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  1. Karzee

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Bought this yesterday having not seen so much as a screenshot and I'm SO impressed with how it looks and plays. A fan of the first three Resi''s I decided to go straight to hardcore mode Leon A and I'm finding it sufficiently tough to make every encounter tense and the resources scarce enough to require careful management. Eight hours in and i'm in the undergound section of the Police Dept wondering how the hell to get to the clock tower. This isn't the first time I've been stuck in the game and I'm so pleased they have kept true to the original enough that there's no hints or floating arrows telling me what to do next. I haven't got a single critisism to make against the game so far, they've really nailed the atmosphere of original games and kept it challenging enough (on hardcore anyway) to make any progression a satisfying experience. Well worth the full price I paid and my first contender for GotY so far.
  2. Don't you have to hand the data in at a station before it''s registered that you discovered it? If it's like it was a few years ago others could beat you to it by handing the data in earlier.
  3. Great shots there, Thor, how's the trip going? Are you meeting/seeing any of the other 10,000 players doing DW2?
  4. The best tip I offer regarding landing is to switch to the alternative controls to fine tune your position before landing. Turning this on allows you to move the ship left or right without turning the ship.
  5. Took me weeks of playing and researching on websites to learn all the game''s mechanics. A very steep learning curve. If you have any questions at all let us know.
  6. I'm currently playing Vampyr and I was just chatting to an old woman in a hospital bed when out-of-the-blue, mid-conversation, she used the word "cunt". It was so unexpected. In Bioshock I remember entering one of the flats in Olympus Heights and there on a sofa in front of a TV were two dead children. I've seen skeletons of children in games before (Fallout 3) but never bodies. I was genuinely shocked and moved by the scene. I tried to use Telekinesis to throw them across the room but the game wasn't having it.
  7. I posted a week ago that I was near the end then I spent another week to actually finish the game on Saturday. Its taken over four weeks to complete it, well over 200 hours, and i barely did any challenges, only discoverd half the animals, and only killed four Legendary''s. I then spent a few hours doing the odd left over side missions then wiped my save and started a new game. One of the best open world games I've played in years, probaby Skyrim, certainly the best looking, and easily my GoTY.
  8. I leave my game in standby mode and every few days when I continue playing the framerate.is awful so I just quit out of the game, reload and everything's fine again. I play on the Base XBOX as well, pre-launch patch because I have no Internet, and have seen no noticeable frame-drops beyond this resolvable issue.
  9. I was just making my way slowly across a county hunting Pristine animals to sell the pelts to the trapper and take the meat back to camp when I spotted a large bird way up in the sky. Through my binoculars I watched this Bald Eagle swoop down to the ground then fly up into the sky again carrying a rabbit! I've never seen that before. I shot the bird, watched both animals separate high up plummeting to the ground, then i picked up both animals. I have so much to say about this game, its one of the most absorbing, relaxing, realistic open worlds I've ever played in. I've been playing this solidly for over four weeks now, I think I'm nearing the end, and I'm not tired of the game at all. The story and characters have been great but what keeps me playing is just traversing the gorgeous landscape, hunting for food, exploring, and living under the stars. Oh and sudden bouts of extreme unprovoked violence.
  10. There''s got to be a hotel I can sleep at in Saint Denis surely. I've been here for two days doing missions and can't find a place to rest up.
  11. I love my horse. I pat it, feed it and brush it regularly, trying to make our bond as strong as possible yet he remains terrified of me because almost every time he sees me dashing up to him to jump on he shits himself.
  12. Where are the hooers? I think I met some upstairs in the saloon in Valentine, but I can't get so much as a simple hand job from them.
  13. I was riding down a path when I came across three O'Driscols holding up a carriage. I listened in on the conversation and they ended up killing the driver of the carriage, so I unleashed hell on them until all were dead. While i was looting the bodies i got to thinking about the poor carriage horses just being left there in the middle of nowhere and wished there was an option to set them free.....then discovered there actually was when I went up to them! I was so chuffed. I've freed so many carriage horses sInce then giving me an enormous sense of well being, which completely overides the guilt of killing and looting the innocent carriage drivers in the first place. I'm a carriage-hatin'-horse-freein'-sum bitch
  14. The new mining mechanic sounds good: https://www.pcgamesn.com/elite-dangerous/elite-dangerous-mining?amp

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