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  1. Gonna download footy manager to the laptop later, only played the console version once and didn't get along with the controls at all. Not sure if I could get a refund as I bought it through an unorthodox method through a discord server and had the game code gifted to me via ms store then redeemed code on a vpn to that region. Bit of a shame, but looking forward to getting stuck in now!
  2. Pretty much, if you invalidate in the final few corners you can rewind to roughly where the red circle is and go again and it shouldn't invalide your next lap, and if you mess up the first few corners you can rewind from roughly the other circle to just before the start/finish line and try again without it invalidating your next lap (but will invalidate the one you just completed)
  3. If you screw up you can rewind back to the long (ish) sweeping right hander and then focus on getting a good run out of the final corner for the next lap. Also once you have a clean lap started, you can rewind back to just before the start/finish line and it won't invalidate your next lap. So you can effectively attempt to nail the first corner as many times as you like and decide whether you want go continue the lap
  4. Just nailed a nicer lap KToWn SnooP - 1:01.418 Personally I'd rather the cars remain an equal playing field rather than allow tuning
  5. Same happened to me I beat your ghost i think it was a 1:01.8 something, then it said next rival.. meatball with the 1:01.685 so I had to go again
  6. Just put in 30odd laps chasing down meatballs ghost. Always messed it at the final corner! In the end got in a good lap KToWn SnooP - 1:02.115 Including video with telemetry, may be of some use to people looking to improve their time. Or maybe not
  7. I saved over 130 packs for toty and packed a grand total of untradeable Kante and 4 87 fodders
  8. Ref took the absolute piss there but what else can be expected really.
  9. @StoooTube thanks for those, just done the 10k and it coincided with me reaching 100k gamerscore also am now sat at 100,416
  10. yeah i've got the paradox account set up and logged in, I just keep getting "File System Error" when i'm downloading the mods on the PC game pass version
  11. tried to do surviving mars on PC too but just kept getting an error thrown at me when trying to download the mods, i'll probably do the two above instead.
  12. I'm quite liking Moore now! found a way to squeeze him using 5-2-2-1 then swap to 4-2-2-2 ingame at the expense of Kante and play Moore and RTTF sissoko in CDM and its pretty nice so far, didn't want it to be a total loss for me so giving it a shot!
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