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  1. I wonder if Smyths even sold any xboxes at all? I didnt see anything on their website just an error. They probs have full stock allocation left! Same for Very, didn't see anything pop up on there
  2. I went for RNLI, one my dad always donated to as I believe he had a friend lose his life while helping someone.
  3. Log out and try, I logged out added to cart then was pushed to log in and it worked
  4. Microsoft gave me an error now tells me I've reached maximum quantity. Never checked out
  5. Amazon let me down big time with the Project Scorpio, hoping to get one from MS or shopto/Simplygames. But to be honest I'll just be glad to get one confirmed anywhere
  6. Think any retailers will release them at midnight-early hrs? Might stay up a little bit just in case if not up at 7 tomorrow for breakfast and to bag one
  7. got it yesterday and played a little on the xbox one X, and it's the same story here
  8. 2002 but still only had a ps1 then IIRC. Driver 2 was my game of choice. As for what games were released - Sega GT 2002, TOCA race driver, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and Burnout 2 along with Vice City released that year which I enjoyed massively a few years after, and furthered my enjoyment for driving/racing games
  9. There was a stage when literally nobody wanted a kinect I noticed CEX were selling kinects off at around £20 a pop and had something like 12000 in stock on the website, stores were full of them too and I had the thought to invest in a shed load, but didn't bother. when the kinect free xbox was released they'd shot up in cex and up to maybe 60-80+ each on ebay and I was fuming. Now I have my original one still here I'll probably sell it with my boxed day one at some point as I need some extra cash! Still stings years later.
  10. is it possible to share PC game pass games? with the person I gameshare with?
  11. The most boring reveal in history.
  12. Regarding Lalo fate and Breaking Bad spoilers also
  13. King Kenny has been tested positive for coronavirus https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52250176 Sad news although they said its a shock and he is showing no symptoms
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