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  1. 1. No idea, I'm on XBOX. I believe you can play just on m+k, but you can also use Hotas. The game is 'simmy' but thats the pull for me. VR is supported for PC so you could get that. 2. The game is only a grind if the main goals you set yourself are buying ships/upgrades and making as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Personally I play just for the experience of flying/driving completing missions. The money I earn in-game is incidental and I'll spend it when I eventually decide I want to upgrade. 3. I only play single player (in Open play), with only the occasional input into community goals. Exploring is definitely an interesting part of the game and some players do only that. When Elite Dangerous first came out there was very little depth to the game play but since then there have been some great improvements to add more things to do. More is on the way.
  2. Did you finish your epic journey to the centre?
  3. You don't need to use consumables to kill them.
  4. I didn't make much progress last night. Spent an hour bouncing off LB learning her moves and its proving to be a tough fight for me. Read on here a few pages back a tip about exploring the waterways throughly, I discovered a section of the map I would never have found. Had a really good fight several times with a purple guy. Found an interesting new power. Oh and after a whole week of playing this I've just found out I can deflect arrows and bullets.
  5. CLIPPITY-CLOP IS DOWN! An excellent fight. It took at least fifteen attempts but I really enjoyed them (bar one when I took a swig of health a fraction of a second before he decided to charge me, killing me. I fought hard NOT to throw the controller at the wall). Another death cane about after i'd stabbed the bugger twice and put my controller down in relief that the fight was over when I suddenly saw that I needed to quickly stab him again before he revived. I didn't make it in time. He''s an imposing figure in all his Samurai armour and I like the way he circled your corpse as if just daring you to revive. Moved up to the castle and met BS Easiest fight so far. The first attempt was just surprise, running around, then death. The second fight I found him easy to avoid and used firecrackers to allow me to get in and slash away. Down it went. Now exploring the castle grounds and found I think three new paths. I'll go back to LB first and have another attempt at besting her before progressing the castle area.
  6. Bonding 2 : Rear while stationary (RB/R1 +X/Square) Bonding 3 : Skid Turn or Skid Stop while moving (RB/R1 + A/X) Bonding 4 : Piaffe (Hold X/Square) or Drift (Piaffe + Left Analog Stick/L3 right or left)
  7. Listen out for the sound of crows.
  8. I spent three more hours on this last night. I had two paths blocked by two bosses (I don't know the acronyms so I'll just call them CC (clippety-clop) and DFF (Drunken Fat Fuck). I died to CC pretty quickly so switched to DFF who owned me about eight times before I managed to down him. I hate boss fights in games. I hate the trial and error game play and knowing that I'm definitely going to die again and again until I figure out what to do. And yet when I fight the bosses in Sekiro I know that they are doable after one attempt, and really seem to enjoy charging back again to give it another shot. SO FAR. I've now got some firecrackers which it tells me scare animals so I'm going back to CC tonight, see if they help. Maybe the newly discovered sprint button (doh) might also be beneficial. When I wasn't fighting DFF last night I was.just going back through the levels feeling badass against all the minions who'd given me gip when I first started, plus just exploring finding hidden routes and items. Realy enjoying this game.
  9. Something''s wrong there. I play on Xbox rather than PC.and I couldn't parry for toffee in Dark Soul's but in Sekiro I can parry whenever I want, works all the time because the window for parrying is so big, so big in fact that I'm having to slow myself down parrying to ensure I do it at the optimum moment when I'm about to be hit.
  10. I've just been kicked to death by a chicken. I feel humiliated.
  11. "YES! GOT YOU, YOU FUCKER!" These are the words I've just screamed out like a teenager and not the greying mild mannered fifty year old that I am. Sorry. Only started playing tonight, found the training guy, practiced fighting him for a bit then moved onwards to the Ashina Outskirts and met some General who kept killing me. I discovered I could just ignore him and move on but I needed to see this fucker dead. Ninth attempt and I was counter-attacking and dodging like a ninja-mofo until I finally wore him down and stuck my sword in his neck. I'm loving the speed of combat compared to Dark Souls, it''s really beginning to click with me and it''s sooo satisfying to string defensive/offensive moves together. Early days but I can't fault the game so far, and i'm loving the Tenchu vibe.
  12. I played this for the first time last night and my reaction was, "What the hell happened?". I'm a big fan of Dirt Rally but I'm very disappointed in this. Right off the bat in the menus it tells me "The championship is the main game". I can't access this though because I have to be connected to Racenet and I don't have internet. Why the bloody hell do I need Internet access to play a single player championship? DR1 didn't. XBox OG graphics are awful. No exaggeration, they're worse than DR1 which wasn't exactly a looker but in DR2 the lighting and graphics are flat, dull, and lacking in detail. As for the brightness of the headlamps I might as well strap a torch to the bonnet for all the good they are. The co-driver's voice as he reads out the pace notes sound exactly like they come straight from the recording studio rather than Codemasters doing anything to make it sound like the voice of a co-driver sitting next to you. But the worst thing, and most important, is the handling. In DR1 one of the first cars you can drive is the Alpine. I fell in love with this car instantly, I was able control drifts very well and, like the other cars, feels like there''s a solid connection with the ground, only losing grip when going fast. It was THE car I returned to a lot after driving the faster modern cars. So trying out the Alpine in DR2 it just feels like it''s floating rather than touching the ground and has a weird wallowing oversteer feeling. It's really not good at all. DR1''s basic road handling not only felt much better but it felt instantly right to me, leaving me to learn the characteristics of the vehicle. I've read someone on here saying the engine has been built from the ground up, and if true then this is a case of it NOT being a good thing. DR1 felt like a labour of love, and is why I could forgive the poorer visuals (compared to other driving games) and the bare bones content. DR2 feels like its been developed by a team who had no idea what actually made DR1 one of the best rallying games to come out in years. I've no intention of playing this again.
