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  1. Imagine they could've just done Vegas 3 and instead this crap
  2. Fun update! the controller they sent me has a faulty LB. this is now maybe the 5th replacement, I have lost count
  3. Return initiated (again) They're sending me out a free series s/x white controller for the inconvenience. Let's hope I don't get another dud elite one, what's interesting is these are all brand new elite s2 pads not my one repaired, or other people's refurbished ones so I've just been incredibly unlucky I guess. Tried to get a free electric volt one out of them but the support lady wasn't having it. edit: now they backtracked on the free controller apparently that's only for US and Canada. rip
  4. Update on this, got an elite s2 back from Microsoft yesterday and guess what, one of the small back paddle buttons is iffy and not clicking/getting stuck and the left bumper this time is giving me issues. Convinced they're taking the piss now!
  5. Changed to a 4 3 1 2 seems to work better for me, managed to get up to div 2 for the first time can leave me a bit open to counters with the full backs getting forward but I haven't lost with it yet in 4 games, need to add a more defensive custom tactics with fbs stay back and all cms stay back.
  6. Got Ruben Dias from silver 1 rewards! Pretty decent as now I can sell my tradeable. I'm back to having a good squad instead of using the untradeables I had laying around. Maybe it'll help me hit gold 3 again Gonna go for this as my main in game formation and have a few others in custom tactics. Dunno if son will be wasted in RAM I may swap out with kane depending how things go
  7. It's a nice controller but if you're not going to make use of the back paddles, probably not worth the price. The battery life is immense though and I like the hair lock triggers. I got one because I had lots of argos vouchers from a survey site, however mine is currently in Germany for what is now the second time and my third elite s2 which I've had issues with the bumpers (and face buttons jamming on my original one which I returned to the shop), so build quality still seems to be an ongoing issue which carried over from the series 1 version.
  8. got tots Son from my 84+ player pick and Kane from my guaranteed prem tots, not bad! also did one of them premium prem upgrade SBC's and got soucek but he went into the guaranteed sbc
  9. Never have and never would pay £70 for a game
  10. What about the kids are they enjoying it too? Just got mine through the postbox so I'll give it a go later
  11. Been playing this the last few days and loving it again, haven't played since season 4 and even that season I didn't play much iirc. Played alot the first few seasons. Won my first duos game solo as it didn't give me a team mate, sound whored the shit out of the final guy who was solo too. Getting squad wipes or killing the final member of a team is so satisfying, seeing all those death boxes pop Playing exclusively with randoms is quite hilarious, well, equal amounts hilarious as infuriating. The mind boggles at times with their decisions in general. You g
  12. First one I got had a sticky A button which would get jammed out of the box, returned that to the shop for a replacement and it developed RB problems, sent that off to Microsoft and the one they sent back out the box had a sticky A button also, but that seemed to fix itself so I left it. Now it has developed the same RB issues; Registering no input or double inputs alot of the time, making it a nightmare for active reload in gears or pinging enemies instead of tagging loot in apex etc. So I've had 3 go wrong and the replacement will be my fourth
  13. had to initiate a return to try my luck with a fourth elite series 2 controller, yet another one bites the dust. luckily i didn't wait any longer as i only had a day left on the warranty they gave me on the replacement! got lucky last time too with just a few days left if i remember correctly. customer service were fine once again but starting to lose faith in ever getting a sturdy elite pad
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