) its all up to you to get your enjoyment out of it doing what you fancy at that time. Maybe role play it a bit to keep your interest going. Imagine you're a young Ace Rimmer setting off to roam the galaxy (exploration), righting wrongs (bounty hunting), providing relief to famine hit systems (space trucking), expanding human influence (community goals), and getting ready to fight the incoming Thargoid threat (combat). Become so well known that when you fly past other players their text chat is filled awe and "What a guy *sigh*" comments.
  23. They've added, changed and improved a fair bit to the first Core release but it's essentially the same game, ie it still lacks a certain level of depth that can at times make it seem "a bit empty". FD have heard this criticism a lot and, as they continue to develop the game, maybe they'll focus on this aspect in future updates. Therefore it's hard to recommend the game whole heartedly to a player who walked away after only 20 hours, and yet something about the game has pulled you back so I will say that the Horizons season pass, with all of it's dlc, greatly reinvigorated my flagging interest and went some way to reducing that empty feeling. Maybe you'll feel the same. If I were you I would do the new tutorials to refamiliarise myself with it, do a few missions, and if you see an interesting planet that you like the idea of landing on and exploring in a buggy then buy Horizons.
  24. Go to Options, Controls, Weapons, and you'll see what buttons cycles fire groups. On XBox I hold down 'X' then press RB or LB to cycle between them.
  25. No, a 'fire group' is one column, listing all the things you can fire using triggers, and you assign 1's and 2's to what will fire in that fire group. You can set up another fire group (or more) to assign different things to the triggers. You can then switch between fire groups on the fly. For instance, my first fire group has all laser weapons set to (1) and all machine gun weapons set to (2), split because I don't want them all firing at the same time. I have these appear on screen and I use my triggers to fire them. Then if I want to run away I can then change to my second fire group (a second column) which has my chaff set to (1) and heatsinks set to (2). Edit: Sorry I misunderstood your question. To switch firegroups on XBox I hold down 'X' then press RB or LB to cycle between them. Go to Options, Controls, Weapons, and you'll see what buttons cycles fire groups.
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