  13. Upgrading the camp tents is purely cosmetic Sell stuff to the trapper so he can make clothing for you. Selling to fences is useful. Donating to the camp is mostly pointless once you've bought the camp upgrades you want. There''s so much money/ammo/medicines out there that I ended up donating thousands to the camp for no benefit. Give the cook food just to stop him moaning at you, and there'll always be stew for you. I never tested out whether it would still be made if I didn't give meat. After a bit of hunting you get so much meat anyway that you might as well give it to the cook. Yes If you buy a a train/coach ticket then the horse is there when you arrive. If you just jump on a train then the horse will follow it which is useful if you want to jump off at anytime after robbing the train but beware that your horse can be killed if it gets between the train and a cliff side.
  14. Because it was a No.1 bestseller? I'll be buying it. I bloody loved this game, and although each successive game in the series got better and better I was always a bit disappointed that the devs dropped the scoring mechanics from them. Competition on the SE:V2 scoreboards for each level got so much so that to get anywhere near the top rankings you had to chain headshots from as far away as possible on the hardest difficulty. Very tense and immensly satisfying, it made the replayability go through the roof. I remember sinking over 50 hours into the demo level alone. Great game if you like shooting Nazis in the face.
  15. I've played the first two games several times over the years and really enjoy the setting, narrative and humour of them. I picked up Exodus not knowing a thing about it and am VERY surprised to find myself outside in a wide area without a mask on rather than the Metro tunnels. I'm loving this new direction, it''s exactly what needed to happen. Playing on Hardcore and trying to rescue some people from a bandit camp and getting one-shot by a guy with a shotgun. This is perfect difficulty for me, it was never about run'n'gunning, and several times I've had to leg it as I'm short of ammo. I'm really having to take things slow. Loving the workbench, the graphics, and the open area game play, the setting, and can't wait to see where this story goes, then bung it on Hardcore Ranger mode.
  16. It worked! Updated the XBOX and both games installed just fine. Cheers!
  17. That's a good idea, Mr Gerbick, I'll take it to a mate''s tomorrow and try that. I only bought Res Evil 2 three weeks ago and that installed fine.
  18. I've looked and neither state it MUST have internet connection to install or play, only for downloadable content or multiplayer.
  19. I need help. I have no Internet connection so only play games offline on my OG Xbox. After finishing my sixth playthrough of the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake I bought two new games today, Dirt Rally 2 and Metro Exodus. Neither games install. When I put either disc in, the icon for the games appear on the home screen with the disc symbol to show that it knows the disc has been inserted. The disc spins a few times then stops. I click on the game icon and it says: "Something went wrong. Blah blah 0x8b050066 blah blah". I've looked it up and suggestions is to set my Xbox to Offline mode, this I've done, as well as reset and reboot Xbox. I've put in other game discs I have and all begin the installation no problem. What could be the issue here? Are games beginning to come out now that must be online to install?
  20. I'm finding my Hardcore Claire B run rather difficult. I haven't made it to the sewers yet and Mr X is relentless in his pursuit, forcing me to often run which attracts the zombies and lickers. I'm having to plan every trip out from a safe room, doing an objective and quickly getting back to safety. Tense as hell. I'm bloody loving it!
  21. Yep I played on Hardcore. I'd be really interested in hearing from someone who played on Normal then upped to Hatdcore to see what sort of a different experience they found it. Item management was a real issue at the end as I only had ten inventory slots, six of which held three weapons leaving only four for sub weapons/ammo/health. It was very tough deciding what to take to the final fight.
  22. Just finished my first play-though - Leon A - Hardcore. Rank C, 25 saves, time 21:30:03. It actually took MUCH longer than that because I died loads on the boss fights (only discovered the quick-turn button two hours ago....doh!). The game was tough but a good kind of tough (although will have to apologise to the neighbours tomorrow for all the frustrated shouting and swearing dying over and over during the last boss fight). Overall I've loved playing this modern take on my favourite RE''s (the first three). I am disappointed to hear that playing the B senario isn't as intertwined with senario A as the original, however this game is definitely a keeper for me as I can see a lot of replay trying to beat ranks and times, plus the other challenge modes. Now onto Claire B....
  23. Bought this yesterday having not seen so much as a screenshot and I'm SO impressed with how it looks and plays. A fan of the first three Resi''s I decided to go straight to hardcore mode Leon A and I'm finding it sufficiently tough to make every encounter tense and the resources scarce enough to require careful management. Eight hours in and i'm in the undergound section of the Police Dept wondering how the hell to get to the clock tower. This isn't the first time I've been stuck in the game and I'm so pleased they have kept true to the original enough that there's no hints or floating arrows telling me what to do next. I haven't got a single critisism to make against the game so far, they've really nailed the atmosphere of original games and kept it challenging enough (on hardcore anyway) to make any progression a satisfying experience. Well worth the full price I paid and my first contender for GotY so far.
  24. Don't you have to hand the data in at a station before it''s registered that you discovered it? If it's like it was a few years ago others could beat you to it by handing the data in earlier.
  25. Great shots there, Thor, how's the trip going? Are you meeting/seeing any of the other 10,000 players doing DW2?
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