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  1. Karzee

    Sniper Elite IV (PC/PS4/XB1)

    I've loved this game from release and only played on authentic. It took a while but after a LOT of practice you really get a feel for how to account for bullet drop and wind (find the right rifle that suits you though as some are more challenging than others). I made few videos: I love how open each map is to play around and find favourite shooting spots. And pulling off a long range shot is immensely satisfyingly without any aids switched on. For me it's the best game in the series and I hope there''s more to come in the future.
  2. Karzee

    Forza Motorsport 7

    If you added Meatball to your friends list then you won't be...trust me, he''s been ruining my leaderboards for years. Grab the fastest car you can, work all night practicing every corner until you finally nail the perfect lap. Then check the leaderboard to find that Meatball is 10 seconds faster........driving a Mini. (Bastard)
  3. The docking computer to me is a luxury module, I've never felt the need to have one, nor would I waste a slot carrying one. The Sidewinder is the smallest ship in the game so you really shouldnt be having any issues parking one however why not buy one and try it out? Try everything out, tailor ships to your style. The beauty of the game is that all the ships have strengths and weakness and that there isn't one that does everything. It's all about the tailoring, tinkering, customising and play-style choices. Some ships lean towards certain strengths like the hauler ships having a lots of cargo space but are slow and heavy and so not the best for exploring or combat, some ships excel at combat but lack the cargo space or jump range, and some ships like the Cobra or Python strike a great balance between all professions by being very versatile when it comes to customisation but the price they pay for that is they aren't quite as good at any profession as the ships specialising in them. If there was a ship that excelled at everything, had the biggest cargo space, had the largest and most weapon hardpoints, have the best jump range, the fastest boost, ran at the lowest heat, had the strongest hull, etc then everyone would just use that ship all the time and that would make the game dull very quickly.
  4. Did you buy a prospector and collector controllers? Not essential but makes mining faster and so more profitable. Remember you'll need to stock up on mines if you do.
  5. In case you don't know, you can find points of interest (bigger than rocks to shoot) on a planet surface flying your ship. Fly to about 2km height, adjust your radar/scanner range to max distance and just cruise along at any speed you like. Eventually you'll see a blue circle on the radar denoting that there''s something there so turn and fly towards it, lower the scanner range so the blue circle becomes bigger and fly to the centre, stop and land. Get in your SRV, drive in a circle watching your scanner for large readings and go off to explore. It sometimes helps to dismiss your ship to stop it interfering with the wave scanner (your ship dismisses itself anyway when you get beyond a certain disrance.... something like 2-2.5km).
  6. The difficulty isn't like hitting a brick wall but there is quite a bit to learn. However you don't have to learn it all at once, just take your time learning the basics of flying a space craft, navigating from system to system, and station to station, doing a few delivery missions to start you earning. Don't feel you have to do all the tutorials at once, do a few then jump into the game and practice. As you get confident then you can start taking on a variety of missions or trying out one of the other professions or raising your combat skills a bit. It's very much at your pace to do what you want, and ask lots of questions.
  7. It can be fun on lower g planets by putting all your pips into engine, going full speed up a rise to jump, then click and hold the right stick to thrust and do some massive jumps.....especially across canyons.
  8. Have you done the tutorial? Don't forget you can adjust the radar size to see further (on xbox I hold A and use the bumpers to adjust range).
  9. I've destroyed a lot of cargo scooping. A little tip for the missions that require you to search and collect trade data/black boxes/salvage that's floating in space ......once the planet has been identified and you circle around it waiting for the exact location to appear, I think this location is random and appears roughly where you are circling. So make sure you are NOT circling in or very near the blue circles surrounding a (landable) planet because the mission objective will also appear there and will be affected by the gravitational pull of the planet, making the cargo move at speed towards the planet rather than just floating. You ship will also handle harder. Both factors make it very hard to scoop the cargo.
  10. Which materials? And no, LeChuck, no point to them, dead weight.You dont even need shields really so buy the lightest for a little piece of mind.
  11. Yep. The materials transfer with you between ships.
  12. Just to add that if you don't have a scanner then just drop down to the Nav Beacon and scan it. You can do this for all misions to find a location in a system.
  13. The Type-7 did me proud during the last delivery CG, with her 272t of cargo space I came in the top 10% and netted a whopping 29,800,00cr. With the winnings I bought myself a Diamondback Explorer last night and A-graded the necessary stuff suitable for exploration. I flew her from the CG to my home base and, with her great engine sound, long jump range and very responsive handling I'm already excited to take her out of the Bubble tonight with the goal of trying out neutron star jumping and visit a nearby nebula. Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
  14. 1- materials aren't sold, they're either used for synthesising stuff on the fly (also on the right hand screen) eg weapons that do more damage, srv repair, bigger fsd boost, or you give them to Engineers to upgrade your ship. 2 - I'm not exactly sure, i've never jumped into one. I have read that they seem to be around a system or station that's in a state of Civil War, and that they could be an unfleshed out idea whereby players would have to go through the checkpoint (where there're security ships) before you could land at a station 3- I don't know. I'd also like to know this.
  15. I've just seen this picture on a bigger screen......I think it's my favourite shot from ED that I've seen so far.

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