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  1. PC Master Race


    This C&C:RA3 run should be good.
  2. See you guys in 53 laps for another Mercedes 1-2 then.
  3. Lando is great. He streams on Twitch as well which is always worth a watch.
  4. So did Vettel choke or just do a shit lap?
  5. It's another 'Mercedes wins lol' episode.
  6. Surely he could have got a better deal online.
  7. You should have sent your expert analysis to Ferrari, too late now.
  8. They are all good dogs films Brent Benny. Talk about a tough choice.
  9. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/hamilton-verstappen-incident-no-action/4479047/ The comment section is glorious.
  10. I hope for consistency they add 5 seconds to his P2 time. nelsonhaha.gif
  11. Peter Allen Fields, the man who wrote amongst other episodes Duet, In the Pale Moonlight and co-wrote The Inner Light. Has passed away.
  12. PC Master Race


    I have next week off work. For very valid reasons...
  13. It works well. Although I have about 500 days of muscle memory thanks to playing FFXI on a DS2.
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