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  1. Think how funny it's gonna be when Liverpool fuck up in the new year and Brendan sneaks in Leicesters second premiership.
  2. Before I read it. Is the answer racism, classism and jealousy?
  3. If Vettel and Hamilton has swapped cars for the past 3 seasons, they would both have the same number of championships as they do currently. He would choke under pressure from Ferrari.
  4. A 2080ti is quite a bit more powerful even in terms of raw tflops. Then you have to factor into account that Nvidia have a noticeable performance advantage over AMD parts of equal tflops. The 2080ti has a lower tf value than the Radeon VII yet the 2080ti destroys it. You are not going to get 4K at 60fps with everything maxed on Stadia. They can certainly downgrade some of the higher quality setting just for the fact that encoding it to a video stream is going to lose you fine details.
  5. Put an exception in your AV software for the executable file, seems a lot of people are having that issue myself included.
  6. It has GFX options up the wazoo, pretty much everything you can think of. If you max everything including the scary greyed out 'here be dragons' bit you get this on a 2080ti @ 1440p (the 13 was only during a loading bit thankfully) SO much to tinker with, I'll let the internet figure out the best settings.
  7. The Powerplay mat is a brilliant concept and the G903 is probably the best mouse I have used, especially as it can be setup for either left or right handed use (I use my left hand for the mouse).
  8. Bottas wins the race. Nobody cares.
  9. Will we see that most rare of sights. Bottas making an overtake.
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