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  1. I just point the tether into the centre of the furnace/processor. For really heavy objects use several tethers to move the objects faster.
  2. I love the Knife of Dunwall, especially playing straight after Dishonored, to hear about Daud's upbringing and his perspective and motivation for the killing of an Empress.
  3. I was playing this last night on my tablet via XCloud Gamepass App, while on my boat moored out in the countryside. No installation, no updates, no juddering cutscenes and no lag, just a 23 second gap from opening the app, loading the game, to actually playing. Absolute witchcraft. As for the game itself, I had a blast. Definitely a return to form and a Halo CE vibe. Heroic difficulty is surprisingly easy compared to previous games so will switch to Legendary tonight. You're not playing it right unless every fight is hard fought. Wort Wort Wort/10
  4. Karzee


    Yes, the game does autosave every few minutes.
  5. Then up the difficulty. Get rid of the all the aids that make the game easy and learn to shoot using skill. When you can pull off +300m shots using only your judgement THEN you'll get immense satisfaction. And if you want a tense experience the put it onto Authentic Plus difficulty where you'll be faced with a screen free from all UI, no unrealistic magnifying gun scopes, you'll die quickly if attacked, and there's no mid level saves so you'll have to start again if you do die. It makes the game SO much better.
  6. I was surprised to see so many big Twitch streamers playing this over the weekend, all were really enjoying it.
  7. .Did you try clearing the XBOX cache? That always helps me when games get choppy
  8. Driver: San Francisco already works on Xbox One, if you have the disc. Plays lovely on min.
  9. Ah, I remember this same poll done prior to release of this current gen. A few of us dared to select 'XBox One', then someone called Haribo rudely posted our names calling us 'cunts'. I"ve never experienced that sort of behaviour on this forum before, and the fact that the mods did fuck all summed up the pro-Sony hysteria at the time. I'm glad to see the forum is more balanced now.
  10. &£#$@¥. Bumping the the only game I've been yearning for on backwards compatibility. For a second there I thought that was finally happening.
  11. Karzee


    Initial impressions of this is bloody MARVELOUS! I quite liked Mudrunner, it's a real chill out game, and I liked the slow paced gameplay trying to work out the best way to traverse the maps. Eventually though the single task of delivering logs did get repetitive, and the visuals were a bit washed out and bleak. Snowrunner though is SO much better in every way in terms of visuals, sheer scale of maps, more varied terrain, variety of contracts and tasks to undertake, reasons to actually explore and discover things, vehicle customisation....and...and.... .I want to gush further but after deciding to have a quick go I've just seen the time and realised i've lost three hours to the game. I will post more tomorrow but will just say that if you quite liked Mudrunner and are thinking of getting this then be excited.
  12. That's excellent. "Bigger graphics"
  13. Mooncrash is totally worth getting. I spent two weeks playing it last month and I loved it. If you haven't already then watch this:
  14. Push the Guide button on the pad and you'll see four options, one of which is 'Capture Options'. Select that, then scroll down to 'Capture what happened', then select how long you want, from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.
  15. My favourite's the WoooOOOOOO guy.
  16. I started this on Saturday, playing on Supernova because I like survival games, and have to say I'm really enjoying this. The survival elements are too basic to have any real impact but the difficulty has been brutal with light armour and I've died so many times that I take all fights cautiously. Only having on save point on the ship has meant many many runs across the map after each death. Someone here (Phelan?) reported that they had "all the companions" but I've only had two so far and they're both dead (their deaths are permanent on Supernova). So after about 10-15 hours wracked up in Edgewater over the weekend I finally got the ship fixed last night, got to the next area, and spent a couple of hours talking to everyone, hoovering up their quests, whilst exploring every where and practicing pickpocketing where ever possible. I now have at least 10 quests to be done and no idea what to do first. I cannot understand how people are getting through the game so quickly, or why they'd want to, there''s so much to see, hear, and read. I can't believe this has gone straight to Gamepass. The amount I shall get from this with multiple playtrhoughs, well I feel like I've stolen the game.
  17. It's a good list although not surprisingly I, like everyone here , would place things in a different order and add/remove a couple. I'd have put Alien Isolation on it, and although I really enjoyed RDR2 I would have said that Max Payne 3 was the better of the two Rockstar games. And no Vanquish? The game is as close to perfection as a game can be.
  18. I find easy games pointless to play so this comment puts me off buying this. Are there difficulty settings in the game to make it challenging?
  19. Oil & Fire is helpful with that guy
  20. YESSSS! Syndicate made the final list! I've been waiting so long for this, I love the cold, brutal gunplay, it's so cool. From my list of wanted BC games I got them all bar one, Max Payne 3. Damn shame. I can only hope that it will be remastered one day.
  21. Don't kill and save at least two of your friends gets you the good ending.
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