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  1. I find with Brazil just changing your Xbox location to Brazil then entering the code on the console works, last time I tried anyway I had issues through the website but it always worked on the console with no VPN required
  2. Hot wheels is no longer coming to game pass as scheduled
  3. If there wasn't a trial I would have bought this, as it stands after playing an hour or so it's firmly in the wait to drop on ea play/game pass category unless I get into it after getting my first car etc and get to grips with it. Maybe closer to Christmas when work isn't so busy I'll pick up a physical copy if that happens. What's more likely I'd I'll go back and play through Heat which I didn't give much of a chance
  4. 'edgy' NFS social media employee had a bit of a mare
  5. I thought as much but yesterday evening it was doing the same. I'll try again later or try a different game for the daily 50pt and see if that works
  6. If you buy or redeem a game from a foreign store, does it prevent challenges for punchcards in rewards from registering? For example I bought call of duty using Brazilian gift balance I had however the weekly rewards set doesn't register an achievement unlocked in it, the daily 50pt bonus for unlocking an achievement didn't register and the MW2 punchcard for playing and earning achievement didn't unlock
  7. I have the crossplay disabled but since most people don't know about the Xbox system toggle buried in the depths of the settings menus, it can take ages to find a match. Still I persist with it
  8. Finding myself going more and more towards the 3rd person mode, really enjoying it! Completed the campaign yesterday and it was mostly decent but for a few missions I didn't enjoy, will go through again and sweep the achievements at some stage. Managed to block crossplay through the xbox setting
  9. Don't believe so, or the USA. All I've seen confirmed is Netherlands France and Australia
  10. As there is alot of Dutch people on this forum, on the off chance anyone happens to devour a Burger King and doesn't need the code for the BK DLC I'll happily take it off your hands
  11. Full game up now using the New Zealand trick on Xbox, seems they are filtering people out via their location on their Activision account so just add a NZ address there
  12. Nice, got mine sorted now expires Oct 16 2025 for £97 total, bargain!
  13. My game pass finally expired, probably been asked before but does the conversion work with Xbox live gold purchased and activated via vpn from cheaper regions? I see South Africa 12 month gold codes for £26.99 which seems to be the cheapest I can see
  14. For those with no rewards tab on the Xbox app, strangely enough this got it to appear for me. Turn off your WiFi and use mobile data, close the app and load it up again. For some reason it only appears when not connected to WiFi when I load the app Even then though I'm only getting the play a game (jewel) play a pc game play with friends on PC and use the Xbox app challenges, not the Fortnite one. And my use Xbox app is 5pts not 25 @shirubagan @metallicfrodo
  15. Liking the look of it, definitely interested! Dying for a decent arcade racer
  16. I sorted it, Bing for some reason was no longer installed
  17. Anyone having an issue with completing a poll on the rewards app? For my 2000 August bonus round it gives me an error and on the rewards main screen the poll for 10pts throws the same error up when I click it too
  18. I watched this last night and was left feeling like that was pretty good fun but at the same time what a load of rubbish. In the end I found it a relatively enjoyable way to waste a few hours. Won't be watching it again though!
  19. Picked this up cheap and played upto the start of act 2, really enjoying it so far but I feel a little overwhelmed with the crafting and inventory side of things, have pocket wiped pretty much every enemy I've faced and looted everything I find laying around. I need to spend a bit of my next session going through everything and trying to get my head around my heaps of junk and massive weapon stockpile, equipping the best stuff that I have and going through all my clothing too
  20. Rewards hunter on YouTube is good for checking the easiest ways to get these done
  21. I'll always recommend castle crashers. Fantastic game still waiting for number 2. Think I may be waiting a fair bit longer!
  22. It's still showing in stock at cex website, best to get in soon it'll probably be 15+ tomorrow knowing them
  23. Pretty sure in one of the menus There is an option for horizon solo which uses drivatars
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