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  1. Oh I'm sooooo going to remind you of this if you mention bloody Tenchu bloody Z again.
  2. Polygon article - Galactic Mapping A really interesting article on how one explorer's documented travels has inspired others to join in with mapping the Milky Way in Elite:Dangerous That's star systems, not stars or planets or moons etc. I think it''s impressive that since the game''s release over four years ago that players have discovered 144 million systems, that's an immense number. Playing E:D was the first time I began to get a smidgen of an idea of just how big our galaxy is.
  3. Why is TCM always refered to as a 'she'? Surely the clue is in the title that it's a he.
  4. Nah they're not. To me they're minor assists in a fight, not essential but there to break an enemy's combo. I keep forgetting to use them. Yeah they can make a fight easier but if it was unlimited then people would just spam them making a fight pointless.
  5. Which sub-boss was it?
  6. I started again weeks ago when I hit the GenA brickwall, it doesn't take too long to get back to him, especially now you'll have learnt all the basics. But instead of doing something so drastic as restarting why not revisit all the places you've been to warm up. Also make doubly sure you've gotten as many gourd seeds and prayer beads before the fight because it is a toughy.
  7. There's nothing more up at the temple until you beat Genichiro, then the story progresses further and new area's open up to you.
  8. The guy who cut your arm off.
  9. Cheers for the tips, guys, I think I AM fighting him too far away,. I'll try being more aggressive today, plus practice dodging more (instead of just deflecting) and throw in a few Itchyjimmies to get the posture up faster.
  10. Spear welding enemies are my toughest challenge in this game. I've mastered just about everything else (except for the Temple Guards (with the basket on their heads)) but anyone with a spear fucks me up all the time. And here I am, four days later, well over a hundred attepts i reckon, still on the last boss, and dying on the same spear weilding phase. The first two phases I know so well and rarely take any damage at all, then I get to this third phase and I can barely touch him. He hits so hard at a great reach, constantly runs at you making huge leaps and giving you next to no time to heal. Using firecrackers i can get one hit in but I only get his health down half way and i've used them all up. I've seen several videos online to cheese the fight pretty easily but I refuse to do them, I want to know that when i beat him I did so honerably.
  11. I'm on what might possibly be the final boss.
  12. DOH is a fire spamming bastard! That is all.
  13. You don't need any item's for the Lady B fight. If you're talking about Snap Seeds they just make the fight slightly quicker but they aren't essential. You can take the apparitions down in one hit, sword or shuriken, or like I did just just run around outer boundary of room until they disappear.
  14. That's the one, thanks guys. Easiest prayer bead gained the game.
  15. Ha haa i've just met a boss for the first time and killed it in, I swear, less than 10 seconds flat, so fast in fact that I have no idea what the name of the boss was. I just ran up, slashed away, they jumped and let off some lightening, I jumped and returned it, they fall to their knees, I slash about three more times, they died, no phase 2, one prayer bead gained, thanguverymuch. I was laughing and said out loud, "Is that it!?!". A genuine guffaw moment. If anyone can tell the boss' name i'd appreciate it. Clue: tree stump.
  16. Aaand took him down next go. Onwards.
  17. Same here. After 20 odd attempts i've just got to his phase 3 first time and almost took him down. The thing with him is that I know the fight is really doable with his easy to spot attacks, it's just deflecting them instead of blocking them otherwise my posture bar shoots up. But if I miss a deflection he hits HARD. Phase 2 with the apparitions is what I have difficulty with.
  18. How did you find the difficulty rises between base > NG+ > NG++ ? Are they big enough to be a challenge or minor increments?
  19. Aaaand beat the bastard. I'm shaking here. An absolutely exhilarating fight.
  20. My guess is you meant to put that in spoiler tags rather than a quote, Vemsie.
  21. I've made slow progress this week. I beat the Shit-Flinger on Thursday night, yet another boss fight I really enjoyed. Then, with no idea where to go next, I explored all the levels I'd previously found and had a fight with... I then found my way into the I'm now getting absolutely murdered by a mini-boss Bloody fast and high posture damage it's the first time I've begun to doubt my abilities to progress further. I did manged to create a big fight between ten enemies though which is fun. Barring that little failed attempt to cheese him I need to learn to fight him mano-et-mano. After 30 attempts I can see some real improvement in me against him but it's going to be tough to finish him. Kuro better be bloody grateful for the items i've got him when I get to the top. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.
  22. It's a good feeling isn't it. It's a real milestone in the game beating him.
  23. I had a great session on this yesterday. After beating GenA the other night the game really opens up and, like in Dark Souls, you really appreciate how all the areas connect, with some surprising shortcuts. Very light non-plot spoilers: Beating Dark Souls remains one of my greatest gaming achievements, it was a really tough and gruelling experience for me (not helped by knowing that other cocky gamers were speed-running it on NG+7, wearing only a loincloth and twatting bosses with a club). Where Sekiro really helps to make the game more enjoyable is simply down to how close boss fights are to save points (idols). It just makes each defeat more bearable when you can dash back quickly and try again. Proud as I am to have completed Dark Souls I never wanted to return to it again, whereas with Sekiro I'm already looking forward to starting again and having multiple playthrough's, maybe upping the difficulty each time, and trying other fighting-style/prosthetic combinations. This game is a keeper for me, there's so much replay value and long term challenge in just trying to master it. Maybe one day I'll be able to proudly state on here that I've actually NG+7'd the game.....only for a cocky gamer to undermine me by saying, "Yeah, but you didn't do it with one eye closed hanging upside down using bongos as a controller like I did".
  24. I must be at least halfway through the game and I still don't understand the regeneration system. Right now I have three full pink circles above my health bar. I die fighting this underwater headless guy, I regenerate, and the two remaining pink circles get a black line through them meaning I can't regenerate again. If the three pink circles do not denote the numbers of times I can regenerate then what are they for?
  25. I reached GenA a week ago and spent at least 50 attempts to beat him but failed. I'd get to his third phase most times by then but he always zapped me quickly and I never managed to zap him back. So I restarted the whole game again. Most bosses fell quickly with all the knowledge I'd already gained, and when I got to GenA again I decided to ignore him and push on, exploring as much as I could. Last night I could do no more and had to face GenA. Same thing happened. Get to third phase, get zapped, died. Then, and i dont know what happened, but after about ten attempts I suddenly managed to zap him back. Twice. I wailed on him, my heart in mouth, when suddenly the deathblow symbol came up and I finally stuck the bastard. A great bloody moment for me I can tell you. And you know what? I'd happily go back and fight him again. The fight itself is great, I really enjoy it. This is my favourite From Software game so far. I just love the speed of the fighting, and the focus more on aggression. So many fights I just find exhilarating and, y'know, fun!. Now i'm dying to a boss who keeps throwing his shit at me.. I love it.
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